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He assumes their place is more like a bachelor pad, but Rolls always likened it to a nest where ‘cooped up pigeons’ such as themselves could hide out away from the rest of the world, because apparently, even strays such as themselves needed a little shade once in a while.

“As if I need to hang here with you old spinsters!”

Rolls laughed at him then and Marcus was aloof as always, and that kind of pissed him off sometimes.

“You don’t need to stay here, but everyone else likes it when you visit. We’ll eat dinner too.”

“Oi…are you luring me in? Do you think a gimmick like that will work?” He pried and pried until Marcus finally bristled and Rolls snickered. Much later when he’s out working in some unfamiliar part of town and he has an empty stomach, he looks over his shoulder and sees the littered, dirty apartment place like one sees an oasis in a desert.

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Elijah can’t begin to imagine what his hair would look like on a bad day. Even now when it sticks up on all sides and swerves as if it has places to be, he can’t imagine it.

“Meredith, just run a comb through it and be done with it, please!”

He stares desperately at Meredith’s reflection in the mirror and tries to pretend Meredith is being serious (like he usually is) and not smiling softly in return. Somehow, he can’t imagine it when Meredith replies with a: “Okay, okay.” and plucks the ridges of his comb.

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“You can’t play the piano!”

“Haha, how do you know? You’ve never seen me play on a piano before.” His fingers stumble over invisible keys and Petunia can hear the ding-ding-ding each time a finger stabs down.

“Well, I…would have known.” She finishes lamely. But Elijah smiles and moves and his hands are caught in a ghost rhythm, forever held in place by a song she cannot hear. She knows almost everything about him, she thinks. Doesn’t she?

“Are you sure about that?” Elijah keeps playing the piano and Petunia, despite her best efforts, hears nothing.

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for elijah elkwood, there’s no greater satisfaction than proving to others that hell on earth exists now. he laughs at them, jokes with them with an undisputed distant affection in his voice. where have you been? this whole time? he shows them hell in a delicate gesture that seems like the unfolding of his hands, only his hands are dark and bloody.

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How I feel when I see your face laughing. When you call at five AM from Vegas and you miss me. When my cats cuddle on my chest and purr in my ear. Tacos for brunch and hearing my mom’s voice. Love. Just love.

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He came bounding back, trying to get his legs over the tall grass as he lept and ran, the grass tickling his paws and his belly, perturbing his one goal: getting the ball back to the lady. If he got it back, she would throw it again, and he could chase it again, through the tickling grass and laughing sunshine.

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I am a prisoner in my own home. I can’t leave when I want. I can’t eat when I want. I can’t even sleep when I want. My parental units control everything I do, and it completely and totally sucks.

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Her husband was gone. There was a wilting bouquet of flowers sitting on the kitchen counter. She didn’t have the heart to throw them out. He gave them to her on their last day together – the last time she saw him – the last time she would ever see him…

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The type of education you receive is based on how much money you have. It’s ridiculous. Just because I’m poor doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the same education as someone who is rich. Oh sure, I can get financial aid, but the government cheats you even worse than the colleges. At least the colleges are straight forward. “You owe $20,000.” Alright, at least I know where I stand. The government? “You might be eligible for $10,000. And that’s only if we determine that your life sucks worse everybody else’s.” Fuck college. Fuck money. Fuck the government. I’m going to live in a cave, in Somalia, where no one will ever find me.

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Her presence was impossible to ignore, and I found myself captivated by the unlikely creature. She was no woman of great beauty, or even a confident and enrapturing speaker, but as she stood at the base of the court house steps, desperately pleading for awareness of some obscure cause, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by a subliminal power that emanated from her, a purpose.

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The note stayed unwritten. The pen beside it was unused, in danger of rolling off the crooked old table and onto the floor. The coffee he’d made himself out of longstanding habit was cooling on the counter.
He felt like a coward for leaving.
He felt like a brute for staying.
The door swung shut quietly behind him.

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The note was unwritten, and he couldn’t think of going back into the house and trying to explain why he was leaving. The paper was blank, the pen left unused beside it. The coffee he’d made for himself was cooling on the counter, and the kitchen light was still on.
“I’ll miss you,” he said, and meant it. But the only thing that heard him was the door as he closed it quietly behind him.

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He had started out with good intentions. Honestly, he had. Things just didn’t go as he had planned; they got more fucked up more than he’d ever imagined. All he could do was sit there and tell her again and again how sorry he was, but she was never going to believe him.

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difficult to inflate
simple to break

pops under pressure
as do i

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elijah didn’t need any kind of ladder or equipment to climb the echelon of the higher societies surrounding him. he didn’t need binoculars or any kind of enhanced vision to see the filth of it all. if he had to endure any more if their hypocrisy and their selfishness, he wouldn’t need them. he doesn’t even need them in the middle of this wretched room. he can see all of them just. fine.

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Stilts are pretty interesting when you think about it- no sorry that’s a terrible way to start this off. I mean stilts are interesting in the way that they are able to cast an illusion. either with magic or simply by implementing them to some stranger person, they can be used to deceive. Even as something as miniscule as height.

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Digging deep into the heart of things is the base of what I do. Every aspect of every part of life needs to be understood in order to be portrayed with the heart breaking, or making, clarity that people so desire. Delve into the world with me, and see everything in a new light.

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i shattered my favorite vase when a man walked in the door. he was holding a new vase. it was more beautiful so i said fuck this old vase i´m making room on my shelf. so i grabbed it, dumped the flowers in and filled it a third of the way with water. then i ran to my bedroom and washed my face. the towel smelled like flowers. my best friend sophie wouldve said it smelled like chemicles.

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She sat in her meditative state, and in her mind she pictured herself as if drawn on a blackboard. Beginning with her toes, she let them dissolve themselves. One, two, three, four, five on each side. Ecstasy. The rest of her went in, and for an instant she felt oblivion. The phone rang, and she was back. As if she never even disappeared.

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cotton candy is the best because you don’t really chew it or anything it just sort of disappears as it dissolves in your mouth. One moment there the next, gone. but it’s beautiful all the same. It truly is a fleeting beauty

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What ensues is what will haunt us. So many decisions that we can never know the result of unless we try. Will we fail? We never know. But the consequences will remain present, in your mind or in the physical. Ever- present.

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i clasped the finger in my hand and it shook me o much i fell. It was a horrible thing that happened to me but i clasped it back in place. It was hard but i did it and so it went, i chanted and sung, but back i fell. The clasp held me in place and i chant and sung all the way.

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I sat in the café with mindless calm. It was the one place that I could be myself, the one place I could express myself. As every moment passed, more words hit the page, and I could breath again. Writing, I was free. Free from the stress of every day life, of everyone who didn’t understand. Freedom on the page, the purest kind.

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There is no way to describe a cat fight except with the word calamity. Broken claws lay in the dust on the ground. Their blood makes mud. Two felines sit, hissing at each other from a distance. They lick their wounds, each one declaring itself the winner.

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There is no way to describe the scene of a cat fight other than the word calamity. Shattered claws lay in the dust on the ground, blood makes mud. Two angry felines hiss and spit at each other from a distance, licking their wounds and declaring themselves the winner.

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Tattoos are scary, but I am going to embrace my fear. I cannot wait to see the red and gold phoenix dancing on my back. I cannot wait until I can leave the ground.

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master of my thoughts, master of my body. master of all that surrounds me. and yet unaware of every single movement i’ve ever made, let alone the time’s master’s name has graced my lips.

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In the library today I was doing research for my science project. On the screen it said we needed five reference books. I was doing mine on electricity, so I looked in the nonfictionsection and found some books with that subject. It took me over an hour.

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police officers? I dont think I like officers of ay kind all that much… i dont know. some are kind of nice, most are on some kind of power trip which means that they are actually horrible people. People who work in offices are nice though.

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Now: the present. The time where we must focus. Past and future are no place to spend your days. The now is where we can and must reside. Burn the pages of the past and stop gazing towards the future, because the present is the best place to live.

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