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They are a mess, they don’t know what they’re doing half of the time. They don’t know how to live without video games. if its a girl, they generally try to show off. If you dont have a chest, they arent intrested. its like the world revolves around their size or a girls body. they want the best of the best and nothing less. if they dont get that they think they need to do bad things

» Posted By kayla On 08.23.2019 @ 10:55 am


My means of purity. It is the essence of my being. To remain pure in all things Godly. He is the judgement of us all. Should we ruin our pureness for the sake of a single pleasure? NO! You are worthy. You are amazing. You are pure.

» Posted By Kayla On 10.13.2018 @ 12:02 am

To become pure means to keep yourself clean of all things that are impure. You have a clean sense of innocence and perfection about you, although imperfection still reaches deep within. Not all things are pure.

» Posted By Kayla On 10.12.2018 @ 11:54 pm


Grapes are really good. I love eating them. they can be green or purple. they turn into raisins when dried.

» Posted By kayla On 09.06.2018 @ 9:53 am

a pony tail is something you put your hair in to keep it out of face. it really helps to have your hair like this for sports

» Posted By kayla On 09.06.2018 @ 9:45 am

people feel this way and they may do things to a person they are jealous of.

» Posted By Kayla On 09.06.2018 @ 9:35 am

persons feeling
do mean things to the person they are jealous of

» Posted By kayla On 09.06.2018 @ 9:33 am


ive had to write about protein 3 times now and Im wondering if this website has any other words i can try to write about. Im almost a vegetarian by the time Ill finish this blurb about protein. I like it in food, I like it in life, but I need to be creatively stimulated more so. please end this for me . lol Protein is life

» Posted By Kayla On 07.25.2016 @ 11:08 am

protein can be found in many food products, it is an essential part of the humna diet. some peiple think protein can only be found in meat products, but this is untrue, you can get great amounts of protein from alot of vegetables. some of my favourite high protein veggies include black beans, spinach, nuts, and brocolli.

» Posted By Kayla On 07.25.2016 @ 11:01 am


The smell dances about the air, spinning and twirling in content. Its smell brings even the Earth to life. So beautiful, so natural.
I wonder what its like to take it everywhere I go, on my hair, on my clothes, like I wear it upon my shoulder so delicately. And hopefully you’ll see the world in the colors of my eyes the way I mistake your smile for stars in the sky.

» Posted By Kayla On 07.18.2016 @ 5:22 pm


I kept a piece of clothing that made me feel disgusting. I don’t know why. You should never keep anything that brings down your self worth. Your self worth is everything. Always love yourself and keep things around you that give you life. Keep something that gives you a purpose. I haven’t kept anything thats been really good for me before.

» Posted By Kayla On 08.28.2015 @ 7:39 pm

One I kept this hideous shirt.. I thought it would look really great but it looked disgusting. I looked like a fat lard. Never keep something that makes you feel gross.. Because you’re fabulous always! Always keep what makes you shine. Love yourself. Out with the bad.

» Posted By Kayla On 08.28.2015 @ 7:34 pm


There is a room, inside of my home. I see it as i pass the dining room and on my way to the kitchen. It smells like a basement, and is as dark as the night sky. Its a place i would never want to live. The corridor. The dark and mysterious life beyond the inside of the house.

» Posted By kayla On 08.22.2015 @ 10:28 pm


We are together, more than one we are connected and continue to be connected. Two birds of a feather we are together entwined until the end of time. He is my love and I can be entwined with no one else, from death to us part we become one. yes

» Posted By Kayla On 05.12.2015 @ 10:44 am

We are together, more than one we are connected and continue to be connected. Two birds of a feather we are together entwined until the end of time. He is my love and I can be entwined with no one else, from death to us part we become one.

» Posted By Kayla On 05.12.2015 @ 10:44 am


sleeping with the one you love. completely embossed with one another. there’s nothing but the two of you in the entire universe, or for the two of you, the small bedroom and twin sized bed you’re rested upon. there’s nothing more blissful and completely comfortable with laying down and resting with someone who means so much to you.

» Posted By kayla On 04.22.2015 @ 4:02 pm


I’m floating between you and me
and I can’t decide which one to keep

» Posted By kayla On 03.20.2015 @ 6:08 pm


11:11, make a wish. what hurts? what makes you feel ugly? what sticks in your subconscious like a leech on your heart? what do we need more of? less of? whats simple? was that selfish? the world is hungry… I wish for that day last summer to be gone forever. I wish for more love, more love everywhere

» Posted By Kayla On 11.18.2014 @ 11:52 am


are there any gentleman left in this place? I hear about them. They must be some urban legend. But i hold on to that dream like an old memory. I just know they have to be real. Not some mythical creature or made up creation. I’ll find one and catch it and hold it close. I’ll catch myself a gentleman.

» Posted By kayla On 10.29.2014 @ 3:21 pm


she was frazzled. she had never seen jack like this before. she wasn’t sure how to react to his sudden shift in mood. the fact that he became so angry so fast scared her. she wasn’t sure if she should try to comfort him or leave for her own safety.

» Posted By kayla On 07.14.2014 @ 7:42 pm


I stared at the paint swatches, trying to pick a colour, even a group of colours. Anything that would make this process easier. But I had no idea. Did it matter if I chose blue, yellow, green, pink? Would he care? Would he be around long enough to form an opinion? Really I was doing this for me, try as I might to convince anyone otherwise. This was my project.

» Posted By Kayla On 06.19.2014 @ 9:35 pm


an oblivion of wasted time and forgotten hours. no track of time, who cares. i think this is a stupid word. Why don’t

» Posted By Kayla On 06.02.2014 @ 6:56 pm


The man came toward me, eyes flashing, twitching his head wildly. I could tell he wasn’t quite right. Besides the obvious anger, it was more than that. Something had snapped inside and I could not for the life of me figure out what I had done to make this happen. He was completely deranged, yelling and screaming as he lurched closer.

» Posted By Kayla On 03.10.2014 @ 6:27 pm


Occupancy. What is there to say about occupancy? Right now there is much room to be occupied in my brain. Wait. That makes me sound stupid. Scratch that. I need to empty my brain and make room for new things. The things currently there are no longer of any interest to me. Out you go. Space available. Vacant, for interesting things only.

» Posted By Kayla On 02.26.2014 @ 11:48 pm


He was seated at a low table, out of the way. The lights were dim, the music muted, the scents floating around him subtle. Everything about the room was entirely uninteresting. Except her. As she walked past he smelled cinnamon, and something citrusy. It invigorated him and made him wonder. What was someone as spicy as her doing in a place as dull as this?

» Posted By Kayla On 02.25.2014 @ 9:37 pm


The smoke rose in plumes, mixing with the red-orange sky. The sun was just setting, but the fire was lighting up all faces in the area. There were no frowns, but no smiles either. We were just content to be here, with a group of people we could love.

» Posted By Kayla On 12.05.2013 @ 1:39 pm


two souls trying to escape the feelings of lonliness, joining at a single moment, a single kiss, a goodbye
speechless, scrambling for words, gracing the other with nervous smiles

» Posted By Kayla On 10.13.2013 @ 9:46 am


trees, fall, sap, birds

» Posted By kayla On 10.09.2013 @ 9:15 am

trees, fall, sap

» Posted By kayla On 10.09.2013 @ 9:15 am


I was just hoping that today would be different, today he would finally look at me and smile. Notice me. Something. It’s been too hard, and too long since he’s even taken his time to acknowledge me. I sit here hoping that I’m not invisible, that I’m beautiful, and some day he’ll agree. Some day he’ll say hi to me.

» Posted By Kayla On 10.04.2013 @ 10:27 am

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