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The spec. It gets larger. Oh, dear. That spec is now a dot. Faster and faster, here it comes. SPLAT! On my head. Ouch.

Egg drop experiments are not safe to walk through.

» Posted By John On 07.26.2013 @ 7:11 am


I’ve always thought of myself as two separate people. Not in the Dissociative way. Rather in the sense that I can establish a facade better than anyone. I know the right things to say in any given situation, but manage to never lose my sense of self. The inner me is always cognizant and very much in control. Isn’t that what knowing yourself is all about? Being who they want you to be, but never letting go of who you really are.

» Posted By John On 06.27.2013 @ 11:54 am


I blamed you for how I felt. I blamed you when I looked into your eyes. I blamed you when I felt for you with more and more with every word you spoke. I blamed you when I had to avert my eyes when the true you began to shine. It was your fault. I couldn’t help it. You’re too much of everything I like and love. There will always be a piece of me that’ll want you. And I still blame you.

» Posted By John On 06.26.2013 @ 11:05 am


I saw a man wearing stilts in the parking lot at walmart once. I have no idea why he was wearing them. It wasn’t even like they were short ones. They were those wicked long Uncle Sam looking ones. I don’t know what that guy’s deal was man. I don’t know.

» Posted By John On 06.23.2013 @ 11:22 pm


The thought of her name is enough to get to me. The sight of her face sends me to my knees and strips my manhood. Ultimately, it’s easier to dull my senses and let myself fall into an apathetic abyss. Sure, I may not care about much. But I certainly can’t feel completely incomplete when I can’t feel anything at all.

» Posted By John On 06.21.2013 @ 1:01 pm


I took off my shoes on the sand, and meandered down to the beach. Shells digging harshly into my feet, intent on drawing blood. All would be washed away by the gentle tide. Calm and reassuring.

» Posted By John On 06.20.2013 @ 9:18 am


I ran to the top of the same familiar hill. As I stood atop the minor topography and gazed across the tiny town that I called home, I couldn’t help but wonder about the greater things for me out there. Things waiting to be accomplished. I dropped to my knees and started to roll downhill. It wouldn’t be until years later that I realized that my life did too.

» Posted By John On 06.19.2013 @ 7:46 am


She looked at me from across the room. Curly hair rolled tightly to her head. Glass of champagne lingering about her lips. Jewelry sparkling gaily in the bleaching light of the vast crystal chandelier. She was looking at me only. That was me done for.

» Posted By John On 06.11.2013 @ 12:07 pm


i dont play sports
or do anything really
which is lame i guess

» Posted By john On 06.10.2013 @ 9:02 pm


Love is for fools. Fools willing to sacrifice a significant bit of themselves for the happiness of another. Willing to let themselves feel vulnerable enough for a true connection. Willing to offer themselves up in spite of the opportunity for rejection and embarrassment.

As an intelligent man, all I’ve ever wanted is to be considered such a fool. Because it all seems so worth it.

» Posted By John On 06.10.2013 @ 9:58 am


Its easy, all you have to do is go undetected. Incognito so to speak. They’ll never know what hit them. Go, bring the fight to them.

» Posted By John On 06.09.2013 @ 5:49 am


In a musty basement or in the highest tower of the fanciest castle, being alone can be good. Being secluded for too long, however can lead to insanity.

» Posted By John On 05.30.2013 @ 2:28 pm


Stretch. Bend. Pull. HARDER! [Snap] OW!!!!!!

Never work out before stretching, your obliques have now paid the price.

– Your Middle School Gym Teacher

» Posted By John On 05.28.2013 @ 12:42 pm


The director took her in with a glance. In his head, he already knew it wasn’t her. But he let her carry on regardless. He didn’t have the heart not to. She began, and he stifled a yawn. At the end, he smiled. “Thanks, we’ll contact your agent.”

» Posted By John On 05.22.2013 @ 9:15 am

In a large loft style room with scattered posters a nervous teenager entered a casting office filled with other nervous people. Looking around, she had no idea if they’d like her. They all looked professional. She was chopped liver. But her dog, Spot, was the perfect dog would for the Kibbles and Bits commercial. This could be Spot’s big break.

» Posted By John On 05.21.2013 @ 3:10 pm


A place in the western side of the world. America probably. Also a setting for some movies that I have seen. I remember Spiderman

» Posted By John On 05.17.2013 @ 8:05 am


Kneel. Prepare yourself. You are about to receive that which I will give to you. You have been trained. You have taken the right classes. Silence. Remember to be grateful for what you are about to receive. Now, take it. Take your first communion wafer.

» Posted By John On 05.22.2013 @ 1:07 pm


i love you

» Posted By john On 05.06.2013 @ 8:37 pm


things happening, one after another. time is not linear though, time is as we perceive it. time is something that nature does not know. it only knows cycles. humans are obsessed with time and thus assigned “time” to all that we know…time is a manmade construct and thus it is flawed….

» Posted By John On 05.02.2013 @ 4:27 pm


Cliff hanger, starring Sly Stallone. One of the first movies i remember seeing, but i don’t remember seeing it. I remember playing twister with strange kids, i must have been as strange to them, as our parents shared cocktails and conversation, while sly talked in the background. I have never seen the movie again, i might be too afraid to ruin a memory.

» Posted By John On 04.19.2013 @ 6:54 pm


Trees have branches, like we have arms and hands and fingers. There are branches of different subjects, institutions, and stuff. You can get a lot of words out of this one by rearranging the letters. I like the rolling r in

» Posted By John On 04.13.2013 @ 2:11 am


it is the part of the car where you look at, it is below the windshield. there is not much going on with the dashboard it is just a piece of the car and does not do much. mine is dirty at the moment

» Posted By John On 04.09.2013 @ 12:06 pm


I throw my hands up above my head in exasperation. I look up to the Lord above. And scream. With everything I’ve got inside me.
The shrill sound frightens even me at first.
But I can’t help it.
Someone is always listening. There is always something that I cannot say.
But not out here. Here, it’s just me and Him. But He knows it all anyway.
When I run out of breath, I collect myself. And start the long walk back home.

» Posted By John On 03.24.2013 @ 1:04 pm


Camille couldn’t tell the truth about the fact that I was the real boss. She kept putting out lies about how she was the real boss, when in actuality she knew for a fact that it was me. She wanted so much to be the big person of the house, even though she’s about as tall as a mouse. =P

» Posted By John On 03.18.2013 @ 2:01 pm


places of wonder, crime sex fun intrigue art lonesome and all the rest. Our modern world, indeed colourful, yet grey, sad but vibrant. Where we are at right now, or where are we are going. Depends on what part you live I guess.

» Posted By John On 03.17.2013 @ 10:04 pm

He ties that familiar knot in his bow tie and laces up his hounds-tooth shoes.
Staring at himself in the full-length mirror, he can see the city lights reflected behind him. Nothing in particular stands out. Just the amorphous lights on a tired street.
It doesn’t matter where he is. It’s where he was meant to be.
The city calls out to him. The least he can do is offer a cavalier smile as he heeds the call.

» Posted By John On 03.17.2013 @ 5:21 pm


I could see the love draining from her eyes, as she withered in the corner of the hotel room.
What have I done? I gave it all up in a momentary lapse in judgement. A fit of passion. The wrong type of passion.
There’s no going back from this.
Once you’ve struck the one you love, there’s never much more to say.
I have become my father. I can’t help but cry. Even harder than she is. I hate myself for stealing that from her.
What now? I can’t bear the thought.

» Posted By John On 03.10.2013 @ 1:25 pm


I hate going home for Christmas. Nothing is the same. In that everything is the same.
The same stupid people.
The same foolish mentality.
The boring places.
With their boring faces.
Everything in the world is constantly changing.
But not here.
What I wouldn’t give to be a part of that. But I’m the piece that doesn’t fit.

» Posted By John On 03.09.2013 @ 9:19 pm


Suddenly, my consciousness returned. I looked around. Confused. Bewildered. Entirely apathetic. This is what my life has become. A hop from one stream of consciousness to the next.

» Posted By John On 03.08.2013 @ 10:27 am


flames fire in the night where no man dares to show his face is scarred in the fire light the flames that burst so elegantly we shared a kiss a single kiss

» Posted By john On 03.05.2013 @ 9:36 pm

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