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He morosely looked at his parents, hating them. Not knowing why. He felt strange inside. Stranger on the outside. He was in conflict. His world was upside down. He felt surrounded by people who didn’t know him, didn’t understand him. He was alone, on an island, amid a tumultuous ocean

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At the forefront of my mind is the insistent question: why am I doing this? Why, especially, when I have important work to do? Saving the planet? Maintaining my career? And my sanity? It may be for a moment of entertainment and escape, or it may be a chance to “improve”…

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Ah, perfect. Hapless. Hopeless. How I am in the face of what I just did. Like for real though, literally can’t get over the fact that I just broke someone’s heart. Not that I thought I had the capacity to do so, but I guess that’s being too optimistic. There’s something to be said, however, for the absolute soul-crushingness of knowing you just destroyed someone.

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I peer out over the porch rail, like an emperor admiring his vast conquests. It feels great to be free and safe on this warm, winter’s day. Such has not necessarily always been the case. But if the ends ultimately prove to justify the means, however convoluted and tortuous the road has been, is it worthwhile to admonish oneself for the missteps of the past? Isn’t that much like trying to stitch the clouds together with twine?

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Much like life. Beginning upon a short climb, leading to a steep, arduous journey which leads to the peak of the wave length, it is not about the length, but the level of the peak.

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We sat on the bench together facing the bridge. My hand near enough to feel the warmth of yours, but far enough to not overstep my boundaries. But then you did. You reached over and nestled your hand into mine. And craned your head into the nook of my neck.

I have never been so in love as I was with that starlit version of us.

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The group of people around me are reduced to nothing. It’s impossible to feel like a member of the whole when all you can see are the faults in others. Dissection completed in a moment.

I look at you and I see everything you’re afraid that I will see. And it’s ok.

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I would give anything for that big break. I would drop everything that I’ve accomplished (and that certainly is not nothing) to have an opportunity, To be someone known. To be someone seen. To be someone. Because I think they’d like me. And then maybe I would too.

» Posted By John On 01.31.2014 @ 3:09 pm


A truly biblical event, after hours and hours of screaming at the transparent wall, the cat gazed upon its owner with awe as he edged closer and closer to the closed door. The moment was seeped with tension, “would the cat be fed it’s daily lunch or would its owner turn at the last minute in order to sit down and ignore mittens yet again?”. The grumbling in the stomach could be heard from afar, the steps of the owner were becoming louder by the second, the door opened…….there was no cat to be seen. Fucking cats! Oh, and the owner was St. Peter. “Biblical”

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Trenches are a hole that is dug in the ground.

» Posted By John On 01.03.2014 @ 8:58 am


plums of smoke only fall when I want them too I guess, but unfourtunatly sometimes I have no choice but to let the plumes rise up, they have to go somewhere right? What goes up must come down eventually…..

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sitting on the beach she watched the waves beat against the sand as the tide moved in. some children’s sandcastles were slowly being eroded, just like her life she felt.

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walking into the kitchen i approached the worktop. the first thing that struck me was the upturned toaster on the floor, then the discarded cutlery. then at last the blood trail that lead out the back door.

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water dripped down from a nearby drain, its slow tapping the only sound in the dark ally way. launching at his opponent he struck him full in the chest causing him to fall to his knees.

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the door slammed open at the prince marched in in a furious mood. walking to the bed he pulled off the canopy and collapsed on the soft mattress.

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i approached the barricade. it towered over me. i summoned what courage i could and gave the signal. ADVANCE!

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Why am I the way that I am? Is it nature? Nurture? They refuse to believe me, but I know that I’m different…. They think it has nothing to do with my adoption, but I believe it does….

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he pulled back the cloth, like a cherokee peeling back a scalp. eager as ever to see the contrasting reds and whites that hide like children under their blankets in the dark.

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stampede past the hour glass. without hesitation without thought thrust yourself into the jaws of the beast. claw passed tongue and cheek through the threshold of the king’s seat.

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He grew up lacking any sort of mothering care the other kids at his school had. There was no nurturing, no love, no packed lunches or hugs and kisses. The house he lived in was sad, and the clothes on his back were ragged and dirty. Yet, at school, he showed more compassion to his classmates than most other kids his age would; a kid with a scrapped knee would get a hug or flower from him; another with a belly ache would get a reassuring pat on the back.

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The lights inside her helmet caused her to squint as the light from beyond the visor suddenly went out. Unsure of her surroundings, of her footing, she warily inched herself forward into the doorway looming in front of her.

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I cannot remember the last time anything made me feel overjoyed. That’s not true, I remember every time I have ever felt overjoyed. Incidentally each is shrouded in the inevitable disappointment that follows. There is no worse feeling than realizing just how badly you have misjudged a situation.

» Posted By John On 09.14.2013 @ 8:33 pm


I refuse to be limited by my place in time. I refuse to be limited by place in life. I refuse to be limited by my sense of self.

Perhaps I’m too old to maintain grandiose ideals of historic adoration and respect, but here we are. There is always hope.

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the throwing of the duvet revealed the new day; she coaxed another jet of hot stuff from the swollen pipe and revealed a new sense of self. it wasn’t much to ask her man, that he feigned injury for her sake, but it helped.

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confined inside our minds. encompassed by our worst fears. defiant in our nature.

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one time I saw the word national on my screen and I had no idea what to write so I just wrote some utter nonsense. It reminded me of the time I saw BTBAM at a venue in virginia called “the National” which was a very good memory. And it also reminded me that I will again be seeing BTBAM this september. However, I will not be

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Shall we?

Indooobididly! Let’s shall.

Oh, Chauncey, don’t forget your monocle nor your top hat lest you are in wont of the perception of a commoner.

Oh, haHA! Too right.

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Held in the cell. Hidden from the rest of the world. This recluse became captivated by the flicker of his computer screen. He thought that he was being social on social, but it turns out he was only speaking to false selves.

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Steam rose into her nostrils. With each droplet of water coating her nasal passages, she couldn’t help but think that the vapor couldn’t get past the booger blockage. So much for Mucinex or Vicks.

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