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On a cellular level, things were okay. On every other level, life felt like it was disintegrating around her. Nothing was as it should be, her chest tightened further at the thought of what she had to do, what she didn’t want to do.

» Posted By Jenn On 11.04.2017 @ 11:21 am


I am a coffee and wine drinker. Those two beverages make my life so much better than it would be otherwise. A drink in the morning to wake me up and one at night to wind me down.

» Posted By Jenn On 04.28.2017 @ 2:33 pm


My brother is a science nerd and he loves telescopes. A telescope is what you use to study space and planets. Every night, when it’s clear outside and not raining, he goes up to the roof and looks in his telescope.

» Posted By Jenn On 04.27.2017 @ 10:02 am


I try to setup my day to go successfully but it isvery much one of those cases of god laughing while I make plans. It often feels like a setup all on its own. I’d love to be setup for life and not worry about what my financi

» Posted By Jenn On 06.13.2016 @ 4:01 pm


Not sure when to use this word… Actually the first thing that came up for me was “for whom the bell tolls” but just because of this single word. I usually just listen to myself say the sentence and depend on WORD to correct my error… Is it who or whom?

» Posted By Jenn On 04.23.2016 @ 7:36 pm


we start to laugh
and we don’t know why
but it’s because we think everything is funny
especially on such a sunny day
we’re best friends
and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

» Posted By jenn On 09.03.2015 @ 5:38 pm

it was a sunny day
i didn’t know what to do
saw horses frolic in the hay
and then i ran after you

i ran
and i ran
and i finally caught up to you
but so did she
and you liked her
more than me

» Posted By jenn On 09.03.2015 @ 5:36 pm


The salesman tried desperately to sell the entire crate of Bibles, but no one seemed interested in them anymore. He remembered a time when everyone wanted a good Bible with deep margins so they could take notes but now no one had need for even a hotel Bible. “Cheap,” he heard himself say.

» Posted By Jenn On 03.19.2015 @ 6:57 pm


Her figure was accentuated by the dark washed denim. Her curves were kicking and my brain was exploding.

» Posted By jenn On 10.23.2014 @ 10:03 am


I looked at him. A shell of his former self. Tattoos faded and muscles weakened. No more glory. All I feel is pity for this man I once loved.

» Posted By Jenn On 10.10.2014 @ 11:00 am


A tall blond woman in a red dress and stiletto heals had this sinking feeling like something horrible is about to happen.

» Posted By Jenn On 08.28.2014 @ 10:51 am


Oh my gosh there is actually a word I can write about today and that word is “chores”. I don’t get on to one word often but recently when I have, there has been the same word over and over. I’m glad to see that things are working again and I can try to do my chore and write for at least one minute everyday. Do you think I’ll get to 5?

» Posted By Jenn On 08.12.2014 @ 1:40 pm


He shoved her into the car with great brutality. Her eyes were wet with tears and her nose was running.

“I don’t know what type of leverage you think you will have now that you got me”.

“Oh I know EXACTLY what I am doing pretty little thing.”

» Posted By Jenn On 04.22.2014 @ 12:22 pm


The room was totally sterile. White and cold with a strong medicinal smell. I could do nothing but focus on my own thoughts. Torture. That is exactly what it was. My own private room in hell. Sterile.

» Posted By Jenn On 04.18.2014 @ 10:09 am


personality is a good thing to have, everybody has one but not everybody has an interesting one. I like to think my personality if fun, but other people seem to disagree with that, but in the end all that matters is what you think about yourself.

» Posted By jenn On 03.15.2014 @ 9:58 pm


Little orphan annie had a hard knock life, as most orphans do. Unfortunately, not every orphan is rescued from an orphanage by some rich old man, and most certainly, not every orphan’s story ends in a musical number. Too bad they couldn’t do a more true to life depiction of the film.

» Posted By Jenn On 02.07.2014 @ 7:40 am


Green. A pale, glowing green. Soothing, calm, and lovely. Peridot Green.

» Posted By Jenn On 09.07.2013 @ 7:19 am


National… National… National… National… National… It just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m upset with National… Total Writers Block.

» Posted By Jenn On 08.22.2013 @ 12:30 pm


“Is chivalry dead?”
“What’s chivalry?”

» Posted By Jenn On 08.15.2013 @ 7:12 am


My cat runs around the house, jumps, turns, runs, and then with stealth attacks our dog. The poor dog just looks at the cat. ARGH.

» Posted By Jenn On 07.19.2013 @ 5:39 am


I am wrought with depression. My life feels stale and stagnant. I have no goals, no plans, no purpose. Disappointment follows my every move and I tear up if I think about my plight. How do I change the way I feel? How do I change a bad attitude?

» Posted By Jenn On 07.18.2013 @ 5:07 am


I am really interested in drawing and then painting some backlit pictures. I would call them silhouettes.

» Posted By Jenn On 07.16.2013 @ 8:43 pm


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of “raven” is Edgar Alan Poe and the second is “That’s so Raven”. Weird that they have nothing in common only opposite. Edgar Alan Poe was solumn and morose whereas Raven is bubbly and happy. They couldn’t be farther apart in similarities.

» Posted By Jenn On 07.15.2013 @ 5:00 am


The influence kids have on each other is overwhelming and sad. It is a shame that in today’s society it is “wiser” to follow the lead of your peers instead of the elders in the community. Society seems to degrade constantly because the influences really don’t have the knowledge to lead.

» Posted By Jenn On 07.12.2013 @ 4:51 am


“Please try our healthy choice butter spread, Delight. It has 0% tans-fats and is made from 100% pure ingredients. Butter your bread with Delight!”

» Posted By Jenn On 07.09.2013 @ 5:04 am


She didn’t know the time. She turned and stared at the sky trying to figure out where the sun was an what time it might be. The blue sky and sunny rays gave her a wistful attitude.

» Posted By Jenn On 07.08.2013 @ 5:47 am


Oh my gosh, it’s a decoy! A DECOY!! Where did we miss him? How did he slip through our grasp? This is insane. Ok let’s double back. Maybe we can pick up the trail and see where we lost him. I cannot believe he tricked us!!! This is just nuts. Oh, well. You loose one, you win one.

» Posted By Jenn On 06.28.2013 @ 5:36 am

It’s a decoy. It’s not real!! Oh my gosh, what are we going to do? I don’t even know when we really lost the track. Do you think we’ve been following the decoy the entire time? This is just ridiculous. I am so upset. So where did he go? Should we double back? Yes, let’s double back and see if we can figure out where we lost the

» Posted By Jenn On 06.28.2013 @ 5:33 am


His feet swung. Like a sick pendulum. Back and forth while the last of his tremors were wrung from his body. One twitch. Two. And then blackness. But the swaying kept on. A reminder as the warmth left his body.

» Posted By Jenn On 06.16.2013 @ 12:48 pm


I was sitting on the damp sand watching the moonlight dance on the ocean waves with my travel companion, Brittanie, and Whathisface (a new friend of a friend who did martial arts, smoked like he was a drag queen and who told me that France was the country that God made so perfect and beautiful that he had to balance it out “by putting French people there”.)

” I’m going to miss the ocean… how do you say that in French?” I asked. Whathisface took a ‘drag’ of his cigarette and replied “Tu me manques. In French, the sea misses you.”

” So it’s mutual then.” I replied.

» Posted By Jenn On 05.30.2013 @ 6:02 pm

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