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I had a small window to be engaged to my husband before we were married. Sometimes I wish that I wouldn’t have agreed to marry him as quickly as I did. Instead, I think it would have been nice to just be engaged for a while. At least for one whole year.

» Posted By JB On 06.20.2015 @ 2:15 am


fat marks yoga armstrong gym exercise marks limbo up down class stretch the truth relax clothing comfortable flex workout comfy

» Posted By JB On 03.25.2015 @ 9:23 am


Bottles, 99 of the,, dust-covered and aging like my bones, like my mind and the cellar of lost thoughts or thoughts I sturggle to forget or ache to remember. bottles in the hands of a man i loved but he loved them too much and our lives were eclipsed by them. bottles.

» Posted By jb On 08.30.2013 @ 8:04 am


Down from the heavens he descended unto my dry compost heap. The lifeless downturn of mystery creeps up my leg to find the key of truth that is derived from the heavens. Beauty.

» Posted By JB On 07.10.2013 @ 7:42 pm


On my dashboard on any day you’ll find my sunglasses, dust (lots of dust) because it’s spring here and everything is a mixture of pollen and dust and sometimes the occasional bug. My dashboard at night is light a bright city. Lights everywhere in so many colors taking me down the highway.

» Posted By JB On 04.09.2013 @ 12:52 pm


It was cold in there, and dark. The ground was moist and sticky and a horrible guano smell filled her nose. How long had she been trapped down here? It had been days, certainly. There was no real source of food down here save for some odd fungus, and she wasn’t about to try her luck. She would have to take to hunting bats.

» Posted By JB On 02.23.2013 @ 10:12 pm


Some insist it’s lifeless.

» Posted By jb On 12.28.2012 @ 3:40 pm


everything to do with a song, the word itself is music. an expression going far beyond words,

» Posted By jb On 05.07.2012 @ 12:25 am


Brunch is a mix. A mix of breakfast and lunch. You can sleep in and get the best of both worlds. Two meals in one. Yum, Yum, Yum. Brunch.

» Posted By JB On 03.08.2012 @ 6:10 pm


Loss means sadness. It can bring a strong lperson to his knees. When you are living with loss you are barely living. Sometimes it can even stop life. You can just sit and time goes by.

» Posted By jb On 02.24.2012 @ 4:22 am


they are just … amazing! so crazy you could lose your mind!

» Posted By jb On 02.13.2012 @ 5:11 am


A party, a button, a purpose, an action – but I’m just listing synonyms. How about an antonym? Function means to just survive…do what is necessary to get through your life. To function…not to live, not to taste life’s richness or to embrace all it has to give you. To function is to breathe, eat and sleep. To live is to love, travel and throw yourself into everything – to reward yourself with what this unique life has to offer you. Choose living.

» Posted By JB On 01.30.2012 @ 3:59 pm


Servitude, food, stage. I like the 2nd & 3rd words. The first is for somebody else.

» Posted By JB On 01.05.2012 @ 6:39 pm

My mother wore an apron in the 1970’s. however, so did my next door neighbour’s mother, Margaret. She, during my first feelings of sexuality, made me see what was attractive about an apron. God bless Aunty Margaret.

» Posted By JB On 01.05.2012 @ 6:19 pm


I really believe that I need to have conviction in order to be successful in what I need to do. If I really love something, I will have the conviction to go after it. I have to avoid procrastinating here, as well.

» Posted By jb On 10.11.2011 @ 5:36 pm


I thought this was going to be a new word. I didn’t have anything to write about it the first time. I’m much better with preparation. This is a pretty cool idea though. Thanks stumbleupon.

» Posted By jb On 10.05.2011 @ 8:43 pm

you’ve been warned. That I don’t have anything original to say about this word. This is harder than I thought. Too much to think about.

» Posted By jb On 10.05.2011 @ 8:39 pm


Repeat Songs and stuff like if you really like one, repeat it. Some people wish they could repeat life. That stinks. Everyone should live life so they feel like they have no need to repeat it. You know? I wouldn’t like to repeat my life. I’d be too scared that it wouldn’t be as great as it is now! But i do like to repeat songs. My favorite songs! I love songs!

» Posted By JB On 08.16.2011 @ 9:10 pm


i am determined to be a good father. whatever it takes. because my father was lousy and was never there. i realize i was not the best husband, but if i could only avoid being like my father.

» Posted By JB On 04.08.2011 @ 7:48 am


i wish i had it. it seems far away. i wish i had it so others could lean on me.

» Posted By jb On 04.05.2011 @ 11:37 pm


The Bee worked hard to pollinating from flower to flower. It was tired by noon but kept going. It knew it had to bring food home to the hive and keep mother queen full and happy. The bee buzzed and buzzed through out the day with a big smile on its face

» Posted By JB On 03.08.2011 @ 7:52 pm


1000 copies of this book was printed. What does that mean about it? Would it have been more worthwhile if there were less of them? Older books are more coveted when you find their first edition. Although sometimes the later editions have more beautiful covers. New edition- please don’t leave me girl, great song.

» Posted By JB On 01.15.2011 @ 8:54 pm


i liked listening to you support me. When I cried, you cupped my hand and blew warm air onto my fingers. I giggled, and the tears became something else. I leaned onto your shoulders. Without you I stumble, you are my tree. My book, my care. You support me. you even supported my tears. It’s funny how these little bouts, these tantrums and storms could make me realize how solid you are. You remain quiet, and I keep my thoughts to myself. I wish I could admit how much I lean on you; how much it means.

» Posted By JB On 01.10.2011 @ 7:33 am


My temper is very difficult. I always think I am phlegmatic but in the end I end up like the biggest psycho in the neighbourhood. I guess people can’t be that easily labeled.

» Posted By JB On 12.13.2010 @ 12:00 am


i don’t understand…. helping… me, my mom, my siblings…. my brother, Jacob. poor people. animals. anything, really. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be doing now… hm… helping = loving, i guess. honestly.

» Posted By jb On 11.10.2010 @ 3:46 pm


i missed the days of innocent childhood when princes were real and happing endings were something i could look foreword to.

» Posted By JB On 10.29.2010 @ 5:43 am


Anything is probable–it can happen and thus we try a lot. But isn’t there a great deal we don’t try>? Don’t we fear what we may fail at? Why say no at all? Of course this is a lie. I am coward at times–as are we all–but if the future is probabble and success is probable, then why don’t we try?

» Posted By JB On 08.13.2010 @ 5:40 am


What is a lease. I don’t have one so I don’t really know. I think my parents do something with it. I think my college friends have them. I don’t like this word. Most people use it in an angry way. I’m going to bed.

» Posted By JB On 07.14.2010 @ 4:57 am


I don’t want to wash my clothes anytime soon. just hope it never comes me to never washing them again. Smelling funny is a thing of the past. Wearing new clothes lasts forever. Or something. At the car yeah. Oh man

» Posted By JB On 06.13.2010 @ 6:31 pm


“Cotton.” She remarked, “It’s cotton.” The rain was, indeed, tiny balls of cotton. I stood there beside her in awe and gaped at the sky. Fireworks exploded nearby us. The hill was steeper than I remembered. “My God.”

» Posted By JB On 06.07.2010 @ 10:09 pm

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