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there were still so many things to say. but there was no time as the captain sounded the horn. people rushed to hold the hand of their loved ones one last time. george and mary didn’t touch but she could see the pain in his eyes and the promise. the promise that he wouldn’t forget her and that, if the gods allowed, he would send for her. its time to go she said.

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A reporter is someone who shares information. I think it is an interesting but tiring job. In addition to reading out information, he or she has to input the appropriate emotions as well.

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Lack is the inability to find sufficiency. The knowing that you need more, more, more–but the unwillingness to give. I lack because I do not give, he who gives will receive. I might have everything in the world, but if I lack one good thing–love–then I have nothing in the world indeed.

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Tradition. What exactly is tradition? Both positive and negative, something that insinuates history and culture, rich with customs and life. Sometimes it’s good, a favourite great grandmother’s recipe for chocolate cookies, passed down through generations. Sometimes it’s bad, harming young girls to keep them “clean”, because its tradition and you can’t ignore tradition.

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Stars are unique, just like us. Each one has a story – how far away it is, where it is, it’s size – yet no matter what, we call them beautiful. So why isn’t it the same for us?

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They’d loved each other for years. She was always happier with him, but he never seemed to change with her. It disappointed her, discouraged her – yet she would never give up.

It would break his heart for her to think he could even love without her.

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We all look through the lens differently, we see the world differently; but we are in the same place, at the same time.

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traditions seem to be important and trivial, which is really not a surprise given my own bipartisan internal system of believes. not to say tradition is black or white, anyway! traditions bring the people within a culture together, yet the misunderstandings betwixt cultures can befuddle us in terms of relating with one another. traditions also are funny in that they are used by corporations and religious cults/organizations to brainwash the masses

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my sister said i was spoiled. i probably am. my partner said that too. i don’t know if i’m spoiled as much as not having people not spoil me. spoiled = damaged?

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This word is a fact that lingers, goes on and on with no closure. It makes people feel uncomfortable if closure is important for you.

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at him. I screamed, remembering his expression and cowered backwards. My mind fogged over and i began to loose contact with the world around me. Where was i> how was i going to s

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what do I say about my camp experience? Its muggy. Its buggy. I’m tired. I smell. but wow. I have deeper friendships than before and I found out I can climb a mountain!

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fuck instructions. I don’t need instructions. We don’t need instructions. we need cardinal directions and a bit of intelligence. the only time instructions should be involved is when you’re fucking.

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The Jury is made out to be something like a civic duty, but it is more of a punishment than anything else. You just sit there for many hours feeling all life and happiness drain from your body because the boredom cannot be withstood by any sane mortal.

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a time when every one (not really) in my family or relatives would get together as one to come to one place just to eat barbecue. laughs and drinks are shared. life is good.

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just waiting for my brain to coordinate with my fingers to come up with some erudite conceptual idea.

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Stability is in its sense something you cannot find or have on your own. Stability is sometimes not knowing where you are going, knowing that in order to find it, sometimes you need to become unstable. Stability is entirely subjective because there will come a day when you lose all stability and you will discover that you will have find what it means all over again. And when that happens, you remember that stability is really what you make of it.

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I was racing to the monkey bars, and bullets were richoting around me. I dropped to the ground and began to crawl toward the tree line.

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There is so much more to life than what you can see right in front of you. You’ll never be able to focus on anything in your peripheral vision, but you know that it’s there. You can make out basic forms and colours, but need to focus on these things to bring out the finer details.

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knows oneself

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don’t leave.
don’t leave–
don’t let the tracks take you, i’m
telling you, i’m begging you, please
don’t leave, i
don’t have much else.
the whistle used to cut through my sleep and
these days all i can think about is
the iron and the heat, the
rocks spit up into the air–
almeno, be honest and
tell yourself the truth, please, i
just don’t want you to go.

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i might love you, i might not.
i might do the grocery tomorrow. i may mop the floor. i might get postcards and stamps and send at least five letters–i might hit something. i might throw the chair out the window. i might climb up the hill and water the plants and color the sky or i might stay at home and do nothing and call my voicemail and let my feet dangle out the window.
i might still love you tomorrow. i might not.

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It’s happens so fast.

One minute it’s there and the next you’re scrambling. Scrambling to get it back– the one thing you gave two fucks about.

It’s your phone.

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She dreamed of a state of the purest independence: a forever drifting along the in-between, gliding over and under the faint lines of the past and present and future. She dreamt of autonomy of the highest kind. Yet how could she retain herself if she was constantly bombarded by distractions, slave to the momentary lapses in the composition?.. She struggled to grasp hold of the emotions overtaking her and remain composed before the expectant crowd.

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Her hair was always perfectly arranged, neat, not a single strand out of place. Her eyes fixated on the object of her choosing, with a haunting sort of intensity- they never danced, never wandered aimlessly. The binders she carried were devoid of the fanciful scribbles that hinted at childish reveries, the blind idealism so common to those her age- she was fixated, focused, firmly rooted. He wondered if anything could knock her off balance. He couldn’t decide if seeing her in a state of chaos- just once, for even a moment- would be shocking or strangely beautiful. Maybe both. Maybe neither.

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in tan
dem they
up up u
p up and

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you were like sunday to me.
soft and full and sweet and good–
you would raise your hands, a
conductor, and sing and laugh and
speak all of the good things i
waited so long to hear.
on sundays you spoke God, and
on sundays i saw you both.
it’s hard for me to tell
if i’ve ever rested since then.

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he told me and i
tried to close my eyes but
the sun kept
burning, burning,
burning through and i
sleep? i
asked and he
sighed, and knelt beside me and
put his fingers to my eyes and
laid them down cool and soft–
not just sleep, he said,
that’s not really what i mean.
i mean for you to rest, if
you can, it’s been
so difficult,
hasn’t it?

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“CINDER! WASH THE CLOTHES!” Adri yelled. Cinder swore she could break a netscreen if she yelled any louder.
“We don’t have any detergent.” Cinder replied trying her hardest not to sound rude.

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