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“Hey! Stop that man!” I heard a girl shout. She was dressed in a pink ensemble, and her outfit had been, a few seconds ago, adorned with a fluffy pink handbag. Now a man with a long, straggly beard was darting out the train door and into the next train. The business man sitting a few rows behind the victim looked up, seeming bemused. He had been emmersed in his slick black laptop, having pulled it out of an official looking briefcase a few minutes before.

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It’s really important to wear matching clothing, just the same as it is to correctly match a couple. Match, this, match that, the word “match” has many different meanings, but all in all, it means the same thing.

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flowers spring fun summer there always forever blub

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Look! In the sky!

Is it a bird? No!

Is it a plane?


Yeah, its just a plane.

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Hidden away my secret thoughts of love, life that I cannot share with those closest for fear that they will laugh at me my hidden secrets that will stay inside hidden until I get the courage to finally share

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“Is this condition permanent?” the girl’s worried mother frantically asked the doctor.
“I’m afraid I don’t know. We’ve never seen something like this before,” the doctor explained. The woman sadly looked down at the newborn child in her arms, stroking her hair lovingly.
“Maria is going to take your daughter to do some tests, alright Mrs. Benson?” the doctor asked gently. The woman nodded, handing her baby carefully to the nurse.

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The texture of her hair was like silk that was left in the sand….a hint of smoothness undeneath a sheath of grit and particles. He rested his hand on his daughters hair once more, and a lone tear rolled down his weather worn cheek.

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“Promise me you’ll keep it forever?” the boy asked her.
“Promise.” Bridget answered, smiling at him. They’d been dating for almost three months.
1 month later:
“Bridget, I don’t think this long distance relationship is going to work out. You’re moving. You should arrive in Minnesota feeling free. Single. Enjoy it!”
“Brandon, I don’t want to be single! We’ve been together for 4 months, we have something special! I can’t believe this is happening.” she sunk onto one of the comfortable armchairs in her den.
“I want to stay friends, Bee! But I don’t think either of us can stay true to each other this far away. Call me once you get there,” he told her, putting his arm around her.
“I can’t believe this,” Bridget repeated.
“I should get home,” Brandon said, nervously glancing at her. “I’m sorry, Bee.” She glared at him as he darted from the room, looking abosolutely terrifed of her gaze.
1 month later:
“Hey, Jordan,” Bridget said. Jordan was a friend she’d known ever since she started visiting her father in Minnesota seven years ago.
“That’s a cool keychain,” he said, pointing to the same monkey keychain that Brandon had given her two months before.
“Thanks,” she said wearily, trying not to think about her ex boyfriend. He had tried to stay in touch, but for the first month, she ignored each of his calls, deleted his emails and ripped up his letters. They’d talked twice since the break up.
“You okay? You look a little down,” Jordan said, quickening his pace to walk next to her.
“Yeah, I’m just freaking out a little about the social studies test we took last period. I’m not sure if I did well on it.”
“C’mon, Bee. You’re amazing at history. Plus, Mrs.Faremount loves you,” he pointed out. She nodded, laughing.
“Ugh, I missed you, Bee. Don’t you leave for that long again,” Jordan told her as they reached her house.
“It wasn’t even a year,” she answered, handing him her backpack as she fixed her coat.
“Whatever. It was too long. You’re staying for good this time, right?” he asked, handing her the coat.
“Yes, Jordan,” she giggled. “See you tomorrow, okay?”
“See ya,” he agreed, and walked away smiling. As soon as Bridget was inside her house and Jordan was safely down the street, the doorbell rang.
“Bridget, Carolyn’s at the door!” Bridget’s dad called to her.
“Okay dad, I got it!” she yelled back.
“Was that Jordan walking home with you?” Carolyn asked, walking straight into the house the second the door opened.
“Hello to you too!”
“Oh yeah, hey,” Carolyn answered.
“Yeah, it was Jordan. We haven’t talked in a while, and my house is on the way to his,” Bridget explained.
“But you totally liked him last year,” Carolyn pointed out in a low voice as they hurried to the basement.
“Okay, fine. Maybe I liked him a little bit. But nothing is going on. I only just broke up with Brandon. Give me some time! Plus, Jordan totally does not like me,” Bridget reasoned.
“Whatever,” Carolyn said doubtfully.

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“Are you okay?”
“Oh, I’m just swell,” said the girl sarcastically.
“Jeez, I was just asking,” replied her friend, Sadie. “Calm down.”
“Back off,” the girl’s boyfriend, Chris, growled. Sadie had noticed tears streaked down the cheeks of her friend, Becca’s cheeks.
“What’s wrong? Tell me the truth,” Sadie demanded.
“Sadie, give her some time,” Chris gave her a warning look. Sadie glared back at him.

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“Honey, she’s gone!”
“What do you mean, she’s gone?” Carlos Santee asked frantically, running around his house, looking around corners as if his niece would be hiding behind one and popping out at him in a few seconds.
“She ran away, Carlos,” Lynn said tearfully, running to her husband.
“She’s seventeen! There’s no way she can last more than a few days on her own. She’ll come running back as soon as she misses cable,” Carlos said reassuringly, trying to convince himself. Both him and his wife saw the emptiness in the statement.

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“Mommy, can we keep it?”
“No honey, it could be dangerous,” Sophie Caldwell explained to her young daughter, attempting to shepard her away.
“Mommy, its a bunny! I want it!” The little girl said, stomping her feet.
“Bella, we have to get going. Don’t touch it!” She said sharply as Bella reached out towards the bunny.

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