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No occupancy. What was I going to do? I was stuck in this cold, biting city and I knew no one, and there was no where to stay. The street? I could find a corner I supposed. But I wasn’t quite ready to accept that reality. That was when I saw him – rich, composed. My ticket out of here. I brushed my hair back and strutted over to him.

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He was seated far away from me, but I could see him clearly. All I needed was a glimpse and I could picture each and every one of his features, arranged perfectly upon his face. He was seated far away from me but my thoughts couldn’t have been closer. I just needed one small gesture to know that he was thinking the same. Just a flexing of the muscles, or a twitching of the jaw.

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I clasped her hands between mine, they were cold. I willed her to stay. I willed her to love me. I willed her to feel anything for me, in that moment, anything strong enough to take the desperation out of her eyes and the hatred out of her heart. because i knew that she felt so lost and so angry in that moment that even i couldn’t save her. there was nothing.

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When I saw him there, in the corner, staring at me, it occurred to me that he must be good at this. He must have trained, for hours and hours, how to stay still, how to watch, without making a sound, without getting caught. He was like a romantic sniper, or cupid, or something. But I had caught him in a weak moment and saw through to him and that was magical in itself.

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Aria had always like denim. There was something about the fabric, its feel, that made her enjoy it. People talked about it as if it was just a temporary fad, a part of their pasts that they regretted instantly when flipping through pictures. But to her it was more than that.

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the wealthy use the capitalist system to make the poor poorer. This is the reason we have so many issues. Now, I’m not saying being wealthy is bad, I am just saying being wealthy and not caring about others is bad. ALso wealth is subjective: You can be wealthy but fiscally broke. The idea is that you have lost of happiness and are content with what you have.

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there are some cities, he says, full of women with their pantyhose tugged beneath their knees and they’re on those knees with their mouths crammed chockful of their sins and their hatred. and they don’t choose to be this way, he emphasises and he shouts, and she nods and stares at him, mesmerised.

and there are cities, he states, that have their sins splayed out on the people who fill and flood the streets and the poisoned air with their voices and their noises and their ECHOES that resonate bounce crash onto our waiting eardrums.

AND THERE ARE CITIES, he shouts, THAT DON’T EVEN SIN BECAUSE THEY’RE SO FUCKING INNOCENT AND SO FUCKING PERFECT AND IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD, I AM A SINNER JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO SAVE SOME PEOPLE. and he scratches his hatred onto the walls of his concrete cell and his fingernails snap but he doesn’t scream he just stares at his bleeding fingers while she gasps and rushessnatchesrummages for a plaster and he just stares at his bleeding fingers

because in the eyes of the world in his eyes in her eyes in their eyes he is a sinner because in their city there is no such thing as saving another.

and there are cities he whispers haggard broken dead dying doomed where the people cannot help each other because they are selfish and too absorbed by themselves or else they will die and because i tried i will die now. his voice is broken crying dying

she nods and she tries for a smile and she hands him his plaster which he does not take and will not use and she makes another shaky note with her shaky hand and she stands and she moves over to the door just out of his reach behind the bars and she smiles and she nods and she leaves the room.

and in this city he will die and in this city he will find his revenge and his solace.

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Man, have sixty seconds to write about that and you can’t scroll down furhter for it to block this page.look how huge that font is, look how huge that word is sitting on my computer screen in the libary and 12.13 on w wedwednday. thy’re definitely going toschedule another counselling session now, aren’t they? what am i bleeding from, where am i bleeding out of?

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sweep swup swoop sweet animal cravings of drinking chocolate milkshake through a straw

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I spent yesterday riding my bike around the woods. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, just running through old memories the way you do, like clearing out an attic and fining treasures in the dust.

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lion pounding on my eardrums go go go go
rush, rhythm, pushing
and the wind fills me up like mengzi’s qi
and that’s a mixed metaphor, isn’t it,
the wind and the water,
or it’s all the same

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they are themselves and themselves alone. Totally different. NO Inhibitions. The bastards.

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Just living.

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i miss you
and i miss living in the mountains

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What is it? Does it mean wrinkles in old people’s skin? Or does it stand for wisdom that’s been spreading the world since its beginnings? Or does it mean the earth itself, what we stand on every single day?

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Before I met him, I was completely oblivious. I had no idea of the true meaning of sadness, nor equally so, the true meaning of sadness. Never had someone come into my life and shook it up so strongly. He changed me, and I changed him. I guess that’s all you can really hope for sometimes.

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She closed her eyes. She couldn’t see, feel, hear. It was all gone. She was in the zone. The one she got in at the end of the day when it was all done, nothing left and you couldn’t worry. It was the only time she was truly happy – the demons were done for the day.

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a plan or a statement

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This is a statement about statements, so basically a statement about nothing. Nothing at all. Pointless and worthless, yet fun.

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a word that never changes on this website.

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Something that people think that they need but they really don’t. and children are starving in africa.

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Hasssle. That’s the word that pops into my mind almost every single morning. So many hairstyles and yoga poses to do, yet so little time. We girls should have more time. Well, we should wake up earlier and avoid sleeping late. It causes pimples and clogged pores. And we do not want that, do we? Zac Posen and Balenciaga presented their collections with fresh-faced ones.

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the motorcycle purred, i as scared but ready. I revved the engine not just once but twice and started the stunt. I hit the ramp and flew up into the air like a flying trapeze artist. If that chick wasnt already impressed she would be now.

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Oh the dance of enticement, it whispers softly in her ear. It makes her wonder how the sun could shine, but yet things could be this hard. She wants to touch him, to kiss him, to love him, but we all know that such things are not possible. Someone like her, and someone like him. We dance between them, and we dance around, we are the water that spreads beneath her toes, and we are the sky that sprinkles light onto her golden hair. We are the force that prevents, that abstains.

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i can’t see it
only feel it
it’s what you left behind
on the outer reaches of my heart

scrub as i may
it won’t go away
what have you done
you’re here to stay

neither a blessing or a curse
nothing could be better
that couldn’t be worse
you are a part of me

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I’m not sure, Isn’t a hinge on a door? Like in charles Dickens, he always makes references to squeaky hinges on doors. I’m currently reading great expectations.

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Her eyes sparkle in the stars, counting the constellations. She mumbles them under her breath. “the big dipper, little dipper, o’ ryans belt..”

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12 envelopes sit in front of me. I rip the sealing on the first one, only to find a blank piece of paper. I flip it over, running the scrap through my hands. My fingers glide over the bumps and I see an address. 47 Oak Wood Cr. Ripping open envelope after envelope until there is only one left. All of them say addresses. Then I realize something, they are all the address’ of my friends. I cautiously tear open the final package. It reads “The fate of your friends lives lie in your hands Emily. Use it well. Follow the address’s, go by the clues and keep your eyes peeled. You have 2 days. Go.”

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12 envelopes sit in front of me. I rip the sealing on the first one, only to find a blank piece of paper. I flip it over, running the scrap through my fingers. My fingers glide over the bumps and I see an address. 47 Oak Wood Cr.

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What does this even mean? Should I be afraid? Sometimes I am… Sometimes I’m alarmed. I feel the nerve endings over working and and spazz out cause I’m alone and scared: I’m alarmed. I wish I had a boyfriend to comfort me. I’m pathetic.

» Posted By Isabelle On 11.06.2011 @ 6:51 pm

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