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Nothing anyone could say would console her. Mary sat in a heap sobbing. On her lap laid smitten her beloved cat, cold, still, dead.
“Let me take him and find a box to put him in,” said her mother soothingly.
“No!” Mary hugged the cat to her chest so tightly, as though the beat of her own heart would bring it back to life.

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The waves tossed ship around as it pitched from side to side. The crew slipped and slid as they,soaked to the skin, tried to save themselves.
“Every man for himself,” shouted the captain as the giant sea creature slung first one leg then another onto the deck.

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The cub scouts huddled around the camp fire as the flames danced in the evening light. Arkala was telling them a ghost story. The wind rustled the leaves above their heads, and a distant howl echoed through the air.
“What’s that?” whispered Sam to the boy next to him.
“I dunno,” replied the boy as they both moved a little closer to each other.

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With three time portals sealed behind them and no means of return, Mike pushed them onwards. “Come on we must find the next portal before it closes.”
“I’m coming.”
Annabel struggled to keep up with him. Head down she ran forwards to collide with Mike who had stopped abruptly. A loud roaring noise filled the air. Both froze as they stared at the creature looming over them.
“What’s that?”
“It’s a dinosaur I think—run!”

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i want a different word to write about please

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it goes rond your head and can be used to o on dog colars to make them look cute. mainly associated with america and come in many different colours and styles. it is also associated with cowboys as they were worn in many western films and are now stereotyped with cowboys.

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Helen mopped the tears from her eyes. Steve looked at her and laughed. “You’re a soppy bitch,” he said giving her a squeeze.
“I know,” she smiled. “But isn’t that a beautiful trailer to the best love story ever written?”

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The car was doing a 180. He did his best to keep it on the road. Glancing in the mirror, he saw that the chase was still on. I must lose them. He pushed his foot down harder, the car crept up to 190. His hands clasped tightly around the wheel, sweat glistening on his forehead, he shot across the intersection narrowly missing a truck.

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“What is it?” puzzled Londiar as he held the strange artefact in his hand.
‘Put it down it may be dangerous,” urged Koola.
“It might be useful.” He strapped the mental object to his belt.
A roar echoed through the cave.
What’s that? Koola moved in closer to him.
“I don’t know, but let’s not hang around.” He grabbed her hand and started to run.

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The phone is a modern gadget. It’s very useful. She held the gadget in her pale hands. It was something she’d never thought would be invented. It was ingenious. It was something she’d always wanted, and now she had it. Her computer was a fairly large size. Lots of people used it. Especially her. And it was pretty cool. Lots of modern day gag

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some people like robots. i do too. but do you? i dont know. french robots. hm nice. i like toast. do robots eat toast? machines. i like machines. robots are basically machines that talk which is pretty cool if u think about it. house chores too. they do that. and they’re like human clones, in a way. wow. robots.wall-e was a robot. haha.. and that Darren guy on Sporn Point is a robot. yeah i cant spell well sometimes :\

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Animals have much greater acoustic abilities than humans, so when Roul saw his dog stop and prick up his ears he paid attention.
“What is it boy?”
The dog stared in the direction of the shrubbery and emitted a low growl.
He let the dog off its lead and it lept forward into the bushes. Bang, a whimper, then nothing.
A man stepped out, gun in hand. “That was your first stupid mistake,” he said pointing the weapon at Roul’s body.

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“Come on Sid time to go home.”
“Leave me alone.” Sid brushed aside his arm and took another swig of the whiskey bottle.
“It’ll all look better in the morning,” urged George.
“The bitch, wait till I get my hands on her.” Sid wiped his sleeve across his mouth, lifted the bottle to his lips and took another swig.

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Jenny was screaming at the top of her voice.
“Be quiet they’ll hear you.” But she just kept on till Tom landed her a heavy slap across the face. “Do you want to get us killed?” he asked giving her a hard stare.
‘No,” she whimpered, holding her hand on her cheek to sooth the burning that ran through it.

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The door open with a whining creak and Sandy stepped inside the darkened room. She felt for the light switch and flipped it on. Dozens of bookshelves lined the chamber, but Sandy was after one particular one. She walked over to the bookshelf at the far end. “There it is,” she whispered, pulling down the volume marked ‘How to commit a murder.’

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We were all alumni of the same college.’ Come to the reunion,’ said the poster. So here I am dressed to kill, and wondering what my old class mates look like. No, not just look like, how have they turned out. Would they think more of me now that I’m a movie star?

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i don’t think i have much of it. well, I do, but its not the kind of intregrity that will make me stand up in a court of law and demand justice! its the type of integrity that makes me collect records or smell old books. its simple and basic and me.

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The stars shone in the black velvet sky above her. She stared wide eyed at them glittering like tiny diamonds. One in particular shone brighter than all the rest. It seemed to be calling to her. She stood up and stretched her arms out to it as it floated towards her. She knew without a doubt they were connected in a special way.

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The beast leapted at him, teeth glinting and razor sharp. Armor wrestled with it tossing and turning as the dust rose in great clouds around them.
Meneta gasped as she watched the two struggle together. “Oh god let him be safe,” she whispered.
Armor grabbed a handful of the creature’s fur and threw it down with an almighty slam, amazing himself at the strength he for that moment possessed.

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its super important to me i guess, i guess thats what everybody is striving for , thats why everyones sitting here in this geology class learning about hurricanes…because this class promises a degree, a job, a career, a family..which are things indicating success..geology is so boring.

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The professor poured liquid from one tube into another. Then held it over the open flame. All eyes were on the bubbling mixture as it started to hiss and sizzle. They watched it turn funny blue as it gave one last loud hiss. BANG! out flew a dozen fiery stars, that glittered in the air before they disappeared.
“Hooray,” shouted the happy onlookers.
The professor beamed, knowing the test had been a success.

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The tears rolled down her cheeks, she wiped them away with the back of her hand. A sob escaped from her lips. Pull yourself together girl, she thought. You may have had big plans for your future, but it doesn’t mean it’s over yet. Suzanne, pushed the letter of rejection to one side, stood up and walked towards the window. As she gazed out, she started to reformed a new plan in her mind.

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huge place lots of different thing to see beautiful forever different places

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Nereen handled the controls with the speed of an expert. “Hard to Starboard,” she commanded.
“Aye Captain.”
The ship lurched to the right, The crew held their positions.
“Warp speed now!” ordered Nareen. “Stay alert, each and every one of you. This is an unknown galaxy we are entering.”

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Ego is the thing that Sigmund Freud has “discovered”. It balances the superego (“desires”) and the id (“parent”). What I believe the ego is… is basically the thing that makes up a person. Too much ego.. conceited. Too less of ego.. low self-confidence. It balances and makes a person sane. What about you?

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We made the decision at the last second–we went left, breaking off from the rest of the group. The rest veered right into the woods as we faced the latest challenge–a sheer cliff face.

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“All of you must be brave. I will only give you instructions once. If you fail me however, you will not want to return.” Spargore stood tall and stared hard at the raw recruits. He knew the challenge of the dragon’s den scared the living daylights out of them.

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Stan tried not to fall asleep as the Chairman gabble on about Company Policy. He stifled a yawn and wondered how long he would have to stay in this boring job. If only I could make my wish come true he thought. Just then a sparkle of dust floated in front of him and two bright shiny eyes stared out—”your wish is my command,” said a tiny voice.

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The horse’s hooves thundered as it galloped out of town with quick draw Sam firmly on its back. Gun shots whistle over his head and he kept low to avoid being hit. The money in his saddle bags added extra weight and slowed his retreat a little. He knew now that he would be a wanted man.

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I walked through the scrub, branches scratched at my legs. Rivulets of blood trickled onto my white socks, staining them pink. I pushed aside a low hanging branch and stepped into an open space. In the middle sat a ring of toadstools. What have I wandered into now? I thought.

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