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Slowly, she assisted him. She sorted out his workpapers for him, tears dribbling down her face as she did. His familiar, curving handwriting was too much for her. It always seemed to bring her to tears no matter where she was. She turned her head, and looked him in the face. He’d changed so much, in the course of one year.

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I didn’t kill him.

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How did she end up here having to wade through mud in her new red shoes? Mandy was not impressed. He had said “let’s go for a romantic picnic, I know just the place.” She glared at his back as she followed on behind him.

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found often on the head of male deer. and usually used as trophy’s once the animal is shot.

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Antlers. The End.

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The heat was so intense that he thought he might melt. Stan grabbed his hanky from his pocket and mopped his brow. Would he roll up his trousers and go for a paddle? He hadn’t done that in years. He smiled as he looked at his grandchildren who laughed as they played in the salty water. Stan laid back in the deckchair and closed his eyes.

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He sat alone on the bunk in his cell hands clasped tightly together, knuckles red from where he dug in his nails. There were violent men in some of the other cells. He shouldn’t be here. He knew what would await a pretty boy like him, in a place like this….

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She stared at the apparition that floated in front of her, trying to suspend her belief that these things just didn’t happen. It hovered over her, its face calm, beautiful. Then it smiled as it turned into her worst nightmare…

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The wind whipped her hair from side to side as she waited by the side of the tracks. The speed of the train always electrified her.She felt alive as the draft of air whooshed past her and the clackety clack of the wheels resounded on the metal.

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I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can. I sleep. I can. I can. On the train on the train on the train on the train I sleep? I sleep on the train. I can. I think. I am. I sleep. I can think and sleep. On the train I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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stop writing
write at the station
right and wrong
wrong turn
turn around, right now – all i wanna do is fall apart – and i need you now tonight – and i need you more than ever….

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Time throws slow punches but they all hurt the same. I am stationed at the wall, feet stuck to the ground and hands glue in my pockets. I give a nod in your direction as you lift your luggage and board the train.

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The stars that hovered far above my head seemed to embrace me; the sky reaching its arms around me tightly while whispering soft words into my ear, sweet as warm milk. As I lay on the damp earth gazing at the dome of diamonds above me, the grass staining my clothes, I felt alive.

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my beloveds are my family, friends and all the people i am grateful to have in my life

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People that come and go as we go through life. But it only only the beloved ones that stay with you for a lifetime.

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Rise above. Rise against. Rise forever. Rise never. Rise from bed. Rise from the waters, scale the beaches, and know you’re alive. Hardest of all is to rise above your own fears. But when you do, there’s nothing better.

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It’s the same as everyday, she walks to the front of the room, sets down her vintage purse and settles into the seat by the desk. We all sit silently holding our breath, waiting for what is going to say today. Because, same as everyday, she will find someway to make everything right again.

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Some change lives. Most are stupid. But they care about you, and want you to succeed. They’ve usually failed in their chosen profession so they lean on education as a back up career. I pity them.

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She kept flat against the wall, not daring to move, or breathe. Would he see her? Her heart pounded in her chest and thundered in her ears. After a few moments, she warily peered around the corner.
“Got you!” he grabbed hold of her shoulder and pulled her out.
Sandy froze, every muscle in her body tight.

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is what you need when you are roaming the world with the finger on the pulse of humanity. You can travel down roads you would never have dreamed about and you don’t have to have little wheels. you can carry more than just on your case and it gives your freedom. They usually have lots of little pociketes to keep your precious stuff in and that is what i meant to say. not many older peole carry them except if they look old and are down and outs, so they are sad too for then-y mean you have no home by choice or by necessity. they are the snail train

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Eddy had his nose to the grindstone, clipping and editing, he was creating a dazzling montage of that eerie night. He had shot the film in the old hill house and the ghosts had not disappointed him on this occasion.

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Taking a tight hold on the old piece of paper, I followed the instructions written in a scratchy scrawl. Turn left, walk four paces, look up, now what was it I was supposed to remember? I stared at the high ceiling looking for some clue to help me.

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sideburns burn your sides. they are what elvis where and they are cool. writing about sideburns is actually kind of interesting. I wonder how sideburns were invented? Where did they originate? Are they popular today. I bet hair styles can tell a lot about one’s culture and type of people they are.

» Posted By Helen On 05.29.2011 @ 3:05 pm

Sideburns come on all shapes and sizes, fuzzy, short shaven, long, wispy. Theyre not attractive though. They get in the way when youre kissing. I prefer a clean face on a man

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Ensconced within the seating booth, Larry took a drag on his cigarette and blew out the smoke in one long swirl. He picked up his coffee, it was black, strong, just how he liked it. Where is that dame? he thought. “She’d better have the money on her,” he muttered under his breath.

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I don’t really like pretzels at all. I do however love pretzel dogs. Some days at work, the smell wafting into the store is the only thing that gets me through the day. The way they sit heavily on your stomach. Disgusting.

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What do you think? asked Minty mouse, holding out the decaying piece of cheese. “Is it safe?”
“Bring it near?” replied Monty mole, “You know I can’t see.”
“Sorry.” Minty scrabbled up the mound, then sitting on her haunches, she held the piece of cheese under Monty’s nose.
“Cheese yuk— why are you asking me you silly creature?” He didn’t wait for her reply but withdrew into his hole and continued his search for a juicy worm

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He lifted her chin and looked into her pale blue eyes, he was tempted to tell her how he really felt, but could he trust her?
“What?” she said jerking her head away from his hand.
He let his arm drop to his side, a feeling of despair enveloped him, but he just smiled and said, “Nothing.”

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As she turned the pages of the dusty old book, she became more curious as to how these rituals would work. Marly was so engrossed in what she was reading, that she never noticed the creature lurking in the dark corner, eyes firmly fixed on her as it licked it’s lips in anticipation.

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The icy wind licked around her face. She was chilled to the bones as she struggled through the snow ladened landscape. She could hardly feel her toes anymore and wondered if she would survive till she reached the next out station.

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