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A trailer moved my house. Everything all boxed up fit into one trailer. It was a big trailer, but it makes you feel very small to see your life for the past ten years in boxes in the back of a trailer. Very small. But what about what you can’t box up. What about what doesn’t fit on the trailer…where does that belong?

» Posted By Elle On 04.27.2011 @ 4:30 pm

My aunt lives in a trailer. She lives with her husband and her two sons, and a few dogs. But only the one dog gets the love, the other lives outside in the rain and the cold and doesn’t get fed as often. Because he isn’t cute, or little, and the kids don’t like to play with him. That’s why he gets left out in the rain, forced to wander around and mope dragging his legs as he walks from the door to the doghouse. He doesn’t live in the trailer, and if I were that dog…for the first time ever I would be jealous of someone who lived in a trailer.

» Posted By Elle On 04.27.2011 @ 4:20 pm

My dad has one. He bought it with my moms money. I heard it ws beautiful, much better then the one we used to spend our summers in in P.E.I. I miss those summers. I miss my dad.

» Posted By Elle On 04.27.2011 @ 1:48 pm


Puzzled? So am I. About what you may ask, about everything.
I sometimes feel like I’m losing my mind due to lack of knowledge about why I am here and what I am doing here.
all in all i suppose you could say puzzled sums up life for me. for most of us.
it’s ok
id rather be puzzled
than “down to earth” – how is that a compliment anyways?

» Posted By Elle On 04.24.2011 @ 3:13 pm


Iron clad hands jut up and take the top hat from my head. That hat that covered the half folded crater of my brain. This iron grip, ironing the rod brazen thinking like it was a carton of eggs, cracking my thoughts like soap bubbles or soda pop.

» Posted By Elle On 04.23.2011 @ 2:44 pm


Sometimes I don’t think I have the integrity to do what I want to do with my life. Other times I do, and I want to pick my other self up and give her a good slap.
I can’t decide which side of me is right.
And this has never torn me up more.

» Posted By Elle On 04.09.2011 @ 5:14 am


I am totally determined to write something useful here. I’m not sure I’ll do very well.
Determination is what keeps us going, and you can’t lose heart, otherwise what’s the point in starting anything? Stay determined and good things will happen for you.

» Posted By Elle On 04.08.2011 @ 7:49 am


I trusted you. After all this time, you were lying and I trusted you! How could you decieve me so badly, and so methodically! This is the end of us. It’s the end of everything I thought we stood for as a team. You have succeeeded in one thing. You have changed my out look and I will never trust another person again.

» Posted By Elle On 03.31.2011 @ 7:32 am


I like high heels. But unfortunately I can’t wear them… Not too often anyway. Anybody having any tips on that matter? Thanks in advance!!!
By Elle Ross

» Posted By Elle On 03.15.2011 @ 9:32 pm


I’m obsessed with the thought of sex. It consumes me everywhere I turn. I’m a virgin and all I dream about or think about if having a man throw me against a wall, rip off my clothes and shove his cock in my warm moist ______
I’m obsessed

» Posted By elle On 03.12.2011 @ 7:56 pm


deliciousssssssss. i smell hamburgers… this is good. aks;dhgasgk;jsdg i want fresh mango juice, please. yes. i don’t know what else to say. corgis are nice. this was an okay day. i think that thursday is surprise day. anna can breathe. yes. so ya know.

» Posted By elle On 02.22.2011 @ 4:39 pm

juicy orange. so sexy. hawaii. i like chocolate. why are mangos orange? or are they red? green?! what. no way. i’m going to chuck a mango at your head. why is it purple? thats not very fitting. lalalalala. my cat is sleeping.
i miss hawaii.
i miss you.
this is depressing. this is really depressing.

» Posted By elle On 02.22.2011 @ 1:40 pm


Tried to plug in the blender but the outlet wasn’t working. Unplugged the toaster to try that outlet, and again was left with no way to make my fucking smoothie. WHY aren’t the outlets in my kitchen operating correctly????? WTF is this outlet? It’s not even the right shape. . .

Oh yeah. I’m in Europe and don’t have the right adaptor

» Posted By Elle On 02.21.2011 @ 7:10 pm


sage sage you’re on the page
and all the rage
green. mean and green.
cook with you
cooking with me


hello sage. get in my food
get in my mood
i feel a little green today

maybe i had some bad cheese
but that’s okay
sage sage is all the rage


thank you.


» Posted By elle On 02.20.2011 @ 8:23 pm


Sometimes I carry alot of things in my bag. My headphones usually get tangled up with all the mess. unfortunately for me it takes too long to fix so they stay that way alot of the time. Hearts get tangled . Mine is always that way I’m not sure how to untangle that.

» Posted By Elle On 02.17.2011 @ 1:12 pm


I step up. This has never been my forte or desire, but somehow I am inexorably drawn to it. I speak and hate the sound of my own voice coming through the speakers, but it’s all there is. Silence. The sound of 10,000 in silence to hear me is all I ever need.

» Posted By Elle On 02.13.2011 @ 11:31 pm

Loudly through the speaker. Words that ring through halls. Your ears can see what your eyes cannot. Clearly, silently. Speeches, poetry. Music and words intertwined through a machine.

» Posted By Elle On 02.13.2011 @ 11:48 am

Something you speak into. It projects your words so the world can hear. A microphone makes you louder, but not eloquent. It merely voices your opinions, like an extra mouthpiece. You do not need the microphone, it is but a necessity. It does what you can accomplish without it.

» Posted By Elle On 02.13.2011 @ 11:39 am


We started, we stopped. You used to tell me that it made you love me more, and now you stare at my scars with despair and horror. I thought this was what you wanted. Now all you want is to have nothing to do with me.

» Posted By Elle On 02.12.2011 @ 12:42 am


We wake up and the streets are alive. Alive with anger and rage that cannot be fathomed. Oh, but they are dead. The hearts and minds are so blinded by pain and hopelessness that they can no longer speak to life. Life has lost its meaning and only death remains, wandering the streets in search of a freedom that no one can recall and a liberty they would die to defend but would not know if it stared them in the soul. What they call a revolution, we call empty solace that can never satisfy.

» Posted By Elle On 02.11.2011 @ 2:21 am


My palms sweat, and I feel them getting colder and colder by the second. I cannot back down. I promised I would go through with this, and only a coward doesn’t live up to his word. I refuse to be a coward. I refuse to let my fears take grip of me, and I refuse to stay under it’s grasp. I am not a coward, I am free.

» Posted By Elle On 02.09.2011 @ 7:09 pm


I have my own. It defines me. People smell it, think of me, and are satisfied. It enhances hugs, leads to flattery and romance, and makes me wonder how I ever did without.

» Posted By Elle On 02.09.2011 @ 10:05 am


Video games. I hate ’em. How many times do I have to listen to my stupid brother yell racial slurs at random people? It’s not fair…

» Posted By Elle On 02.05.2011 @ 10:35 pm


mysterious mindful mystifying marvelous and magnificent

» Posted By elle On 12.26.2010 @ 3:22 pm


Den is for animals or people to hide, the deeper the safer, but is not always true. Den is also something dangerous. You may loos the way if you just keep going deeper and deeper.

» Posted By Elle On 09.13.2010 @ 5:49 am


the overhead projector in the dark and musky 1950’s classroom portrayed math problems that young sally could not understand. She had never understood math and preferred large hairdos and hairspray than worrying about trivial things such as high school math.

» Posted By Elle On 08.22.2010 @ 6:25 pm


is what i need right now. i feel like my life is out of it. i have to have control over things, and i have no idea why. it’s such a recent development, too. i’ve never been so neurotic about organization and order before…. why now? maybe because everything fell apart.. since feb..?

» Posted By elle On 07.07.2010 @ 12:06 pm


Sand, seagulls, salty lips and burned nose. Freckles that I’ll never have, a temporary sunburn. I don’t belong on the beach, because it’s the ocean that’s beautiful.

» Posted By Elle On 06.24.2010 @ 5:42 pm


big blue waves, crashing against rocks. the steady sound as the waves go in and out. the blue ocean that is controlled by the moon.

» Posted By Elle On 06.22.2010 @ 1:04 pm


Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do. Without a lot of things, I would be lost. Without is possibly the most interesting word out there. It makes you think. POINT: Learn to live withOUT.

» Posted By Elle On 06.18.2010 @ 8:21 pm

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