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a bench is where old ladies sit and feed birds. You can rest here and its nice and cool under large trees. They have many benches in central park and this is where most people like to sit. Central Park is in New york. I love benches because they are comfortable while providing a view.

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this mourning i set my alarm for 5:00 am, and I didn’t get up still 7:00am. I hate goals…:)

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“Girls are so stupid,” Nick muttered. I reached over and took his cookie, took a bite from it, and put it back.
“Hey!” He said, and took the next bite.
“That’s so funny because girls think guys are stupid.”

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boost metabolism. boost results. speed boost just pump it just pump it forget the pain forget that you exist just five more minutes five more minutes of this. this has become your life. just five more minutes, just five more reps, just five more hours until you can fall into bed and sleep and not be hungry and then get up and it’s five more floors to climb up and five more hills all over all over again.

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Dark rooms are the best. Perfect for trying to find patterns in ceilings and listening to music…also perfect for looking at the person you love and only finding their eyes, their eyes see you and i wish you still saw me and i can’t not love you, i can’t not love you even though you’re done with me.

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Dropped. That’s what happened to me. I fell into his arms and he caught me with his heart. Then he let me fall. I don’t know why. His hand fit perfectly into mine. His eyes twinkled like stars in the deep night sky. Still, he dropped my live and shooed me out of existance. Still, I just want an answer as to why. Why would you let me fall? Let me pour my tears out in the middle of the night over someone like you? I don’t even know why I tried to give you my heart, somehow I knew you’d only let it fall. Now I’m going to fall- not in love like I did before. I’m falling out of love and away from you.

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Success. What is success? It could be everything or nothing at all. For me failure and success are the exact same thing if don’t use them in the right way. That’s why I love opposites their really not that different.

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In a split second everything I loved was gone because of what he said. In a way it was a sort of blessing. Is it bad to say that? Maybe it was just stuff I thought I loved. Now I don’t have anything so I don’t have anything to lose.

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cannon the camera leopard tucan happy family black and white explore the world, adventure. wild exotic animals. fun happy.

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What is practical anyway? If everyone waits so they can do something practical you’re never going to get anything done. It’s never the right time! You just have to jump. Sometimes you fall but you always get back up! A fall isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. Come on people have a little spontaneity.

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The chemistry that never was quite right. The force that kept us apart. The equation that never kept us balanced. The science that failed us. But there’s still hope. The stars we dreamt under, the sun that kept us warm, the rain we danced in, helps us know that life goes on. The good and bad keep us strong.

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oh man! iscreamed. that lousy dog just jumped on my face and now im all scratched up! woooow said my friend when she loloked at me. what happened

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The stars were there. Through this tiny hole she could see them, millions of them. Just waiting for her to do something, make a move, her first move. Then she saw it – a shooting star. Right across the telescope it flew.

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I was asked a question last night…whether I’d rather be loved or understood. At first I thought that to love someone you have to understand them…but that’s completely not true. Understanding is what I crave in my life…much more than love because it helps me grow and develop into myself.

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under the hill side there was a small house. an old woman lived in that house. she had knobb knees and a crooked elbow with long gray hair. I used to go to that house ot read the old womans books. she had very little in my language but the one’s i couldn’t understand were always full of pictures.

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Is there such thing as standing your ground? Because I never get my way – no, I always compromise. But I feel like people who stand where they are are much more successful in life, at least in careers, than people who let

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Delight can be conceived in so many ways…and its kind of contradictory that when you separate it, it’s de-light, as in take light out of the situation, even though the definition of delight is similar to happiness.

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The minute is saw her for the last time, I felt the flood of emotions come back. I knew it had been probable she was going to move away, but now that it had happened I almost felt hollow about it. As if i was trying to erase the pain of her being gone.

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The images flew rapidly through my head: a melted popsicle on the sidewalk at my grandmother’s house, a long trail of chalk drawings around the corner, a kennel full of puppies for sale at the Qwik-Pac, and a series of memories involving my lost brother an the day he went missing.

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the time it took for me to process the bars around me was about as long as it took to take them down. Breaking free, escaping was just another part of my capture.

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Do we really actually matter? When there is NO ONE left on earth, will it matter? Or are we here for a reason? Or arent there any reasons at all? Does none even exist: I mean…there’s always something…

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I dont want to be a nun. I love what i am and i thank God for what He has made me become. I thank Him and only Him. i dont like nuns that much. They ussually dress in black and i dont like black as much.

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What is near? Only a distance, but if you were farther away, near would be far. I don’t know. Now I’m confusing myself. Holding someone near and dear to your heart…how could you do that if they were far away? Maybe that’s why long distance relationships don’t really work.

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I’m terrified to commit. To everything and anything. I don’t want to be bound down to one thing, one person, one place…I need room to spread my wings and fly and make mistakes and fuck up everything…so I can learn again.

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I’m terrified of commiting in relationships. I don’t want to give all of myself to someone else, I don’t want to get broken like that. All I want to do is get out or find someone who doesn’t want me to commit either. Max loves me, and I know that, but I can’t do anything about it because I’m too afraid.

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thinking about my future – maybe I’ll lease an apartment or a car? hopefully not a car because I want to be in the city. an apartment in the city! I could live in New York on my own…doesn’t seem possible, right? that couldn’t be MY life…

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I used to collect fossils. Million of trilobites, dinosaur bone, shells. One day, I went into my office and threw it all away. it isn’t worth anything anymore.

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You lie. I try to post stuff on your website, all I can get is this word. you keep emailing me crap, i cant login!!!!! Please help me.

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My family has liars, my friends lie, my teachers lie, my poiliticains lie, I lie. Everybody is a LIAR. So true.

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