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the puppet strings fell to the floor with the clatter of knitting needles and the puppet’s wooden limbs became a heap of firewood, his mouth gaping wide as the liquid flames curled around his rosy cheeks and ruffled his auburn hair, charring the rosemary from his velvet mahogany woods and biting them a vivid black.

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good food, good meat, good gosh….lets eat. SCARF it up baby….twist and shout……!!!!!!!

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the penny old and green was stuck to the arm of the park bench — saturated in the mist of a freshfallen rain and she stared at it curious, wondering how many wishes had been whispered into the smooth copper before its final destination was forged and it was forgotten, eyed only by passerby and those wanting rest. people forget to be wishful in a world without hope.

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he tied the knot with his rugged hands

the dirt under his fingernails and the grit of life stuck in between his teeth

his blood was thick with the dirt road and i think his eyes had caught all the stars

like a fishing net flung over high waters, rocky and rugged as it carves its way past craggy rocks.

and i never loved him more — with his black fingernails and greasy hair — than when he tied the neat little note into the thick rope and looked up at me with his always clean and precious crooked smile.

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she stirred a cloud of dirt in the road and then watched it disappear, back to the same nothing it had been. dust and dirt and shit and rocks and gravel. she sighed and her breath was covered with a film of dust and she had never realized before how old the earth was.

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people falling down

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plane ticket train ticket ticket taker ticket to ride drive in ticket ticket ticket ticket wanna buy a ticket ride the train ride the plane wanna buy a ticket.

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he struck the match and watched the flame eat away at the wood and blacken it, lighting his cigarette quick and shoving it between his black-hole lips.

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i assume that you are intelligent but assumptions are often wrong — therefore, i could be just as well off in assuming that you are unintelligent.

the conditional to this hypothesis is that if you are intelligent, then there is equal parts unintelligence ingrained into your mind. therefore, in order to be intelligent, one must also be unintelligent.

illogical thinking is the master of creativity and in essence, what is life without creativity?

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she lit the match and watched the flame dance at its end consuming and never giving back but producing the thick paste of ash that flickered off the wood in hot little ember-like pieces, a halo that stuck to her skin cells for a moment before dying and degrading into nothing more than dust that smelled thick of burnt hopes and dreams. the blood in her veins stilled and she wept.

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i crumbled to my knees like a building that’s been gutted and cried. the dirt stung my eyes and clogged my throat while the monster inside me growled and clawed against the insides of my stomach. the chambers of my heart were filled with sludge and my lungs collapsed into themselves, all with me screaming your name. why’d you have to leave?

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her classic curls clung to those rosy cheeks and i longed to trace the dappled peaks and exhilirating drops of her rosemary lips but the innocence clung too tight to her flesh and my fumbling fingertips were too laden with grunge.

her tiny form bounced with excitement – vibrating with happiness – and i just smiled and walked on, car keys in hand and a longing in my heart.

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classic is a term undefined in my mind. it is nothing but something to be repeated later in time. everything is repeated even classics. there is no such thing.

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i vow to never turn my back on a dusty road or to look the other way when your eyes or trained on me.

that would be ridiculous after all because i love your dark brown doe eyes and i love the way your lips curl upwards in a wrinkled smile and i love your thick fingers that fumble with the buttons of my shirt or the buckle of my bra.

i vow to never stop loving you because that would be the dumbest thing i could ever do at this juncture in my life – and at all the other junctures i’ll come across.

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pressed firm against the wall, his arms a cradle and they pushed body against body; their lips skated against each other’s and the shadows of their passion danced wicked on the wall – a perfectly tangled silhoette.

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you infected me like a virus propelling through each of my cells with such speed and ferocity that i crumpled to my knees and my stomach swam with nausea while my head buzzed with feverish thoughts. fingertips flaked across my diseased temples while my heart thrummed sickeningly against my chest and i looked up to you, standing over me and eclipsing me with your handsome shadow and smiled and i love you.

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the shade of his silk wing, the feathers dribbling off his bone like wax falling from a candle, was fleeting and a slave to the whispering wind that gently fingered the edges of those serrated feathers. angels are good guardians and that summer i didn’t get a single sunburn even though i’m susceptible and my tears never went unnoticed.

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no. and the worry grew on my skin like barnacles to the side of an ancient maritime anchor. eyes wide and shaped with circular horror that met in the middle and looped around endlessly – an eternal wreath of that fleeting panic that edged across my vision, a veil of black spotted with color. no. all a misunderstanding

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Suspended… I thought… dammit… as if i couldnt get in any more trouble. Not only will I miss school, but I’ll also get in trouble.

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everyone has their own path in life. we seek it but it will never show itself to us we just need to trust that it is there. we also have the problem of wanting everyone to follow our path, like religion and philosophy but that cant happen, we all have individual paths

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burning hotter than ever. he has never been in such demand. we must go further and we must get there faster, and faster. with out him we cannont. we cannot do this alone and we cannot do this as easy.
we need him.

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pillows have feathers and so do birds.
one day some birds flew past my house in a V formation, i really wish i knew where they were going but i know that when they come back next year. they will have been somewhere. i wish i could fly, and go with them, on their journey to another place. just to feel for one day like i can do whatever i believe i can

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Flovor is everything, it’s a sense of style, a sense of music, sense of food. Everything you do or see has a type of flavor, whether it’s actually taste able or not does not matter. Some people have good flavor, some people have bad flavor. However, people have different senses of flavor. It’s all different

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she folded the tiny little jumper carefully — smoothing out any wrinkles and placing it gingerly into the open drawer of the white wicker dresser. there was a heap of newborn clothing on the rocking chair besides her, and she moved a piece of stray hair, smiled, and looked about the nursery, feeling her baby kick her from within — silent approval, she thought.

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To shine

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the studliest muffin i have ever seen. i want to eat every bit of it, it tastes like sweet candy on top of a chocolate mountain mixed with a truffle of love and pudding. i love chocolate pudding as well as chocolate troubadors. troubadors is a ridiculous word that rhymes with tub of whores. i really like men but most men only appreciate the loose women

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British, sophistication.
United Kingdom.
Former owners of these United states.

A deeper culture.
A longer history.
A different sense of humor.

Very, very different.
Very, very similar.

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the rubber band stretched tight between her two fingers, she flinched and rocked backwards in her seat when it finally snapped — surprised and caught off guard. the two fragments of the band fell haphazardly to her desk and she clucked her tongue, quiet for a moment before sighing and returning to the tedious task of her work.

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i found my happiness in little capsuled relief; time management skills come in the form of time-release… valium was my sanity for so long i forgot what it felt like to have a tongue that made much sense. instead, a mouth shoved full of cotton seemed to be the best route and i miss my hazy dreams of cotton candy clouds and marshmallow limbs…

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i followed your metal-gray lines of graphite through the jungles and deserts — hanging on the edge of every period and falling gently into the curve of each comma until i felt the tears bubbling hot like boiling water against my eyes. the letter trembles in my hand like an earthquake is wrecking my soul and i miss you.

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