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Snap! I just shot a monkey and tried to run. But he threw a banana at me!. I slipped and fell on my butt. So I snapped my fingers and the maids came and cleaned up the banana so I could continue my activities. One of the maids was a cute man- So I bent over, and snapped!

» Posted By Christina On 01.31.2010 @ 5:43 pm


it is of no sound. when you mute you take away something that is not necessarily wanted. mute is no sound. mute rhymes with flute, jute, and cute. The later will land you tail. Do not let someone mute you without validity.

» Posted By Christina On 01.26.2010 @ 5:33 pm


so may to choose from but which one is the right one? I have never had this in my lifetime and its a little overwhelming. I wouldnt trade places though. I love every minute I am living including this one.

» Posted By Christina On 01.21.2010 @ 12:20 pm


The lake. Continuous. The eye follows the endles ripples. Clear and blue. Jumping within the waters, relieving oneself of all burden and pain. Cleansing waters.

» Posted By Christina On 03.20.2010 @ 6:46 pm


Snip, snip, snip. She cut through the construction paper with the lefthanded scissors (the only ones she had) and crafted a crooked heart. Blue construction paper was the only sheet she could find – red would have done better, but he loved her because she was so offbeat, right? Anyway, she thought as she smeared glue stick on the back of the haphazard heart. She could hear his remarks as he looked at her card: “It’s the best thing anybody’s ever made for me.”

» Posted By Christina On 10.29.2009 @ 8:49 pm


I have too many shoes, she thought to herself. I buy them like some people buy bottles of water, or cigarettes, or cups of coffee on their way to an early morning at the office. But personally, I like to look next to my bed and see a big, grand pile of them, like a mound of conquests from a department store orgy that ended badly for all involved.

» Posted By Christina On 10.28.2009 @ 7:41 pm


stone. rock. girls named gemma.

» Posted By christina On 10.26.2009 @ 8:35 pm

i wear gems on my fingers, i wear them all the time
i dont even take them off, when im in your bed, ripping apart your covers, like a princess lion.

» Posted By Christina On 10.26.2009 @ 2:31 pm


A smile, everyday. A laugh, every hour. Clouded eyes that held no life .. Those were mine. A fake laugh & a fake smile. So broken. And all because of the loss of my heart, my life .. My true love. Goodnight & goodbye.

» Posted By Christina On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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