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There are many reasons why I love my boyfriend, I cannot even begin with just one. However, at this moment, when the passing comment of a stranger regarding my appearance, tossed as casually as if he were flicking the ash of a cigarette, made me feel worthless, I love how my boyfriend is so tall that he towers over me, making me feel safe from everything, including words.

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Her sister had an old teddy bear, its fur worn thin and its limbs loose at the seams. The teddy bear was falling into disrepair, not out of negligence, but the opposite, a love so strong it had damaged all exterior, so that the interior may become visible.
Similarly, she had a leather-bound notebook, the leather worn thin and the binding loose at the seams. While her sister told stories to her teddy bear, she wrote hers in her notebook.

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It had been their first luxury item. After ten years of buying only the necessities for themselves, and the luxuries for their children, they had finally bought their first luxury item. The spa bubbled and frothed, emitting an ambiance of luxury. The couple, husband and wife, friend and confidant, mother and father, sank into the water, which bubbled and frothed further with the splashing entrance of one, two, three children.
The husband and wife looked over their progeny at each other and smiled. They didn’t mind that they had to share their spa, after been given the exquisite luxury of being parents, nothing else quite compared.

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He sat on the bus, his headphones acting in much the same way as those orange buds that tradesmen put in their ears when working with heavy machinery. The chatter of his fellow classmates, who were discussing which girl was more likely to put out, based on the size of her ‘boobies’, threatened, much like the angry growl of an industrial sized drill, to permanently harm, perhaps not his hearing, but his intellect and empathy for other teenage boys.

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The girl sighed as she sat under the tree, where, innocuous behind her book, she could watch her fellow students leaving. Of particular interest to her were the boys, just the previous night she’d had a discussion with her mother over her choice of solitude. As the girl watched, the boys pretended to fight each other, confirming the argument she had put forward the previous night.
“If I were to meet a boy who could flex his intelligence, or his personality, as well as he could his muscles and masculinity,” she had told her mother, “then perhaps I would consider company.”

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There was a quiet in the air, which didn’t symbolize tranquility, but rather an impending attack. The boy shivered in the cool breeze as he huddled closer to the tree under which he sat. In all of the books that he had read, stillness had always been related to peace. In this long-forgotten area, under a tree which had only witnessed brutality, the stillness signified something more sinister.

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Life, they say, comes down to a series of decisions. They were incorrect. Life does not come down to a series of decisions, but rather, just one. The decision of whether you will, or whether you will not.

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Life, they say, comes down to a series of decisions. They were incorrect. Life does not come down to a series of decisions, but rather, just one. The decision of whether you would, or whether you would not.

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Now that she was aware of the cancerous cells which were overruling her body, she oftentimes imagined that she could actually feel their deadly march. Pushing these thoughts aside with discipline and a sigh, she continued researching residential properties. There was a young, homeless man who spent his days at the same library as her and, knowing that her hard earned savings were not enough to save her life, she hoped they would be enough to sustain another’s.

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Her mother liked to tell her of miracles, the term she gave to events which inexplicably made life bearable. Her mother spoke of the phenomenon of miracles, wishing that one day her daughter would bear witness to a miracle of her own. The daughter, watching her mother’s eyes sparkle as she spoke of another miracle, wondered if her mother would ever realise that she was her miracle.

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The rug had been bought cheaply, devalued by a stain in the left corner. In the living room, however, a carefully placed couch revealed only the untarnished areas. As I ran my fingers over the soft surface, I wondered if people would be more accepting if our flaws could be just as easily covered.

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She nodded sadly, turning her head so that he wouldn’t see the hurt trembling in her eyes. As she blinked to hold back the flood of tears, she thought to herself that if love were to have a texture, then her relationship would be coarse.

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The shepherd was alone, alone for all his followers had left him far behind. He waited for them in silence. Waited as the cold wind blew. And when one returned, a smile crept across his lips as he whispered, “I love you.

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i do not believe that this is a punishment. whatever this is. if this is anything. perhaps it is punishment, and the fear is both the punishment and the crime.

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she took a midnight train far far away from anywhere i could imagine. a train to heaven i procure. i don’t know where she is going but it must be a nice place.

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i was puzzled one day. so puzzled that i could not even understand the root of the word “puzzled” itself. i was so extremely puzzled i stopped talking an thought about my life. i was no longer puzzled. it was a spectacular day for me.

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I get swept away when I open a book. No matter what genre, what time of day, if I’m in the mood to sit down and read or not, I’m a goner. Withing a few lines of text, the scene I was in in my real life gets replace with the scene the author shows me with words. I’m gone.

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As I stood in the dark streets, tears filled my eyes as you walked away down the discolored pavement. Crying not because you were leaving, but because I knew you didn’t mean anything to me: and that it was me who’d been fooled the entire time. I’m not going to apologize though, because you did me wrong before I even knew what to expect. It’s been a year without you and now I stand with people who really love me.

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He uttered the word silently and it could have been missed – “…” But it was that word that saved his life. He would not relaise it’s value until later that night when the truth was revealed.

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we were pulling out of the station. I saw his head over the top of my seat but couldn’t muster the nerve to get his attention. I sat for what seemed like hours trying to will myself to say something.

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