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The white smoke wafted off his sleeve, and Jensen’s arm shook a little. For just a moment he was tempted to upend the bottle and down the remnants in one final gulp of desperate hope for an afterlife. But he didn’t. He stood up and chucked it over the falls, and then looked back down at the pulsing green device. “What have we here?”

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Before he unscrewed the cap to the bottle, Jensen brought it up to his face and peered through the liquid. Curious, he thought, I never heard of no milky vodka before. Unscrewing the cap and taking a whiff, Jensen almost lost it, flinching from the odor and sloshing some of the liquid onto his sleeve. He stared in amazement as the fabric dissolved in an instant puff of white smoke.

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Surely whoever left the device, and exactly what is it? surely whoever left the device would not have forgotten the bottle, which was still half full, or half empty, whatever your take on the world is. Gently laying the device back onto the pile of bones, Jensen thought about a swig.

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Jensen pulled the device, pulsing, from the ground and pile of bones with the wires dragging dirt up with their trembling tautness. A flash of white and red exposed for a moment brought Jensen’s other hand down into the mulch to lift out a bottle of vodka. What the hell? he muttered.

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It was a bright pulsing light that turned the world into a wasteland, thought Jensen, but admittedly a much larger pulse of light. Nevertheless, Jensen froze for a moment when he saw the light, but then gingerly poked his index finger under the device and pulled it from the ground. What the hell, Jensen said out loud, what are these wires leading to?

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Jensen squatted down to look at the bones, his mind racing. How in hell could they be this decomposed at this location and no one having ever noticed them? With his index finger he moved the skull to one side and noticed a bright green glowing shape pulsing in the soil.

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Wandering up the trail to the top of the Falls Jensen ruminated on his condition and on his situation. The falls were tall, 285 feet. It was peaceful. He had never been so alone in his life. As he moved closer to the lip of the falls, listening to its thunder deep down below, he heard a crunch. When he looked down he saw that he’d stepped on a pile of bones. Human bones.

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The water in the falls and the mist in the air went pretty far in consoling Jensen that the world hadn’t gone completely bat shit crazy. Still, it was a pretty hard sell considering all that he’d seen in the past few days. He guessed he’d take the consolations where he could find them.

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He remembered the Falls from years past when he and his crew would come up for a weekend get together. Now there was only him left, or so he assumed. He hadn’t seen anyone else in the last 48 hours or any indication that he would. Bleak was the biggest understatement he could think of. And yet, here were the Falls. Beautiful.

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Jensen stared hard at the Falls. The cool mist wafting up off of them brought a sense of re-birth to his burnt out soul. The world continues, he thought, as it smoulders through its latest beating.

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The falls at Hastings Rock were just a few miles off. Jensen looked into the round mirror at the intersection and just stood and stared. It was the first time he ever saw himself with eyeliner, or what passed for it, radioactive snow mixed with the ash of dead humans and dead cities. Great. A real super model, Jensen thought.

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His whole life felt emptied out. Vacant. He was nothing. Walking nothing. He was the epitome of camp. And yet he continued walking in spite of his droll insight. The falls were only a few miles off. He could still make something of himself.

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He trudged through the sludge-like ash, all the time worrying about his exposure levels. this had to be causing some kind of damage. Jensen felt like a dinosaur after the asteroid hit, the clock ticking as the oxygen was sucked from the atmosphere, while all the animals ran around bleeding out their assholes.

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After leaving the trailer, Jensen took the bandana that he’d picked up from the table in the trailer and tied it around his head. The splashy paisley rag looked dashing in contrast to the wildly hued sunset and he stood stock still taking it all in…as another behind him did the same, with Jensen in his sights.

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The sun shone through the break on the horizon, but it wasn’t an ordinary shining. The sky was lit by an eerie green and purple fluorescent glow the likes Jensen hadn’t seen since his last acid trip in 1982 as he sat at the end of his driveway smoking Balkan Sobranie’s and listening to Phillip Glass while tripping the wild side.

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After watching the roll me in the clover antics of the mad couple, Jensen moved away from the trailer. Numb to the world on the inside and outside, he moved through the falling ash like a zombie. Off in the distance he could see the sunlight glinting through the clouds on the horizon.

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Jensen stood silently staring into the distance after he closed the door. A chorus of emotions rang in his head as he swooned slightly but caught himself on the closed trailer door. He could still feel the rocking and could feel at the same time the pulsing in his head and the ache in his chest.

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The trailer door should have had a deadbolt, but it didn’t. Jensen stared at the humping torsos and wondered how on earth anyone could think of sex in the situation that surrounded humanity now…

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Jensen picked up the iron pipe and stepped up to the trailer. The soft rocking and moaning coming from it had caught his attention. He slowly turned the knob on the front door and opened the door and peered inside. He gasped a little and held his breath, and then just stared.

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As soon as Jensen turned, the styrofoam beneath his feet squeaked, and simultaneously he brought his hand up to his iron. The .357 felt snug in his palm as he rested it on the grip. He knew he’d have to pull or die and was ready for it.

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Jensen stepped gingerly through the broken mass of shit littering the road. He had seen a little hope in the white house up the block and was headed that way. He stepped on a piece of styrofoam in the front yard and heard it sqeak just a bit. But what caught his attention was the fact that it had no ashy snow on it. That couldn’t be. Someone was setting a trap.

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The gadget was hanging in the doorway, swinging in the light snow-flecked breeze. It caught Jensen’s eye and he almost started to walk toward it, but something caught his eye and he froze. He could see the glint off of a barrel jutting just barely through the open window. A fucking trap, he thought to himself as a shiver went down his spine. So, it’s come to this already…

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The empty bottle rang like an acoustic guitar. Kind of. Jensen could make almost any analogy seem plausible in the state he was in. The whiskey was doing what it was supposed to do, deaden the pain of reality. After another belch, Jensen closed his eyes and fixated on the ringing of the chimes in the window.

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The whiskey bottle sat on the counter top and Jensen just stood and looked at it for a whole 5 minutes. He licked his parched lips a few times, glanced around the room and then took a few steps forward. Then stopped. Then a few more. Before he knew it he was holding the bottle and uncorking it. With a soft waxy plop, the cork came out and he tipped it back and took several long pulls. And then he burped.

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Out of nowhere, Jensen heard a shriek of hysterical laughter blasting across the landscape. He decided to follow the sound and when he crossed the ditch into a field he saw her standing there with her arms outstretched and her head tiled back, face gazing at the sky, howling like a madwoman at the drity snow falling from the dark sky.

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The pain was severe now. Having thrown up in the grey ashy snow, Jensen looked at the red blotch that covered the ground and had speckled his boots. Well, this is a fine mess, he muttered to himself. He wiped the drool off of his chin and lips with his sleeve and continued walking.

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His thinking about the world was obsolete. Indeed, the whole world has become obsolete. He trudged past the open door and kept walking staring into the horizon at the future with no meaning.

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Jensen remembered back to the bookshelf in the den when he saw the open door of the huge white house on the corner. Just inside was a wall of shelves full of leather-clad tomes, gold leaf shining in the grey light. He stood in the street and stared silently as the grey ash snow continued to fall. And then he leaned over into the middle of the street and threw up violently.

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After walking 5 miles, Jensen had acquired quite a thirst. He looked around and could find nothing to drink. finally, coming to a gasoline stand he found a dead vending machine. He went into the garage and found a tire iron and smashed the front of the machine…and had himself a nice warm Coke.

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If he had any integrity Jensen would have just gone back and helped those folks, shotguns or not. But he was of another mind now. He was bleeding inside and time was short. Actually always was, but it just became more immediately evident since the blasts. Integrity, is that all that was left?

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