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As he was about to turn around to head back inside, Jensen caught sight of a small building off to the right behind some snow-laden trees. He slogged through the warm drifts until he came to the building that looked rather modern and high tech and read a sign on the door: Biohazard Live Cells.

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How on Earth could I have predicted this situation, Jensen thought to himself as he stared out across the desolate sludge that was now his world…his and his new little cadre of companions. Or wait a minute, I’m their member…

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Jensen stepped out onto the porch of the cozy house and realized that things had indeed changed since he last saw daylight. The sky was angry and dark and the snow was piled deep and grey and sickeningly dirty. He knew it was emanating a dangerous glow of invisible neutrons. It was his belief that nothing really mattered now. Not here, nor anywhere, and so why the hell not see what the nakedness has to offer?

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The three of them stood there staring at each other. And for a moment, Jensen even forgot the the hummer was naked. But just for moment, for her body was starting to make him wonder. “Yeah, just where the hell AM I going?” he thought to himself. “Uhm, was just going to go check on the snow…”

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Before turning around, a small smile crept up Jensen’s face. “Just where am I going?” he thought to himself? Wherever the hell I please, thank you very much. But when he turned and looked at the naked hummer staring straight into his eyes, making good on his independence was harder than he thought.

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While they were at the altar of the nada, Jensen found his pants. “Best catch the train out of here while it’s still in the station,” he thought to himself as he pulled his pants on. “Hmmm…fresh laundered.”

“And just where do YOU think you’re going?!” a voice boomed behind him.

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Jensen tried to get out of bed, embarrassed by what a fool he’d been thinking this naked beauty was his dead Chrystal. “The fuck was I thinking?” he thought to himself. As he turned around he saw the naked hummer and the angel down on their knees before a makeshift station of the cross, murmuring sweet nothings to nothing.

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Oh my God, Jensen said as he looked closely at the woman. My Beloved! Chrystal! He reached his arm out hesitatingly. The young girl stated silently, expressionless. The naked hummer replied, My beloved, my ass, Mister Mister. I’ve never loved the likes of you in all my days.

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The naked hummer spoke first, “Well, look at Lazarus. It looks as though we won’t be having a funeral after all.” The angel just gaped. Jensen wondered what was so shocking about his appearance. “Wher, where am I ma’am?”

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Jensen thought that was about time to rise from the dead. He opened his eyes fully and yawned loudly so as to let the naked hummer and the angel know that he was amongst the living. Both of them stopped what they were doing and looked at him without blinking.

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Jensen woke to silence where once was humming. Then he heard another voice, that of a small child reciting the capitols of the states. Salem, Olympia, Sacramento…And then the Milkmaid’s voice, Very nicely done, Angel. And then the child’s reply, “Thank you, teacher.”

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The merry milkmaid went back to her business of naked humming and Jensen cracked his eyes yet again to see if this was indeed happening to him. After all he’d been through in the last few days, to find this corner of heaven was almost too hard to believe.

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Jensen thought about forgetting, but the more he thought about forgetting the more he remembered. As he lay there swilling in this mental conundrum, the naked woman moved closer to his bed, and stopped humming. Are you awake, Sire?

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Her humming painted Jensen’s mind with a salve of comfort. And, well, he thought, his soft breasts didn’t hurt much either. As she reached up to fix his pillow, Jensen thought just for a millionth of a second to open his mouth, but in the end just lay there basking in his stewy cacoon of dreamy peace.

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She turned and faced him, in all her nakedness, and reached to pull the paid coverlet up to his chin. He pretended to half wake, flutter his eyes, and moan a bit, but Jensen’s thoughts were on those two breasts hanging right above his mouth.

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Lying in the comfortable cacoon of the room, Jensen dreamt he was standing in a classroom at the chalkboard, explaining to a roomful of students the simple physics of destruction wrought by dozens of nuclear weapons going on in your neighborhood at the same time. One student raised his hand and asked, “but who would want to do such a stupid thing, anyway?”

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Drifting in and out of a pleasant sleep in his new “limo”, Jensen’s thoughts followed the gentle murmurings of a radio off in the distance playing an old Stones song, Sympathy for the Devil. A slight smile crept up his face as he sank back into his dreams.

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As Jensen lay there listening to the pleasant humming he decided to just keep cool and pretend to be asleep. There wasn’t anywhere he needed to be and had no plans, so why not just see where this limo would take him. And it DID feel like he was a celebrity in a limo lying there all comfy and without a care in the world.

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He could hear her humming as she worked around the glowing fireplace. As near as he could tell, she was cooking something. But naked? Jensen shrugged silently. to each their own. Just then, he noticed the green device pulsing in a backpack hanging from one of the chairs by the table. And it was not his backpack.

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Opening his eyes just a sliver, Jensen could make out the golden glow of the room lit by the roaring fire in the fireplace. The room smelled of stew and something else that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Moving his eyes to the left, he could make out a montage of shapes, but one froze him, the nude back of a very shapely woman. Jesus, I’ve died and gone to heaven, Jensen sighed.

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Gotta remember, gotta remember. I’ve just got to remember it all, Jensen mumbled as he lay there with his eyes closed. Then he stopped. Sensing that it was too warm and he was too comfortable for being in a phone booth, he opened his eyes cautiously to a warm glow and the sounds of a crackling fire. What the hell?!

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Looking at the keys and feeling the spiked mint julep course through his cables, Jensen rubbed his growing sideburns and grizzled face. What the hell is happening to me, he thought. Maybe I should call someone. Then again, maybe the 911 station operators a might bit busy. And then he slouched down into the corner of the booth.

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Reeling from the effects of the mint julep, Jensen reached for the door of the red phone booth to steady himself. To door folded in and he found himself staring at the boxy phone and the dull black keys. For a moment he stared, blurry-eyed as his mind focused on the white letters on the keys, D-E-S-P-A-I-R. Yeah, baby, I got your number, Jensen thought.

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It tasted like mint, Jensen thought, peppermint. What the hell? He held the canteen at arm’s length and savored the flavor in his mouth. Then suddenly, his world began to turn Salvador Dali on him. Fuck’s sake, this is the second time I’ve been had by bad water, Jensen’s thoughts spat out.

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hanging on the open door of the red phone booth was an old army canteen circa 1943. Someone had written “Bitch” in black marker across the front. Jensen shuffled up to the red box and reached for the canteen saying, “Yeah, I’m your bitch all right.”

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Having extricated from the tangle of brush in the ravine, Jensen moved on, eventually finding a small dirt road that led into the dense trees. After a couple of kilometers, he came upon a red London phone booth situated on the side of the dirt road. “What the fuck?” he mused out loud, actually happy to see some color in the grey landscape.

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Falling into the small ravine, Jensen landed among a brace of downed saplings and weeds among the rocks and found himself lodged in the mess of sticks and wet grays ash like a pretzel. How the fuck am I getting out of this one, he thought to himself, the pulsing green glow looming on his face.

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As he struggled to find some kind of hand hold or footing, Jensen felt as though he were being punished…maybe for being a thief. Taking the vodka bottle and device from the pile of bones might have triggered some bigger calamity in the making for his existence…like for example, the fix he found himself in at the moment. Nawwww…never happened he sighed to himself as he took a breather from his struggles.

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With thoughts of being a mole coursing through his thoughts, Jensen left the Falls, but not after ripping the pulsing device from the ground and pocketing it. He perceived it as a bit of domestic housecleaning for the falls, and, well, it also gave him a sheepish hope that maybe the thing would go off and take him and it into the afterlife.

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As he stood at the lip of the falls, Jensen pondered the meaning of life. With the world now cut off to him, he felt like a mole in the ether of the universe, blindly tunneling through existence and trying to avoid the vibrating rattles of obstacles planted in his way.

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