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Just then the door opened to Jensen’s right and a uniformed man walked in starchly. Jensen read his name tag, Lightning. Well, there’s a hell of a moniker, thought Jensen, and then giggled a little inside when he rattled his arm against the handcuffs and said, “Sorry for not being able to salute your majesty, but I’m kind of tied up at the moment.”

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How ill can one feel without actually being sick, Jensen thought as he stared at the rack of bones chained to the other bed. There wasn’t a sound to be heard throughout the structure, which appeared to be government issued. He sighed and stared up at the ceiling.

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He thought about the name tag, about how on earth they could have known his name. In the middle of this musing, Jensen glanced to his left and felt a cold chill of panic wrack his whole being. Across the room was another bed just like his with a skeleton shackeled to it in the same position he was, replete with dangling name tag.

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Jensen opened his eyes haltingly. The last time he remembered doing this he round himself staring at a naked woman humming as she stirred stew in a kettle over an open fireplace. As his eyes flickered open, the first thing that he saw was a ticket dangling from a ring screwed into the bed frame. The ticket had a name scrawled onto it, JENSEN.

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As Jensen turned his head toward the disintegrating door the room was filled with an eerie violet light that permeated everything and all sound ceased. In fact, Jensen even thought he could see through things on account of the light. That was the last thought he had until everything went blank.

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A violent wrenching of the house told Jensen that it wasn’t just a battering ram hitting the front door. The angel dropped the shotgun and leaped for the bed to hold the naked hummer, who was still trussed like a stuffed goose. Jensen moved toward her just as the front door blew off the hinges and a man in a deep green uniform appeared.

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As she raised the shotgun the room grew silent except for the crackling of the fire. And then the silence was broken by a voice over a loudspeaker or a megaphone, “You in the house! Come out with your hands raised high! I repeat, Come out with your hands raised high. You are surrounded by the Highpass Militia.”

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“You make one small move and you’re going to end up my trophy, mister,” the little angel said in a squeaky voice. Jensen could see that the safety was still on and so reacted so casually as to not even care about the device pointed at him, which clearly irked the young girl. In the next instant, Jensen heard the light metallic click of the safety being release, and decided he should feign just a little more respect for the little creature.

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Standing there by the large open-faced fireplace enjoying his cigarette, Jensen shuffled one of his feet and skidded a few small sticks back into the firebox. When he looked up, he was staring down the twin barrels of the sawn-off shotgun in the little hands of the angel.

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Staring at her for a moment, Jensen shook his head and headed to the fireplace where he’s noticed a pack of cigarettes lying on the mantel. he reached up and shook one loose and lit it with a twig jutting from the bottom of the firebox. Pulling deeply and satisfyingly on the cigarette, Jensen leaned against the mantel and mused.

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Yeah, well, etiquette schmetiquette, Jensen muttered as he made sure the ties were secure. He reached over and slid a cover over the naked hummer and when he glanced back to her face she gave him a little nod. Jensen just bowed his head with a little return nod and turned away. The Angel stood facing him with a small red bow in her hair.

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Jensen hurried to drag the hummer into the house and tie her to the bed. The angel just stood and watched blankfaced. Once he’d secured her and found all the weapons in the house and piled them on the table he turned to her to speak, but she spoke first, “That’s some damned poor etiquette you’ve shown me for being a guest in my home.”

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The naked hummer lay writhing on the ground, teeth and fists clenched, trying to talk. “A pl…a pla…a plague on you, damn you…damn you all the hell.” Jensen smirked a bit and then pressed the trigger again. Pzzttsstszztt!!!

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Well, let’s just say that this is the last straw that has broke this camel’s back, Jensen said as he looked at the naked hummer and her sawn off shotgun. He reached into the wheel barrow and pulled out a Tazer and aimed it straight at her and pulled the trigger, Pzztttzzzztttt!!!

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Just as he was expecting, the hummer came around the back of the shed, only this time she was toting a sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun, which hung limply by her side. She stopped and stared at him and cocked her head to one side, a slight smirk on her face. “So, I think it’s time,” she said. Jensen just stood there staring.

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As the day wore on, the Naked hummer kept coming up with one chore after another. Who knew that living in the sticks could cause the creation of so many chores. Jensen hefted the bag of grain and cracked it open on the wheel barrow, spilling the contents in a satisfying rush of sound.

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The three of them set out large crates of various feed, some of the stuff Jensen had never even seen nor heard of before. When he got to the last box, tiny really, in comparison to the others, he picked up one of the small maroon seeds and took a bite. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, moron!?” a voice croaked behind him. As he turned to see the angel his vision went haywire in the worst way.

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The naked hummer cast a wary eye toward Jensen’s new act and said, “Well, now, that’s more like it. We need to get the feed out to these critters or else we’ll be seeing more and more of them visiting.” Jensen thought, “The fuck?! Feed? Is this some kind of psycho managerie, or what?”

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In order to get himself out of the situation, to stem the discomfort he was wading in knee-deep, Jensen smiled a truly idiotic smile and reaching both hands out as in a gesture of openness said, “Whhaaattt??? I was only joking!”

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No one assisted him as he grabbed up his clothes in a messy hurry. While the stew smelled great, Jensen was wondering what might be in it. The whole situation seemed off the charts; a red London phone booth, a moose, a naked hottie, and now a fucking 4 foot tall crane completely oblivious to the presence of humans…in a radioactive wasteland covered in dirty fallout snow. No, things were far from normal…

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As they stood there both holding their grounds, radioactive as they were, a huge crane swooped in from nowhere and landed between them. “Now what the fuck…” Jensen muttered. “What the fuck kind of cosmic vortex have I entered into..?”

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The naked hummer, still naked by the way, stood her ground with her hands lodged firmly on her hips with a “Well, what are you going to do” look on her face.
“I think it’s a given here that you helped me out,” Jensen said. Then continued, “But that doesn’t give you any call for ordering me about…”

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In an instant, Jensen felt that he had to be honest with himself. Who the hell is this? Eat? Work? I didn’t ‘ask’ to be brought in. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember being happy enough just trying to make that call in that red booth. He began to open his mouth in protest, but the angel interrupted him. “We’re having blueberry pie, sir.”

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The air was so think you could wade through it and get your knees wet with the spray. Jensen stood there taking in the weirdness of the moment. “Well, what are you waiting for, an invitation? We’ve got work to do and it isn’t going to get done by itself. You eat, you work.” Jensen stopped wading.

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There was a crush of emotion in Jensen’s mind as he faced the moose and then glanced into the eyes of the naked hummer. ‘Whaa…?’ Suddenly Jensen noticed her move at what seemed superhuman speed toward the moose and before he knew it the moose had turned tail and run, leaving the three of them staring at each other. Again.

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The snorting, rumbling moose lowered its head but kept its eyes up, full of lust, or death, or whatever thoughts moose entertain when they are looking to cause some mayhem. Jensen glanced back at the naked hummer and the angel and for a second thought he could see lust in her eyes, too. Must be the antler thing, Jensen thought.

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He would take it upon himself to create a new life in this snowy Eden, Jensen thought. It would be like starting over, albeit it would be a little radioactive and not a little weird. In the midst of this musing, Jensen hear a crashing sound in the woods behind him. As he turned, he stared into the bloodshot eyes of a bull moose with huge antlers, head poised as if to charge.

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The failed attempt to leave, to rethink his place in the dirty snow cosmos, left Jensen mute. The two staring faces, one attached to a nude body, had no effect on him for the first few moments, then he began to formulate a plan, a new universe of action for his future.

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They stood there looking at each other, the three of them. It was like history in the making, each of them thought but no one dared to speak as it seemed kind of dorky for such a plain situation. But that is what they felt, history.

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The feelings that Jensen had at that moment were so intense his eyes started leaking on the spot. Why can’t this be my new home? He thought to himself as he stared at the quaint small cabin. But then the strobing green light device and the biohazard sign and the naked hummer began their dance in his head and before he knew it he was face up in the radsnow staring blankly into her eyes as she and the angel stared down at him, umbrellas perched above their heads.

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