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Struggling against…what…was Jensen’s biggest frustration. He felt like an insect trying to battle the powers of the universe arrayed against him. “Wait a minute,” he thought, “I actually am really nothing more than an insect battling the powers of the universe.” He suddenly stopped all movement.

“Feel better now, Jensen,” came the voice in soft, melodious tones.

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Feeling like an ant whose thoughts could be read Jensen tried to think of anything at all to confuse any eavesdroppers. He had already made his plan and didn’t need to dwell on it any longer.

“What’s on your mind, Jensen?” cooed the voice.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” came his slow, sly sounding reply.

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It was more than Jensen could take, his live reduced to a division of two improbabilities both of which left him a stranger to himself.

“How fucked up is this?” Jensen asked no one in particular.

“Supremely put,” cooed the voice. “But not altogether unexpected or unnatural.”

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“What do you mean, I can never go back home again? What the hell is that all about?” Jensen cried.

“Why do you pepper me with such inane questions? Of course no one can every go back home again, Jensen. In your case it’s both literal and a metaphor. You can never be who you were before and your real home no longer exists. You are with us, now, Jensen.!


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What am I trying to accomplish? That’s about the dumbest question I ever heard. Anyone worth their salt would know exactly what it is I’m trying to do…Get back Home!

Well, Jensen, we all know that you can never, really, ever go home again.

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Like climbing out of a sponge, Jensen hooked his thoughts on themselves, trying desperately to find a focus in this velvety cocoon on which he could make a conscious stand. But it was slippery going.

“So, what exactly is it you’re attempting to accomplish here, Jensen?” the voice cooed.

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There was a silence. Jensen simply had no frame of reference for what he was experiencing and so he found it difficult to wrap his head around what was happening. Suddenly, a new avenue of thought flowed into his head as if my some magical act his concerns were being addressed “within” his mind.

Now, THAT is kind of freaky, Jensen thought worriedly.

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What can we offer you to stay, Jensen? What is it about the world that beckons you to wallow in its suffering? Surely you must realize that where you are now is a far better place to be? And you have only scratched the surface, so to speak.

Place? And what exactly is this place called? Jensen shot back.

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Yeah, I hear you! What is it you want from me, anyway? Jensen shouted into his own thoughts and into the velvet void. A light mist touched his face and he felt good, almost opiated good.

We want to help you, Jensen. That’s all we’ve ever wanted to do.

Well, Misty, Jensen said softly, You can begin by getting me the hell out of this narcotic cocoon.

Hmmm….came the reply.

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Jensen felt foolish “talking” to this disembodied voice. Actually, he felt foolish for thinking that he “could” talk to this voice. Why not just think what he was thinking. After all, he wasn’t even sure he was awake. Maybe none of this was real, he thought. Nonetheless, he thought he’d take the chance. He was willing to try anything to get him out of what or wherever he was.

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Jensen? Jensen, are you there? Mr Jensen? The sultry feminine voice intoned on his consciousness. Mr Jensen, I’m the secretary. I’m here to help you. Is there anything you need, Mr Jensen? Anything at all, just say the word and I’ll make it my mission in life to fulfill it. Just say the word, Mr Jensen. I’m here for you.

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Consequently, as much as he hated to face the fact, Jensen knew that his only hope of freedom was the destruction of whatever it was that was keeping him captive, if “captive” he really was. The first order of business was to find out just who in hell was running this show. But how to even begin, he thought, as he drifted so comfortably in his cocoon.

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As much as he tried, Jensen could not shake the feeling that some force was surrounding him physically and mentally, cacooning him in this warm velvety ether. It’s not that is was ‘bad’, per se, but it just wasn’t under his control…and there lay the rub.

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Floating or not, Jensen was in a good space. Warm. Comfortable. Pain free. Care free. Hell, he could stand this forever, he thought. But the one thing he could not understand was that he had the oddest sensation of being under a vast umbrella of….thought?

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Jensen came to, or at least thought that he did. He seemed to be floating in warm silk, smoothness without seeming touch with no direction available or needed for his senses. It was good, he had to admit that, so good that even his panic was overridden. Except he had to piss.

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Sinking, sinking, sinking down into a velvety black depth again, Jensen cooed into the receiver, “You bastards…”

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“Signal the transport,” the voice said in an echo-y room. “Transport ready,” came the reply. “Proceed.”


And suddenly Jensen found himself floating in a void blacker than the blackest India ink, if that was even possible.

“What the fu…!?”

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“We’ve missed you, Jensen” went the sultry voice. “We have many thing planned for you, but for some reason we lost a bit of contact with you. Where were you, by the way?”

Where was I? How the fuck should I know that? Jensen bellowed into the receiver, suddenly filled with energy. You know so godamned much about me, you tell me! And with that, he slammed the receiver back in its cradle.

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After a while, Jensen succeeded in lifting the receiver again. “Yeah?”
“Am I speaking to a mister Michael Jensen?”
“You are. Who the hell are you, and how did you know to call me here in the middle of Bum Fuck Egypt?”
“We always know where you are, Mr Jensen. We want to help you.”
Oh Jesus, Jensen muttered, just what I need…

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Slumped in his booth, Jensen had pretty much given up on his world. His hold on it or it on him was a tenuous thread that could be snapped by the slightest of provocations. “Brrriinnnngggg!” rang the phone. “Oh Jesus, who in the hell could this be?” thought Jensen as he fumbled to grab the vibrating receiver.

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Why is this happening to me, thought Jensen tiredly. Is this some kind of punishment? For what? What in hell’s name did I ever do but be an honest man? And Who on earth unleashed those nukes? For what? Brriinng! Jensen’s eyes opened in surprise at the sound of the phone ringing. Wonder if it’s for me, he thought sheepishly.

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As he lay slumped in the booth, drool dripping slowly from his mouth, Jensen thought he could hear the sloshing of boots making their way through the dirty snow near the door’s opening. “What now?” Jensen thought to himself as he tried in vain to will himself to fall asleep.

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Well that is a hell of a worthless discovery, Jensen thought. What the hell is happening to me? And why on fucking earth am I in a god damned red phone booth in the middle of BFE in a radioactive snowstorm? And is this Hell, then?

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Rattling his arm hard against the bed frame, Jensen shouted to anyone who could hear, “I want answers!” But unbeknownst to him, there really wasn’t anyone there at all, no naked hummer, no angel, no Lightning, no Thunder. The sad reality was that he was actually still inside the phone booth, drooling onto the dirty diamond plate metal floor.

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As if reality were elastic, Jensen felt the whole room elongate as the troops rushed out as fast as they had entered. Squeezing his eyes closed and then opening them didn’t change a thing, he was still shackled to the bed and there was still a skeleton shackled to the bed across the room.

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As if driving the point of this ludicrous situation home, when the corporal pulled the trigger on his rifle the only thing that happened was the sound of a loud click. And with that, Major Lightning raised his hand and stilled everyone, then signaled for everyone to get out of the room.

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Thunder brought his gun up level with Jensen’s head and leered at him chained to the bed. Jensen closed his eyes hoping that if he just thought hard enough all of this would just go away once he opened his eyes again.

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As one, they took a step into the room and glared at the man lying handcuffed to the bed. “This is so not happening,” Jensen thought as he stared at the gaggle of armed men crowding around his bed. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” he thought.

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Corporal Thunder dashed into the room in precise drill-instructed fashion and took up position next to the fireplace as several other troops stormed in after him. The seeming commander, Lightning, looked first at the naked hummer and then back at Jensen and asked no one in particular, “I wonder who is the muse for who here, Jensen or this naked damsel?”

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Before Lightning could respond to Jensen’s wisecrack, another uniform rushed into the room with automatic rifle pointed in front of him. As he turned, Jensen read his name tag and let out an audible groan, “Thunder. No way, no how this is a coincidence.” Lightning smirked a bit as he reached into his pocket.

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