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“Oh Jensen, after your conviction I just didn’t know what I was going to do! Everything was so confusing, what with the new marshall law rules and all.”

“I meant, HOW can you be here, I pulled your dead body from our garden,” Jensen answered.


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Jensen opened his eyes to stacks and stacks of newspapers and books and magazines in what looked like a corrugated metal warehouse. And it reeked of cat piss. As he turned around to face the voice he’d heard, he nearly fell to the floor.

“Zoe! What are you doing here?! HOW are you here?!” Jensen asked weakly.

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Jensen slowly groped around the bed of the van with his hands until his hands fell onto a thin iron bar. When he pulled on it slightly, he could tell that it was a tire iron of some sorts. He rolled slightly to his side to mask his intentions and tightened his grip on the bar. As he was about to pull it up, the van stopped abruptly and he heard the door slide open.

“Jensen!” cried the voice.

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“Whoever you are, I’m not some prosperous old rich fuck’s son, if that what’s behind this whole charade!” Jensen growled from the floorboards of the van.

“Just shut your pie hole, you ungrateful wretch. You’re just a son of a bitch as far as I’m concerned,” came a sultry female voice, and then he felt a stabbing pain in his side as a boot jabbed harshly from out of nowhere.

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Jensen lay on the metal floor of the van and listened as everyone settled in around him. Then a curt female voice barked, “Let’s roll!” and with that the van lurched forward, the engine’s vibrations telegraphing though Jensen’s body.
“Jesus, the setting of this whole shitfest couldn’t be more fitting,” Jensen thought, eyes still closed.

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“Okay, but you’ve been warned,” the male voice shot back.

“Yeah, I’ve been warned,” she answered. “Meanwhile, make sure that we don’t leave a trace. You know what it means if we get caught.”

“Caught? Warned? Morality?” Jensen thought as he lay limply and let the group of hands and voices trundle him across the playground, children’s and crows’ voices peppering the background noise.

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“But we can’t just take him without telling him why!” came a female voice.

“Whaddya talking about? Of course we can. We’re releasing him. It’s the right thing to do!” responded a male voice.

“What about the morality of the whole situation?! Have you thought about THAT!?” she came back, breathing hard.

Jensen thought, “morality?”

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From the edge of his vision, lying as he was on the sandy playground, Jensen could see a black boot planted firmly. Then the braid was suddenly shipped out of his view and a delicate voice said, “He’s coming to. Let’s get the van ready and get him out of here. It worked!”

“What worked?” though Jensen as several sets of hands grappled his supine form and lifted him off the warm ground. “Here I am floating again…”

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Something tickled Jensen’s nose and as he cracked open his eyes he saw a landscape of sand skewed sideways and in the middle of it dangled a red, white and blue braid.

“Oh Jesus on a crutch,” he moaned.

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In the distance came the soft lute-sounds of a Koto, and for a moment as he lay there Jensen wafted into a romantic reverie. The warmth of the sun, the pleasant feeling of real senses, the sweet air, children’s voices….the smell of cat piss.

“What the…?!”

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Jensen lay there in the sand and occasional leaf and tried to catch his breath and figure out exactly what just happened. It was warm and humid and he could feel sunlight warming his back. And off in the distance he could hear voices, but he couldn’t quite place their meaning.

“Yada! boku no baru, dayo! Baka!”

“Wha…huh? Baka?”

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With a rent in his mental space you could drive a new Boeing Dreamliner through, Jensen flopped hard onto the sandy ground of a playground in the middle of Nagoya, Japan.


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The evidence would never be found, Jensen thought, as he ran through the rent in the velveteen fabric of his mind. Hell, even he was already beginning to forget it.

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With a sudden crashing and blinding light, all hell broke loose and Jensen felt himself tip to one side mid-sentence.

“Wha…what the fuck?!”

“Jensen?!” came a frightened voice.

Then, another voice pierced through the din, “Jensen! Hey, asshole! Over here!”

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Jensen pressed on with his relentless questioning, raising the ire of the Mind.

“What’s with this turd blossom?” the Mind mused.

“And here’s one for your almightyness, What’s with these faster than speed of light neutrinos, anyway?”

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Jensen set about messing with the Mind in the only way he could figure would help.
“If this thing is preoccupied, then maybe I might have a chance of getting out of here. Wherever here is,” Jensen thought. And with that, he started a series of questions for his captor.

“Hey, you!”

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“What the hell are you doing, man!? I thought I convinced you that we could get out of here if you just did your part?!”

“My part?” Jensen asked weakly. “Just what exactly is my part?”

“Your part, senor, is to occupy the Mind so that I can put the fix in and we can slide our sorry asses out the back door,” came the tinny voice on the phone.


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Jensen assumed a crouched position, which looked a lot like the fetal position as he floated in his velvet consciousness.

“Where the fuck is that phone?! I just had the damned thing!”


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That one little conversation was enough to make Jensen want to celebrate. But celebrate how? He lay there floating in his void waiting and wishing for another phone call, or anything that might signal that his journey was about to change.


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Jensen hung up the phone, the one he hadn’t even realized he’d owned until moments before. A look of concern swept over his face.

“Am I just thinking all of this is happening? What if I’m like some patient in a coma and am only living all this shit out in my head?”

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“Hey Jensen, you there?” came the gravelly voice.
“Yeah, I’m here. You expecting the AVON lady? You called, Jensen replied.
“I was there at the shootout at your old house at the beginning of the troubles. I think maybe we can do some business to get you out of here. You in?
“Where, exactly, is here, for starters,” Jensen asked.

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As Jensen searched his body, he found a small pouch with a device in it. “Huh? What on earth is this?”

The moment he touched it, it began to vibrate.

“What the…?!”

As he brought it close to his face it lit up and he could see that it was an iPhone. He put it to his ear.


“Hey, man…what’s taken you so long?!”

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“I’m going to take into account the fact that you are obviously stressed about your situation, Jensen.”

“Oh really. My situation. Like the whole fucking world being nuked into oblivion is “my situation.” Wow, you most obviously have it all figured out,” Jensen spat back.

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From deep down inside, Jensen mustered all of his being and brought forth a rally cry that would have equaled Spartacus’.

“I wannna LIVE!!!” he yelped into the velvet void.

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“What I wouldn’t trade to get a view of where you’ve been,” Jensen thought. “That’d be exactly what I need to get out of this place, another set of eyes.”

“Hmmm…” cooed the voice in a soft, almost inaudible murmur, “This one has potential.”

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Suddenly, hovering over Jensen’s head was a small hummingbird-like device, which changed from hover to flitting left and right and up and down. The one thing that caught Jensen’s eye was that it was not natural, it was a machine. A beautiful, gleaming mechanical hummingbird.

“Well, I’ll be,” Jensen muttered, a tiny relative of Big Brother.”

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“I said, that’s quite enough, Jensen. Now cease and desist or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll do what?”

A deep, sonorous, distinguished voice resonated throughout the ether, “You don’t want to know ‘what’, son. So how’s about you just settle down a bit.”

This new twist caused Jensen a moment of pause.

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“Now that’s quite enough, Jensen!” came the voice in clipped tones.

“Enough what?” he replied. “Enough for you? Well, I’m not happy with what I am or where I am and I aim to get myself out of this place. So if you don’t mind, bugger off!”

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While there were no real “bars” on his “cell” that Jensen could hold onto, he felt nevertheless that he was in a prison just like any other in the “real world.” And if there was an “inside” to this place, he thought, then there has to be an “outside,” and getting there is going to be my mission in life.

“Sigh…” came the disembodied voice.

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“This isn’t any kind of existence!” Jensen yelled into the void.
“”Existence is existence,” Jensen. You of all people should know that. We just “are” and are the sum total of that point. Nothing more nothing less, unless you count fantasy and illusion as a part of reality and existence,” the voice cooed.
“Well, so? What’s so bad about fantasy and illusion and dreams? And if people can have them, then they sure as shit are a part of reality and existence, you ask me.”
“But not really, I would think,” came the voice a bit sterner this time.
“Yeah, we’ll see,” said Jensen quietly.

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