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“We won’t be able to take him anywhere in the condition he’s in now,” the squeaky voice said.

“Yeah, well we have to take him somewhere,” the bass said. “Otherwise someone’s going to find him and start talking to him.”

Jensen was lying there thinking, “What, am I just some piece of furniture that can’t understand what’s being said about it?

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“Hell, you could open a god damned museum with all the things I’ve seen and been through these past few weeks and charge admission,” Jensen thought. “You could even call it a presidential museum.”

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“Well, if anyone wants to be president of the united states all he has to do is to fall into a ravine full of shit and cactuses and come out smelling like a bunch of roses, ” Jensen thought to himself. “And if anyone deserves to be president of the united states by those standards, well, then, it should be me.”

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“Let’s just take a few moments to study what’s been going on here, shall we?” Jensen thought to himself.

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“I just wanted to play by the rules,” Jensen thought, “just get by, do my part, have a little fun, stay out of people’s way, try to contribute, and look at what that got me.”

“Okay, le’t do this by the rules, people. Get him up!” the voice commanded.

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Jensen thought back to the beginning, back before the massive bombardment. “I mean, who on earth would’ve even considered dropping an A-bomb on my home town, let alone a whole string of the god damn things?”

And then he was jostled again, and opening his eyes he found himself face to face with the black boots.

“Oh, what now?” he groaned limpishly.

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“Make sure you positively get his prints,” the black boots commanded.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied a youthful male voice.

Jensen lay like a limp rag doll and let them have their way with him.

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“Get his prints,” a voice above the boots said. And suddenly someone or something was wrangling his arms and pressing his fingers onto a micro scanner. Jensen just limply let it all happen. Or, he thought, maybe it wasn’t happening at all. Maybe none of this was happening. I mean, really happening.

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The idea that he was still alive or still dead permeated Jensen’s thoughts as he lay in agony. He heard a scrunching noise above all the din and opened his eyes just a slit. A pair of black patent leather shoes stared back at him.

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Through the pouring rain and searing pain and screaming Jensen thought that he could hear the sound of tires on wet pavement tearing through the air.

“Oh, man, what’s next?” Jensen thought as his pain reached an apex amidst the blinding heat and rain.

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As his voice tore through the roaring haze and blended with it in a howl of pain and angst, the skies opened up and let loose with a downpour of biblical proportions.

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The combination of noise and pain and light and the intense feeling of isolation in this sensory hell reached a zenith in Jensen.

“I WANNA LIVE!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

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As he lay there, if in indeed he was lying anywhere, Jensen had a profound insight: Go with the flow. Become the pain.

And with that he became whole and a warm suffusing light shone gently onto his eyelids.

But he was scared to open them.

For good reason.

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With that passionate mental outburst, Jensen closed his eyes resigned to the fate that awaited him. the heat seared into his body and the pain became a white hot stab that slowly spread evenly over his entire body until it was just one pain, one feeling, one hot existence. And for some strange reason that was okay.

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I used to be a good husband. I used to be married to Zoe. I used to live in Sweet Home. I used to work as a policeman. I used to have a dog. I used to have a garden. I used to be a good man. And for some fucked up cosmic reason I have become some sick fuck’s play doll.

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The roaring and roasting continued as Jensen tried in vain to find shelter against the short concrete wall.
“If I turn inward I sacrifice my back side and if I turn outwards I sacrifice my front,” he thought.
“Jesus, why can’t I just go to work and sacrifice my natural instincts like I used to. THAT wasn’t so bad. But I gotta figure, those days are done.”

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“I haven’t heard this much noise or felt this much pain since the Watt’s riots,” Jensen tried to think…but even that was too difficult. The intense heat and light and roar was all consuming and after a while he just tried to settle in to it. Sort of.

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After hitting the squat concrete wall that ringed the playground, the whole city seemed still. Then, the return blast wave sucked him away from the wall and tossed him to the other side of the playground. Meanwhile, a white hot flash seared everything like a photo flash from hell.

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Jensen writhed on the ground and swore to himself, “This is some tricky artistry, I’ll give them that.”

And then the blast wave hit.

“Fuck me six ways to Sunday,” Jensen exhaled quickly as his body was tossed across the playground like a dried leaf.

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“ppsszzrrttt!…Shepherd-One, do you read?….click…pppsseerstt!…I repeat, Shepherd-One, do you read!?” came a voice into Jensen’s head.

“Ahhh-Christ, no!” moaned Jensen as he grabbed his head. “They put something inside of me!”

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Jensen stood there stupefied contemplating that he has just talked with God.
“Christ, this is coming a little too automatic, you ask me,” Jensen moaned inside.

“Yes, it can appear that way, but just wait. Something wonderful is going to happen,” came God’s reply.

“I’ll just bet,” replied Jensen.

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He stood there waiting for it to happen. To happen again. But nothing came. Well, nothing that he expected. What did happen was nothing short of an awakening.

“Jensen. Jensen are you with me? Are you ready for your mission,” God said to him.

“I’m ready to roll. Sir,” came his reply.

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Jensen just closed his eyes and tried to relate this experience to the last one, if he indeed had one before, or, if this one was at all real. And then he got stuck in a mental puzzle of wondering how he could relate to anything at all except just his own thoughts…

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The wind bit hard into their exposed skin even through the open door of the van. The smirk was gone from her face and Jensen wondered just what the fuck was going on.

“Another attack? But here? Which is where? And did that other attack even happen, if she didn’t know about it, but I do? And…well, am I crazy?” Jensen thought briefly.

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“We are all here as mutual helpers on a journey,” Zoe started to say in a monotone voice. Her eyes were flat and were staring straight toward the dull rumbling that was clearly approaching them.

Jensen just closed his eyes as he listened to her monotone gibberish pan to the still park.

And then a sharp, sand filled wind slammed into them.

“Oh no, not again,” Jensen moaned inwardly.

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Far off in the distance the group of people could hear a dull thud that built to a rumbling vibration and noise.

Everyone looked at each other.

Zoe’s eyes closed and a small smile came across her lips.

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“But how am I dead? And Scout? A dog? Our dog? My dog?” The Zoe asked in amazed ignorance.

“Global warfare as near as I can tell. I mean, if Sweethome, Oregon got nuked with 3 or 4 bombs, I gotta figure that the whole shebang was global.” Jensen answered calmly.

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“You remember, don’t you Zoe, our dog Scout?” Jensen asked.
“Scout?” she answered.
“Yeah, I found him lying next to you in the garden. Dead. Just like you.”
“Dead?!” she blurted.
“As in not living,” Jensen shot back.

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With a hesitant compassion, Jensen tried to communicate with the woman in front of him who for all practical purposes had to be Zoe, his ex-wife. Well, not ex, as in divorced, but ex as in dead. There weren’t too many things Jensen could be certain of, but sobbing with his dead wife’s corpse was surely one of them.

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“Yeah, garden. I mean, it was spring…I mean, it IS spring…and we, well, the world went berzerk and nuked itself into a death spiral, and I came home and I found you in the garden and you were wearing your red shoes and I took you to the porch and we sat there as the debris and snow fell, well actually it’s not snow…” Jensen stumblingly explained.

“Garden?” she asked again. “What garden?”

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