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“Yes, of course, I’m Jensen. Who the hell do you think I am?” Jensen snarked back at the voice without looking up. “Just what the hell is your function, anyway?” he continued. “And why do I have this loop over my neck?”

“We’re here to bring you back, sir.” The voice answered.

Jensen paused, “Back?”

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Suddenly a hoop of plasticized wire was tossed around Jensen’s neck, which he made no effort to remove. The black-clad figures rushed around him in tense crouches holding black weapons at the ready. An occasional report from a weapon punctuated the activity, but soon it was quiet and a voice said, “You Jensen, sir?”

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The barn turned into a beehive of activity after the rumbling stopped. Jensen’s chains were unlocked and he was left sitting alone. All around him murmured voices. Panicky sounding voices. “WTF was that?!”

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As he sat there trying to sit, he heard above the din of the room the squeak of a hinge. A barnyard door? A cabinet? Jensen couldn’t be sure, but he had a bad feeling, especially when he heard the loud, slow, heavy clumping of boots on the floor, which were coming toward him.

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And then, from deep down below the barn came a rumble, barely perceptible at first but growing until the rough hewn planks of the barn floor were rattling causing the nails to rise from the wood.

Jensen just sat there with his eyes closed, body juices flowing from the branded area on his neck.

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The fire warmed his legs and feet. The roaring pain in his neck warmed the rest of his body.

As he sat there on the wooden bench, Jensen let out the most ethereal bellow ever uttered from a human mouth.

The whole barn was stilled. Even the animals were stopped. Even the mice. And ants.

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They sat Jensen on a wooden bench in front of the fire, but it was all that he could do to stay in a sitting position. The pain radiating from the burn on his neck spread across his head and neck and shoulders to the point where it seemed he could actually hear the pain in his head.

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The air thick with the smell of burnt flesh, the younger voice nearly squealed, “Well he sure as hell ain’t gonna conceal that bad boy!”

“That’s enough Clitus, now just go and get him salved up. Now do it. Ya heard me!” The gruff older voice said quietly.

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As the iron melted and sizzled into his neck skin, Jensen’s vision blurred and then brightened and for a moment he thought that he saw sparkling lights dancing in his vision. But that happy thought was crushed in an instant with the searing pain that bolted up his neck and into his cranium.

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The iron settled onto the skin of his neck with a savage hiss, and try as he might Jensen couldn’t help but let out a vicious howl of pain that strained the ears of everyone in the barn.

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“Fetch me some oil, Malachi, “the old man’s voice intoned.

Jensen could hear the footsteps on the barn floor and soon could feel the heat emanating from the iron on his neck.

“Just right there below the ear, now. Gently. No slipping this time,! the voice guided.

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Then the iron was dragged out of the red coals, a small shower of red sparks flitting back into the bed of coals. Jensen could think of a dozen reasons why he should be somewhere else, but for some reason none of them stood up to the reality that he found himself in at the moment.

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The iron rested on the stone apron that ringed the fireplace. It glowed menacingly orange.

Jensen just stared at it, not listening to the background voices murmuring in the vacuous barn.

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Someone had slid a trunk across the barn floor, and then several sets of hands roughly dragged Jensen’s body across it, with someone holding his legs down. He grimaced. As he opened his eyes he was facing the fireplace and watched as a grinning young man pulled an iron from the fire and wave it in front of him.

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“You, bring the champagne over here right now!” A strong female voice commanded. Jensen could hear bottle clinking as the case of magnums was hauled across the barn floor.

But his mind was on the clinking of the irons in the fire, not the champagne.

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Out of the corner of his eye, Jensen caught the dull red glimmer of an iron being pulled from the hot coals of the fireplace.

“Jesus, what a trial this life has become,” he moaned.

“What’s that you say, sinner?” Came a woman’s voice.

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“I’d like to think this is some kind of just dessert, but that idea just ain’t getting any traction in my head,” Jensen thought to himself as he heard the clinking of irons being nestled in the coals of the fireplace.

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“Well, Daddy, we carved the last one. Why we gonna brand this one? I kind of wanted to improve on my technique some.” The younger male voice said.

“You heard me. Git the iron!” came the reply.

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A clamp was pressed against Jensen’s wrist as he lay near the fireplace.
“What now? They’re going to roast me like a pig?” He thought.

“Bring out the branding iron, son.” A sonorous male voice intoned.

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“What the hell is he blubbering about?” one of the voices muttered.

Jensen could then hear some scuffling and then two sets of hands roughly dragged him across the floor.

“Lay him next the fireplace.” Another voice said.

Jensen thought, “What the fuck’s a fireplace doing in a barn?”

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“Well, if you’re going to do me in, why don’t you put a hurry on it. This shit filled floor is no picnic site. So if you’re going to do it, get the fuck to it, will ya? Jensen groaned.

The barn fell silent. Almost as if doing him in was the LAST thing anyone was thinking.

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The ensuing derisive laughter told Jensen that there many more people in the stall than he’s imagined. He cracked open his eyes and and saw the hooves of a dusk colored roan grinding and clomping the shit strewn floor.

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The voice intoned, “You have been brought here because of what you have seen.”

Jensen thought, Jesus, if that’s true, then they will probably be bringing the rest of the population of the US here soon.

The gun barrel pressed tighter against his head as the man spoke. Suddenly, a clap of thunder echoed in the barn.

Jensen shit himself.

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As he cracked his eyes just a squint and glanced up toward the gun that was pressed against his temple, Jensen could see up the sleeve of the arm that held the pistol. The snake tattoo looked very familiar.

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While he lay there contemplating the voice he’d just heard and trying desperately to determine whether or not it came from someone else or his own head, he felt the unmistakably coldness of a gun barrel pressed lightly against his temple.

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As he opened his tired eyes again, Jensen saw the hem of a long course wool gown. He groaned audibly, “Oh Jesus.”

“Yes?” came a soft male voice.

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As he lay there inhaling the sweet pungency of mouldering shit and straw, a small beam of sunlight beckoned Jensen’s attention. If only he could ride that filtering beam and ascend its angled path up through the open slat of the barn wall, then he could be free of all of this messiness that had become his life.

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Jensen cowered in the horse shit and straw on the floor of the stable, a sneaky brown mouse clipping along the wall escaping the situation.

“Jesus, were that me, I’d trade my life the chance to change places,” Jensen thought.

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Jensen was tossed onto the floor of the stable, his head hitting a soft clump of horse shit. When the burlap bag was wrenched from his head, he blinked his eyes. When they focused, he found himself staring into two black ends of a pipe. A shotgun.

“I don’t deserve this,” he thought to himself as he closed his eyes again in resignation.

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After a rough ride (again) in the van, Jensen felt the vehicle come to a stop. In the instant after the doors were opened, he heard a horse snort and whiny. “Jesus, they’ve brought me to a stable.”

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