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As the van slammed into the truck of the Ginko tree, everyone shot forward and smashed against the seat backs as the van’s side doors sprang open. As the noises and dust settled, a leg reached out gingerly to find the ground.

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Jensen fiddled with the staple until he was able to use it to open his hand cuffs. “It’s about time to change the pace and route of this pageant,” Jensen thought to himself as he first made eye contact with the Ninja babe and then leaped up and grabbed the Mac-10 machine pistol from the guard nearest the rear doors of the van. The van lurched as the driver turned to see what the commotion was all about.

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Lying on the floor of the van, or rather sliding back and forth on the floor as the van careened through the wasteland, was a large construction staple. Jensen rolled over in the tussling and found it with his hands trussed behind his back. “It’s time for me to blow this popsicle stand,” Jensen thought to himself, “With or without my new Ninja amor.”

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Jensen lay there trussed like a Christmas turkey and contemplated the situation. Clearly, a pattern was being followed, a pattern in his life that said suffering, humiliation, redemption in a chaotic cycle. He just lay there comfortable (?) in the knowing that something was sure to occur and that he’d, this time, just ride it out and view it from a 3rd person standpoint, his own personal movie.

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With an ear-piercing drawn-out screeching the van came to a forced halt causing everyone inside to lean toward the front in unison. Jensen’s eyes opened to a crumpled piece of paper lying on the van’s scraped and dirty floor. Written across the top of the page in calligraphic style was the word “Petition”.

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His dreams came and went with many being recycled again and again. The seemingly endless loop in the forgetful darkness was a comforting jaunt through his psyche because nothing was any more real to Jensen than God himself.

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They drove into the deep dark night as black as any gourmet coffee you could find on the planet, and Jensen drifted into a black dream state that included everything and yet allowed him to remember nothing. Peaceful sleep.

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The rocking road and the G-turns that hit them as they sped through the suburbs seemed like brunch to Jensen after all that he’d been through. He put his hand up to his neck and felt the scabs forming and as he looked up he caught the Ninja babe’s sorrowful eyes home in on his.

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The swing, the leaves, the racing from the scene to where? the furtive look of lonely wanting love was a demonstration of what? Of chaos? thought Jensen. “As if I need a demonstration of what “chaos” is in order to help me remember that I live in the universe born of it. Jesus!”

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Jensen looked out the van window as they passed a broken-down yard. In it was a swing lazily swinging in the breeze. The dead leaves that skittered across the sidewalk reminded him of his dead wife, Zoey, and at that instant he made eye contact with the Ninja babe.

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Though she tried to stay professional, the Ninja babe found herself mooning Jensen time and time again. And it wasn’t as if no one was noticing it either.

“Hey, Cleopatra, get your game face on, we’re coming into some hot territory,” The chief ninja snarled.

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The silence in the van was maddening as it crossed through the half-destroyed town. Occasionally the van would hit debris in the road and jostle the occupants, often putting Jensen and the Ninja closer together, which was fine by them.

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A trickle of sweat ran down the side of her face, from temple to the bottom of her jawline and just hung there. Jensen reached a forefinger up and dabbed it away. She just stared at him with her big ninja eyes.

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The look beaming between them was like the light from a lantern in the storm of chaos that had enveloped them. Jensen mumbled an introduction, “I’m Jensen.” She responded almost in a whisper, “I know.”

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The crew of the van were just as messed up as anyone else and for an instant everyone and everything was on the same level playing field, chaos. But for Jensen and the Ninja girl, that chaos was sweet.

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It was if a chaos generator has suddenly been switched on and the universe was scrambled. The van seemed to lurch and bounce but that, too, could have been just an illusion in the fog of chaos that was raining down. And then Jensen felt a hand grasp his crotch and hold on for deal life.

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In the heat of the moment, as Jensen was drifting in his opiated love stupor, the bottom of the van slammed against the bottoms of his feet which lift his knees up into his chest. And then a sudden deafening wall of sensation blocked all sense and sound from being registered in his brain.

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The she-ninja changed seats and sat next to him as if it were some kind of regular action that happened every day. He could feel her press against him slightly…or at least his mind was telling that this was happening. But as she pressed against him, he felt a loss tugging at him from inside.

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His heart was swelling like a balloon, and so was the little captain down between his legs. This was the first time any woman had made any advances to him since his wife Zoe kissed him the day the world ended.

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When he looked up again he saw her unmistakable flirtatious smile and sparkling eyes…and this put ants in his pants. For an instant, his whole life ceased to exist and he was completely involved in the emotions of this very instant.

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As Jensen stared blankly at the inferno, now catching to the other buildings in the compound, he didn’t, at first, catch the hood-covered ninja sitting across from him as she crinkled up her eyes and smile in an obvious flirt.

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As they left the farmstead with its barn blazing everyone in the van was whooping and hollering as if they’d just arrived at a carnival. But carnival was the last thing on Jensen’s mind. He was thinking of HOME.

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After they left the barn, one of the ninja’s torched it.
“Well, that’s the waste of a perfectly good barn,” thought Jensen.

The van took them through winding country roads lined with hedges, which reminded Jensen of being in a maze in an Alice in Wonderland story…which wasn’t too far from the truth in his mind.

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As they were moving out of the barn, a large black butterfly with red parts on its tail lit on Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen thought that it was eerie and stopped, but did nothing to brush the butterfly away. The line of people stopped which caused the Ninja commander to turn around and say, “What’s the hold up?”

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“There were, of course, conflicting stories as to what really did occur on that day, sure”, the Ninja replied. “But that’s all they are, just stories.”

Jensen looked up at the bare plank walls and thought to himself, “This is some story in itself. If you believe this, you’ll believe anything….and I’m right at the front of the line.”

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“The catastrophe you are referring to, the epic catastrophe, was caused not by nuclear weapons, but by a small asteroid that got caught in earth’s orbit,” he explained.

“Asteroid?” Jensen asked.

“Well, that’s what the government is calling it. Personally, I have my doubts as do millions of others. Some say that they saw strange things in the sky,” he continued.

Jensen sat with his head down.

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“Sir, if you are referring to the Epic-ness, then you’re right, a catastrophe of some magnitude did actually occur. But it’s not what you think,” the Ninja replied.

“Well, if it’s not what I think, then please, do tell…” Jensen shot back.

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“So, where the fuck is “back” to you, pal?” Jensen asked somewhat snarkily.

“Well, back to your home, sir, where you belong.” He answered.

“In case you didn’t get the news flash, tard, my home, as you put it, and about a million others were vaporized by some clowns in uniforms trying to out-testosterone each other in the name of world peace, ” Jensen shot back.

“Oh, sir. You haven’t heard?” the ninja replied. “Corporal, bring the wagon alongside. We need to move fast. He’s slipping again.”

“Slipping?” Jensen thought, “Is that the term they’re using?”

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“So, where the fuck is “back” to you, pal?” Jensen asked somewhat snarkily.

“Well, back to your home, sir, where you belong.” He answered.

“In case you didn’t get the news flash, tard, my home, as you put it, and about a million others were vaporized by some clowns in uniforms trying to out-testosterone each other in the name of world peace, ” Jensen shot back.

“Oh, sir. You haven’t heard?” the ninja replied.

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Jensen thought there for a minute. The whole barn was filled with black-suited individuals armed to the teeth. It was a regular festival of Ninjas, he thought. “Just where the fuck is ‘back’ to this guy?” Jensen thought.

“So, you’re name is…?” Jensen queried.

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