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The rocket trail arched high overhead as he looked out across the yard. The sound was deafening but not as deafening as the fear springing to flight in his chest. The solution in the furnace was obviously a waste of his time and effort and fear and worry, not the rocket had started something that would bring death to them all. What a shitty day.

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I solved the problem and now it was Miller time. The furnace kept putting out heat, and with a load of fuel in it like it had, it was no wonder. I sat at the window and wondered, Deja vu…haven’t I written about this word once before today??? The hot sake and time and long bike ride has bitten into my gray matter and so I can’t be sure. Clearly, I may never solve this mystery.

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It was solved he thought to himself as he stared into the spacious backyard. The furnace was now off and the situation was taken care of. He could go back to his life again without worry. Solved, he thought. Solved as in gone, taken care of, finished. He’d never have to deal with her again. Trollop.

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The problem solved, he walked from the furnace room and poured himself a long tall drink of bourbon in a Bob Mitchum glass, straight, no ice, water back. Then, he stood leaning on the counter and stared through the plateglass window at the backyard, “solved, all my troubles are solved” he thought…but he was wrong.

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the furnace is hot. the furnace burned my bottom when i was younger because i had no where else to sit. i don’t have that furnace anymore. i’m not very sure what a furnace is. i am just talking about a heater.

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The furnace blazed. The door glowed with the golden light of the flames. He stood there looking and not blinking and thought of all of the fuel in the firebox. That will fix ’em. A small smile spread across his face as he turned toward the stairs to fuel his other furnace in the kitchen with a tomato sandwich.

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Sidetracked, he thought to himself. Looking over the map and the day’s events, he mused about what to do. Yeah, sidetracked it what I am. Just then a waitress came and delivered another cup of coffee to his table and looking up at her lucious smile caused all of his previous thoughts to vanish…well hell there…what’s your name?

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Sports were all he thought about. Sports, sports, sports. Soon everything became a sport to him. girls, school, dogs, and even work. He couldn’t get enough and soon enough he had burned through all of his desires to compete and found himself sitting on the deck chair with a pitcher of margaritas and a pack of Marlboros in a robe in the late afternoon.

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The new edition was due but he hadn’t had the time to put into it…and so he was sure it was going to be a complete failure. He could tell from her eyes when she picked up the draft that this would be the case. The new edition was for shit and there was nothing at all that he could do about. Due.

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No respectable person would have done or said or thought what he did, what he finally did after looking in the mirror this morning. That he even contemplated it showed just how sick of a person he was. running his hands through his hair brought the idea to his mind…I can do do it he thought, I can be respectable…he then went and got his machete.

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He sat perfectly still looking out across the fields. It was coming and he was scared that if he moved from the window it would see him and send a beam and destroy the house. but it was going to do that anyway, but he wanted to put it off as long as he could, he could feel the perfectly calm day coming to a perfect close.

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He discovered that he was a monster. Looking in the mirror, it dawned on him that this was the truth about him. the reason why all had come to pass. The reason for all the reasons given by her to explain why he couldn’t do or say anything that she found redeeming. A monster, this boy is a monster, he repeated to himself for the rest of the day…

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Fiction was he was all about. Pure fiction. So pure that even he believed it was the truth about himself. Everyone else he knew did. Knew the truth. That the truth was all he was. Fiction, but true. All he was. And that is the way he and everyone liked it.

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The phrase stuck in his head, washout baby. He knew that he was exactly that, a washout. The phrase ate at him the whole way home. he wished that he’d never set his eyes on that bulletin board. Now he was going to pound that reminder into his head forever, washout baby.

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Success. Ha. He laughed outloud in the kitchen as he stared at the coffee maker spewing steam from its top and gurgling. Success. The radio DJ wished everyone success this morning, but he knew that was about as lame a proclamation of his life as it could get.

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the notice was posted on the hallway bulletin board and everyone was gathered around to read it. Silence. Some of the people held their hands to their mouths. Some of them bowed their heads. It was only a matter of time before this came, they knew it…and then the death squads came marching down the hall with their own copy of the list.

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The route was anything but what he thought it would be. the drops off to the left were dizzying and he thought time and time again that he’s lose himself to the panic and paralysis of those fears and end up down in the depths of death. The route was, shall we say, hazardous to his health.

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I stood there wishing that I wasn’t such a complete waste of space and carbon.

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the tarnished sign pointed to the west. He looked and stared and breathed in a tired breath and walked. He felt tarnished. the landscape was tarnished. Tarnished.

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