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The bench in the corner looked inviting, but he didn’t think it was a good idea to sit down. Instead, he took the bench to the far corner of the basement and stepped on in order to peer over the foundation ledge. Just as his head cleared the edge of the foundation he heard the gurgling gasp of someone behind him. “No way!” he thought as he started to turn around.

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For some strange–what did that word mean anymore?–reason he had an intense craving for a chilled mango. Forget the fact that the world as we know it had only 20 minutes before ceased to exist. He wanted a chilled mango. This was certainly going to be a strange new world.

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The outlet for his pain was gone. In fact the outlet for his entire life was gone. His whole world, everything that meant anything to his existence was gone. He was reduced to being a man with melting flesh staring at 4 nuclear mushroom clouds from a burned out basement sans house. Just him and the ashy remains of his friend Michael. What a day.

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Sage brush began blowing over the rim of the basement foundation. Not your ordinary sagebrush, either. Burning sagebrush. Jensen hunkered against the far wall and watched them sail overhead and pile up in a flaming mass on the other side of the basement. In five minutes they’d be over the corpse, or what was left of it.

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Jensen reached into his pocket and withdrew one of his cards and it was then that he got a real close look at his fingers, or what was left of them. He opened his fingers and the card just stuck to his index finger all by itself. “How about them apples,” he thought to himself.

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He tried to invent a way out of the situation, but it was clearly hopeless. The fireball rising into the sky to the east was joined by 3 more to the west. Ugly columns of broiling fire and smoke streaked with lightning. “I couldn’t invent a more gruesome Hell if I tried” thought Jensen as his flare gun slipped to the basement floor.

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The wooly taste got tangled in his mouth. Or rather the effects of the strange chocolate rain tangled his speech capabilities. He was trying mightily to speak into the mic, but all that came out was gibberish. “Whit zer phaking?!”

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The air tasted like wool. that was the strangest thing, he thought as he looked at his skin dripping off of his fingers and onto the flare gun. Wool? Chocolate wool? And how am I supposed to know what chocolate wool air is supposed to taste like, he thought.

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The flare went up but was immediately lost in the chocolate fog and rain, causing Jensen no small sense of dismay. The brown soup was now burning his eyes and lips and he realized that he’d better get out of it while he still had some skin left. He fumbled with the flare gun and tried to load another round in it, but when he looked down he noticed that his skin was dripping off the end of his fingers. Hmmm.

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The sky turned chocolate and Jensen’s gaping mouth finally relaxed and began to close. The pain was subsiding now, but he didn’t want to let go of the clenched body just yet. How can the sky go ‘chocolate’? he thought. How unnatural. And then it began to rain brown rain. But it didn’t taste like chocolate. Well, not like sweet chocolate.

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The small microphone pinned to his epalette fizzed and popped…sczrrrpppst…Come in Jensen. You there? God almighty that was a major blast. Come in Jensen. Oh Lord I hope you didn’t get hit by that monster mushroom cloud bastard. psszerrtt…And then the microphone went silent. Jensen just stared with his mouth frozen open as the pain pulsed through his rigid body.

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The charge that rippled through his system straightened his body out like a plank. First came the needles, then came the slam. The intensity of the charge made the needles feel like a massage. With eyelids clenched tight, tears leaked out of the corners as his mouth opened, but nothing came but a silent howl of desperation.

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It felt like a needle piercing his brain. Actually, like a million needles. The pain…was it pain? The intense experience of the needles was like none he’d ever had before. Maybe that was because he’d never been X-ray’d by a nuclear device the size of the one dropped 26 blocks due west of where he was now lying. It felt as though his whole experience was passing through the eye of a very small needle, and he was actually doing quite nicely slipping through.

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His sense revolted. He cringed and shrank back under the barrier and shut his eyes tight against the wall of extreme heat and the stench from the burning corpse, which, oddly enough, was still standing, staging a revolt of its own it seems. Just then, his body revolted and he threw up his entire breakfast of bangers and mash.

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Coward was the word that came rushing to his thoughts. That, and survival. He took another glance at the red, broiling sky and slithered under a piece of concrete and huddled out of the exposed hell. From where he was lying he could see the entire body of the man burst into flames as he stood there with outstretched arms. It was strange. He seemed to be smiling. And the smell was suddenly gone. This was too real, he thought, and closed his eyes.

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The fragrance…is that what he’d call it, a fragrance? The odor was overwhelming. The stench of burnt flesh and hair and the ash and smoke in the air made him dizzy. He sat up and looked around, suddenly aware of the red flames licking overhead…and then he saw him sitting and staring at him with vacant, bleeding melted jellied eyes. His thoughts and emotions were stymied. Stalled. Numb. Dead. Fried.

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The alarm went off in his head. Shit, he’s going to drink that bottle of sulphuric acid! As he reached his had up to the truck door to steady himself, a blast of superheated wind flung him over the edge of the gaping foundation hole smashing directly into Michael and knocking the bottle of acid to the ground where it broke apart. Then, the flames came.

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He reached for the iodine pills in the cab and found the large bottle lying on the floorboard. Fumbling to get the door open against the firestorm’s wind, he cursed his bad luck. Well, actually, he had to almost laugh. His bad luck. Imagine how that guy feels in that stripped out basement with that strange bottle of…what the hell? And then he realized what it was when he saw the black skull and crossbones on the label.

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The controller drove through the debris that littered the street, trying to get to Michael’s house, which technically wasn’t there anymore. In fact none of the houses were on their foundations anymore. The firestorm raged as the controller pulled into the driveway. Getting out of the truck, he walked over to the edge of the foundation and looked down at a bloodied man tipping a jug to his mouth.

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Suicide was an option. Suddenly. But as the whole world seemed to committing suicide, it seemed rather droll to be getting on the same bandwagon. But still, given the pain and shock he was reeling in at the moment, the thought did have some merit. A thin smile creased his scorched face as he reached for the jar of sulphuric acid.

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The pain suddenly wrenched be back to reality. My jellied eyes and skin shrieked with the most intense pain imaginable, but that only lasted a moment before my whole house was wrenched from its foundation and blown completely free of the foundation leaving me to stare up into the sky and the massive fireball that was roiling above the vaporized city I used to call my home town. It seems that everyone’s problems were now pretty much solved.

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The darkroom was darker because of his blindness. The impending blast never came. It was all flash and no bang, as they say. But the flash was plenty enough. It had jelled his face and eyes and singed all the hair off the front of his face and scalp. He fumbled his way to the darkroom in the corner and instinctively hit the light switch on the wall, the one that would turn the room red for his work. But nothing happened. He flicked the switch again and again, but nothing. Just darkness. The darkroom suddenly became a bigger phenomenon in his life. And this when only moments before he had anticipated all of his problems being solved.

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Jelly. My face started to turn to jelly in the millisecond that it took for the flash to sear the top layer away. Then my eyes began to leak and smoke and turn to jelly as well. All the while I stood, waiting for the whole situation of my life to be solved with the cessation of the beating of my heart. And you know, it was all okay with me.

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The print on my eyelid said pain. The flash through the windows that engulfed the room printed the moment on my eyelids and brain. But all of this was for a second. Or less. And then I was nothing-ness. Solved. And the damned furnace was a stone cold coal compared to what I had become. Viva las Vegas.

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The house, and reality actually, began to lean to the left, then to the right and I could hear the groaning and splitting apart of the house above me…and all of this happened in what seemed like slow motion…meanwhile my face and eyes were smoking from the intense flash of light, but somehow it didn’t hurt at all. And in a few moments, I thought, all my problems would be solved for good.

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I dropped the shovel when the blinding light burst through the basement window. The knocking at the front door turned to shrieks of unfathomable pain and misery. For some reason I thought briefly about the Watchtower folks, but then my thoughts were instantly brought back to the searing pain in my eyes and face. And then I knew that all my troubles were solved. Just a few more minutes.

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I dropped the shovel because the light was so blinding. The knocking had suddenly stopped replaced by an eerie silence backed by the soft murmur of the furnace. I thought that all of my problems would soon be solved, and somehow that was not a comforting thought. And then the penny dropped.

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The gun reports reverberated upstairs. The furnace glowed, the rockets streamed overhead. The solution was nowhere to be found it seems, after all. The final report will be, alas, that it was all a giant waste of time.

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The relatives started knocking at the door, trying feverishly to get in while I was in the basement digging and stacking hardware into a corner to shield myself from the impending blast. The furnace glowed benignly with my solved problems crackling away. Knock, knock, knock…

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He was back in the basement staring at the furnace. The basement was the only place he could think of to hide from the impending rocket attack. The basement. The basement, how could he dig it deeper in 15 minutes to shield himself from the blast? It was a mystery of fear at angst in the basement of his animal brain. then he laughed until he puked.

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