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Jensen was determined to make it to Hastings Rock before sundown. The ash-snow had deepened to nearly 8 inches, which make going tough. Once he got to the road that led off of the ridge, things got better. He looked down as he stepped on the road and saw a pair of footprints. Too big to be a child’s, too small to be a man’s.

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Got to stay connected, Jensen thought as he began to wander past the shotgun man. But connected to what? What in hell was there to be connected to anymore? It was ALL gone. Humanity was gone. But wasn’t he connected to humanity? And really, where was he anymore in the big scheme of things? Where had he ever been?

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Where Jensen got the strength to get that body off of him and stand up and face those two barrels even he didn’t know. It just came. Maybe it was born of just not giving a damn anymore…because what was there the give a damn about? It was all gone.

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What kind of plans could he make? What could he do but just doing what was in front of him. Like surviving. Plans? What the hell did plans have to do with anything anymore. The world was screwed. And he was in the world. How was that for a plan?

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Jensen first thought was that he’d rather be in any other galaxy in the universe than the one he was in right now. How things could go so wrong so fast in one day had his mind reeling. What in hell’s name was he going to do, he though as he stared down the long bluish barrels of the shotgun.

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Jensen asked the end of the shotgun, “So, what’s the purpose? I mean, a gun. Really? Hello?! Anyone home??? Have you seen the weather for today?” And both of them looked around at the roiling columns around the horizon.

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The audience member looked at his digital watch and then squinted up in the sky as if he could locate the sun through the broiling mass of gray clouds. Jensen tried to shrug off the twitching, moaning body but that brought a disdainful glare from the audience member and of course his gun.

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Jensen jerked back when the woman started to moan and cough. He was resting on his elbow staring at her with wide eyes, but suddenly he looked up and saw him standing there with a shotgun. He had an audience. “What are yo doing with my woman?”

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They both lay there in the soggy grey ash snow. Jensen was breathing hard and the woman was twitching and moaning. He looked up at the structure that they’d used to hang themselves. It was a tree, but something else was lashed to it, too. Jensen couldn’t for the life of him make out what it was. Then she coughed.

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However, Jensen couldn’t just hold her up while she kicked. Why was she kicking? He was trying to saver her life. That thought felt kind of strange in light of all the death and destruction surrounding him. This used to be a farm growing things, he thought as her struggling body writhed. Suddenly the roped snapped and both of them came tumbling to the ground with a whoomph!

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Approaching the hanging bodies wasn’t what he had in mind. But one of them shocked him out of his numbness with a twitching leg, and he walked up to it quickly. Sure enough, it twitched again. Suddenly, without thinking he wrapped his arms around the young woman’s calves and tried to hold her up, but she kept kicking.

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What’s the policy when finding dead neighbors hanging from a tree, Jensen thought. I mean, are you obligated to cut them down? Report them to the (non-existent) police? Or is it okay to just walk away and shrug? In this strange new world he found himself inhabiting, he set the new policy, with no remorse whatsoever, at “walk away” and keep to your own business.

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The whole episode didn’t last more than a minute, but Jensen aged a lifetime. He came to the fence separating his property from his neighbors and stopped. Hanging in front of him was the 4 bodies of his neighbor’s family, swaying gently from the large oak tree in the falling grey snow.

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As Jensen sat staring at the shoe, he saw a shape appear on the far side of the garden. It came slowly. Through the corn stalks. What was it? the shape was vaguely human, but not.

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Suddenly exhausted, Jensen sat next to the corpse and mused about how out of shape he was. He laughed to himself as he thought maybe he should get a gym membership down at Axios Health. But deep down inside he knew why he was so tired after only dragging her a few yards from the garden. The grey snow was getting him down. From the inside out.

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The still figure of his wife lay awkwardly on the steps. He stood and stared at her flat, quiet face and staring eyes and wondered what she was looking at. Wondered if some part of her could sense his presence now or realize the misery in the air and world she had left behind.

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He dragged her heels through the gray mass of soggy snow and ash leaving a trail from the garden to the back porch. One of her shoes came off but he left it where it was. Now, looking from the steps of the porch, he could see it lying alone in the gray track, bright blue with a red Nike swoosh. Sideways. Like he felt.

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He grabbed at the wand hanging from the porch balcony and began whisking away the grey snow. At first he swung lazily, but as his frustration grew his swings became more violent until he smashed the wand against the 4 by 4 post and it shattered, the small pink pieces of Sailor Moon plastic scattering among the drifts of radioactive snow in the yard.

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He walked through the house, obsessed with the thought of his wife. She had to be here. He’d just called her before the blasts hit. But how long ago was that? He lost time. He lost his wife. She had to be here somewhere. Then he saw it, the note on the fridge, “Jensen, went out for eggs. Be back in a jiffy!” Bath’s poured!

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Jensen dreamed he was talking to his mother. “What is the statement?! What is the statement!?” He asked her, repeating her comment to him. I’ll tell you what the statement is. The statement is that the world I know it just ceased to exist! “Oh, pshaw!” she said, “I’ve been dead for 12 years now. So I know a little about something like that. You just over-worry everything like you always do.”

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Jensen wondered where all the time had gone. He wondered where his wife was. And his dog. He wondered what tomorrow was going to bring once those columns of roiling death subsided. And he wondered if he’d life to see another day. That was his last thought as he lay down on his couch and watched the radioactive snowflakes drift past his living room window, and then he closed his eyes and fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.

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Jensen stood in his living room and for a moment almost thought everything was all right. For a moment, with the door closed to the howling gray radioactive dust swirling on the porch, that it was all just a bad dream. A daymare. But almost just doesn’t cut it in reality. What is it they say about almost? That it only counts in hand grenades and atom bombs. Well they were wrong.

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Was he being made an example? Jensen thought. Jesus, that takes the cake, thinking I’m some sort of pawn in a bigger game. He turned the door knob and felt it give just a little and then the door swung open and he was home.

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Stay in control, Jensen repeated to himself like a mantra. Stay in control, just a few more yards to the porch and I’m safe and sound in my own home. I just have to control these shakes developing in my legs and arms, and well, just about everywhere else on my body. I’m going to hell in, what? hell I’m not even going to warrant a hand cart…

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The final few yards the going got tougher, but Jensen slogged on through the gray drifts of radioactive muck. He blew his nose on his sleeve and noticed he left a bright red streak. Great, he thought, and just when I was almost home safe.

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It was basic, he thought. One foot in front of the other. But it was harder than he thought, especially with the more than 3 inches of grey snow that had accumulated on everything and which swirled in the air like a fog and which constricted his throat even though he’d long since wrapped a towel around his face. Basic survival seemd to be looming on his horizon.

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The keychain dropped from his pocket as he scaled the foundation wall. He heard it hit the concrete floor of the hollowed out basement. He then looked up at what remained of his truck and decided that he didn’t need the keys anymore. With that, he turned away from the fireballs and began walking. He didn’t have any idea where he was going, only that he was able to go and anywhere was better than where he was now.

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He had to be strong. That’s all Jensen could think of as he stared at the roiling mushroom columns on the horizon. He moved the table and the bench against the basement wall and climbed up on them. They were strong enough and so he was able to stand on them and pull himself over the edge of the foundation. Strong, he thought. How the hell am I going to be strong about this hellish reality?

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Tables, benches, what was happening? Jensen felt defeated. Every time he looked around the basement he found something different that reminded him of the life he lived just 20 minutes before, a life that was forever gone. No hair. No skin. And a radioactive body in which to enjoy it. The tables were definitely turned for sure. For ever.

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The barber staggered down the street unsure if what he was seeing was real or if he was just having a very, very bad dream. No, it was real. When he swept his hand across his scalp to push his hair back and realized that most of his hair came with his hand, he knew this was as real as it gets. A bald barber and no scissors in his hand, what an irony he thought.

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