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i haven’t swam here yet. the water is so shitty and sandy so every day i just end up sitting in a beach chair turning into a lobster and listening to harsh noise music. it’s very discordant in a very sexy way but my skin is starting to hurt. i miss trashy beaches like ocean city maryland.

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you can play beautiful music with an ukulele. you have to practice very much to play it, but when you can it, it’s fantastic. my ukulele got I from my aunt and uncle and it’s very nice. he’s brown like the most of the ukuleles.

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the fire was furious, just from that one spark from the lighter. It swept through the bushes, chasing us, licking our heels. We would never make it. That’s when he fell, a burst of flames bursting around him, but he was gone, and there was nothing I could do.

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i think this is something that is very ingrained into the British sensibility. The NHS is a massive cornerstone of our society. I’m pro-welfare state i think, as it gives people who may not have as much as others the chance to get somewhere better than where they might have been headed. It’s important to many people although the rich don’t like it.

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The announcement came as we were sitting down to dinner. “The plane went down today but all passengers were saved.” We sat in stunned silence for a moment, then cheers broke out in the crowded room.
“We did it!”
The p

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They ran hard, as they already felt something went wrong. All the careful planning didn’t help. “Where’s the bag?” Tom screamed.

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What of humans decides to make what can’t be broken into. This makes no sense if you one day will need in. You won’t reach whats inside… your locked out.

» Posted By Charlotte On 01.14.2017 @ 5:12 pm

Once there was a pig that flew over the moon and softly landed on the ground. He was met with a dog that said “bark”. He didn’t understand so he killed him. Booooooo. The cat sobbed because of their affair. -Charlotte

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you my love,
my darling
my baby
i wish that i knew you
but i only know you in phrases
i know you in the way that we talk
i know you in your laugh and your beauty
only i don’t know you at all

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Is there any defense against rampant institutionalized bias? They tell me it’s being handled by the authorities on such matters. I don’t know anymore. My soul’s been laid low. The news cycles come and go. My mixed-race, atheist ass tries to remember what a white Christian pastor, John Watson, once wrote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Actually time has changed the phrasing, “Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle.” No doubt when I repeat this attributed correctly, or even mention he wrote this under a pen name too and that the phrasing has changed, someone will argue with me it was Plato or Philo as the originator of the sentiment, like, “No, honey, you’re actually wrong on this. Trust me, I’ve read it attributed to Plato. I know.” Never mind all the authority on the subject comes not from reading a book by Plato where he explicitly writes this, ask for a page number or even the title of the work it supposedly comes from and you’ll be waiting awhile for any kind of answer. If they don’t own up to not knowing what you’re going to hear is that they’ve seen this in passing on an office wall of esteemed colleague or where ever it’s handy to post an “aspirational” quote. Maybe it’s even at the end of an interdepartmental email or sold online as inspo decor. You could almost forgive them for all the repetitious reinforcement, how many times have they heard and seen it exactly like this?

It’s happened before it will happen again. Error is the catalyst in the cycle of human drama. I try to keep Watson’s words in mind, because it has to be hard to be the one who is so stupid, so stubborn, so digging the hole deeper and deeper that not even the possibility of one’s own error, reinforced by the ignorance of those around them and those motivated to sell inspiration in whatever form, right, wrong, who gives a fuck as long as it’s cute and it sells, factors into one’s ability to properly judge the origins of a simple quote. What must the rest of their lives be like? Maybe a string of failed attempts at other things? Is that unkind? I don’t know. Perhaps there are safeguards that keep them from failing too miserably. Anyway, I’m not the one making financial and other life choices for these “I can’t possibly wrong” people. I only know of their personality through their ability to handle a simple dispute of facts as their other failings are known only to them. Thankfully there is Google to settle who is well informed and who is just plain wrong. Prejudice against the possibility of another truth or not, facts are facts just like gravity is gravity. It’s to one’s advantage to always consider the realities of both.

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The pine trees all across colorado are dying from the dreaded Pine Beetle. It’s sad to see the once majestic trees brown and dying from the inside – I love that so many create and wonderful people have found a use for the now dead wood – from tables to cabinets – they brought the dead back to life. The natural “blue” color of this new wood product highlights the incredible rebirth.

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I swear I’m trying, but you’re more vague than vogue.

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Indistinct. That’s they only way he could describe her. Her face was almost a blur, beautiful, he was sure, but he couldn’t focus on it, and her voice was the same. Nothing about her was defined. She was a monster. Surely no human could be so indistinct, she must have been one of those “I am whatever you want” ones.

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Samantha grinned sneakily at Penchant as she glared down at the girl on the ground. “Money,” she said, “Now.”

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The lovers decided to start the year over with clean slate. It would help both women move on with their love and grow stronger.

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I think a bargain is a deal person number one makes with person number two. bargains can be good and bad, almost like everything in life. but then even our ideas of good and bad are often mixed up and completely made up by society. but this is me rambling on without actually making a point. and here I bring to you yet another life metaphor.

» Posted By charlotte On 11.29.2014 @ 12:15 pm


Least? Least what? Least likely to acheive anything probably. I don’t know how this is meant to work. Although, at the same time, I do. I’m typing stuff! And – although I thought differently before – I feel more creative!

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The fabric was coarse against her skin as she struggled to wake from her drugged sleep, she could hear coarse language coming from another room, shouting and swearing made her even more frightened of her situation as her fogged brain started to clear. What happened? How did she get here and who had taken her and why.

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Danielle was your typical high school student. She loved shopping, gossiping and parties. But she was always so vocal, about everything. She had to make a point, about everything.

“Oh my god, I found the cutest dress yesterday!” or “Oh my god did you hear the goss with Charlie?”

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She ran as fast as her legs could take her. She couldn’t believe that she had just witnessed a man being murdered, it was so horrible! She could still hear his screams and the horrible squelching being made.

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Bowties are worn my men on formal occasions. I came across one such man and felt suspicious about his looks. I followed him and came to a dark alley halfway down the street.

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we strive for peace and perfection in our life together. peace will come sooner than perfection.

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a ship in the middle of the ocean in a world of make-believe and fantasy. Get on board with the idea and don’t even think, just be, just be and just live, live, live. The sea is a ball, the sea moves and turns and never stops, always flowing. All aboard who’s coming aboard. Don’t even think about missing it.

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Time passes by into infinity and I wonder about the past and the future, the way the sunlight dapples against the trees and the next moment the land is but a desolate white waste land, and that is infinity. It is time, time is infinite.

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The peppers were all kinds of colors.From Red to purple!yeah I think that purple one is a little old…But um where was I?oh yeah colorful peppers.

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I dive in, and it is just another day. Another day at swim practice. Another day of a couple miles in the wrinkling, reflecting, shiny blue water. Another summer day. I am submerged in this life of swimming, and I’ve never felt better.

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What can I say? I know the rules and I know they’re for the best but all the same I can’t ignore the ache between my ribs, in the pit of my stomach, around my lungs. I want you now and forever and you can’t tell me I can’t have you.

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The skin is what makes them so fascinating. They’re full to bursting with air yet they float so easily. How does that happen? How can you be so full, carry so much without sinking? How can you fly that way? Really, what I’m asking is why can’t I.

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There was a girl with a slit in her dress. It went all the way up to her thigh. Henry couldn’t stand it. It was making him go crazy! He had to know her. He had a feeling that she was the most perfect girl the entire world. That slit was screaming at him. She looked sexy in her red dress. He stared at her. stared and stared until finally, she looked at him.

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I once tried walking on stilts, it didn’t go very well… I fell over quite a lot and hurt my head. When I got home my mum found it hilarious and did not let me forget for a very long time! She brought up my bumped head all the times just to embarrass me.

» Posted By Charlotte On 06.23.2013 @ 3:01 pm

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