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It was said that his head was like a cement block. Dougie would throw things at it. He would eat the grass in the yard. But the cement was lighter than lead. Never really understood the physics of it all anyway. Eating grass. Falling in love with a blockhead. Wonderful drinks on the piazza.

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Oh, that was all such horse shit. The thing she dropped on the ground. The thing she left smeared on the door jamb. The footprint in the snow outside – melting snow. She was simply in retreat. Gone. All of these things may add up to something somewhere, but in the end she doesn’t live here any longer.

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That was how he always wore it. The cut, the fold, the crease. Just like the end of days, nothing was ever so certain as the way he would walk in the door looking like he was printed on glossy paper. The personality matched as well, and therein lied the real problem

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It was like my hands over her back when she pinned me to the ground beside the lake that day. We were skipping school. She was two years older. I was in heaven, and it being heaven I wasn’t sure what to do. Her lips to mine and my hands all aloft and atwirl.

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It came in overnight like a silk stocking pulled over the nubile thigh of an eighteen year old. She was walking into my office on top of the hill. The night was just like that: a Sandberg poem around every corner. And this was San Francisco in the late 70s.

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Oh, there was that one wasn’t there? The time we were going to get out of all of this. The debt, the depression, the living inland or even just one place at all. You had the numbers all worked out and I was willing to go in a few bucks. There was the end of this and the beginning of what comes next and it all hinged around that night and we were so ready for it.

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I remember that one. Sitting in the back of the glass. Her hair down to just the point where the beloved’s hair should go. I ran cross-country which was good enough to get me on the radar. Later ones would say she looked like a bug. There was pepperoni pizza suggestions that she assured were vegetarian. There were the claims of homosexuality. She would later die in a trap of her own creation.

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I knew I couldn’t do it. It would just never happen. Standing on the bridge with him and the eddies and rocks below. He was standing there telling me to jump. But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t walk back either. I was stuck in space and thus time and everything slowed down like nothing would ever happen after this moment.

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That’s what I said, she said. Then she walked to the other side of the room and left him sitting there thinking that this seems to be what happens all the time. She doesn’t hear him when he evinces his nuanced thinking and thus the same drama always plays out in the same way.

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We stood there like we had been lost forever. It was almost as if we hadn’t expected it. She looked out into the distance. “What’s the matter, baby?” she would ask me. I couldn’t even begin to tell her. Had she forgotten why we were here? There was so much going on in my head. It was, after all, punishment. This was, after all, what was coming to us all along.

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It was like the last of earth aliens. No one had ever seen such a sight. All the sky aglow and nothing going on inside. Everyone was on the street and staring skyward and then the thing happened and everyone felt a little closer, like there was community here in this backwater little place after all.

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So they tell me the whole universe is expanding, and that beyond that, there may be more than one universe, and if so, they are all expanding, so much that the cosmos itself (all of what is there) is expanding, but it could be infinite. What does it mean for infinity to expand? What would that be like?

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It was the sound in my head I suppose. Or, more like I had a sound in my head. Was dictating the song into my iPhone. I was driving back home to you after a week away with “the boys.” It was ready to do it. I wanted to say it in a song. I wanted you to finally know and I thought a delicate little melody may make the blow easier to take.

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He shot, and as the ball made the arc, it would find itself well off the mark. This wasn’t his game. He should have stuck to the books and maybe the bit part in the school musical. It was never what he wanted to be, but what he was good at, that would be his destiny. In the end, a true tragedy, he supposed.

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That was the summer that I met the Asian girl who painted my hair – all red. She was overweight and that definitely detracted from my yellow-fever – so rampant at the time. There was the other artist. Asian too. We would find ourselves back and forth over the ensuing years. Surprise visits in college etc. And my friend was startled to hear this weekend that I am considered a ginger.

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We were out building something with my father. I was 8 or 10. An even number. I didn’t want to move the wood so I stared at it – told him I was using psychokinetic energy. Nothing happened. When we were finished the floor sloped so much that a marble would roll diagonally from the southwest corner to the northeast in less than a few seconds.

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It was like summer 365 days a year. She was tan and getting tanner. A trip to the beach would leave her with reverse raccoon eyes and a tan down below that made 80s porn even blush. We would spend time grooming hairs. Falling in and out of love over the next 2 years. Then the 5 after when we couldn’t figure out what we were doing.

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The last thing I remembered as we were up and over that city was you standing in the doorway and waving when the taxi took me away. Heat ripples coming up making you wavy yourself. It was all goodbye for me. You thought it was quick and easy and temporary. I knew Thailand would be destination and home, for a long time.

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At the park that afternoon we got on the ride that spun one way while looping us on a different vector and my stomach turned. G-force pushed you back into me and I thought that sickness was what love really felt like. Glad you live in Orlando and me here now.

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There was that one, but that was long ago. Trips up I85 to richmond. 3 hours each way. The one I was in that played the basements. Or at least that’s what I would tell people. Let them listen to the recordings that I never made. Let them believe it was all much more interesting before now.

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LIke when I was small I thought about the color of royalty, then I met the king and realized I was all wrong. The king had flat feet just like mine. He ruled with a staff and I was like, “of course, duh!” How could the whole kingdom be so big and him rule without one.

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My brother had always done so well. I always say he was the best in the state that one year, but it’s not true. Makes a better story. Instead he got a girl in his head. A two-toed girl. And she cheated. With his best friend and he didn’t make it to state. Game over.

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Oh god! That neighborhood where I grew up. I guess it was always “way back then.” A treefort that wouldn’t pass code. The lake always alluring. The place where in therapy I would conjure up memories of killing a man once, with Michael abetting. Was probably just a smaller mammal.

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this one day i was riding a bull. but this was no ordinary bull, this was a bull which had an extradordinary veritcal. so i took him around the world and he would jump over all kinds of sticks. big ones, small ones, he was a world champ.

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i bow down to you lord oh god i love you and keep your commandments. i like cheese. i lwill grant you one wish. i love to be free and clear and under control. .

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Oh, all of that horse shit Gran used to talk about. Like not talking while you’re drinking. Might help your mouth keep your ass out of trouble – to invert a phrase. AND WHAT IF I LIKE TYPING LIKE THIS. Just stop coming around if you think it’s wrong.

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Drive-in then a roll in the hay. Oh baby that’s what you called it but wasn’t it so much more? And wow, I can’t believe that I am the one that you picked or that the cosmos picked for you. And then there’s all those visits to Al’s and burgers and shakes and that’s what you give me.

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Argh the way we made it here. There’s no pirate on the Navy Pier yet we heard it together that day. Was it before or after we got married? So long ago now. How could we even remember? Was there a before or after? So many questions. We’re now on this island forevermore.

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It was just up the road a bit, that town, where nothing good ever seemed to happen. Like walking into a bandit bar on the frontier, to come across the line as an outsider meant you were a marked man. Most of the women had known their husbands since birth and the children would make good textile workers one day.

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There was that concert in like 1990, Green tour, or something like that. I lied to my friends that summer and said that I went. One of them said they were there and that they requested Superman and he said they didn’t take requests and besides he hated that song. I tell that story now as if it were my own.

» Posted By Bryan On 06.29.2011 @ 8:22 am

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