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Oh, and she was so tall. Me at 15 and all of 5’8″, and her 6′ and basketball. Dribbling between the legs. I wished I was a ball. She kissed me first and only on a sleeping bag she had clandestinely pitched beside hers, at a church lock-in of all places.

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I got got a pair of headphones, they are red and unique to me, because I can use them as a mic for my phone too. They are the brand Skullcandy, I like them very much.

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It was the rat-ta-tat that I heard all through the night which made ditch digging not seem very worth it this morning. I was literally up through the night. It sounded like new years back home, but it was war time over here.

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She just asked me did I do the pills and the trash. As if trash was another name for something you can put in your arm. It’s been like this for 6 weeks or so. Unemployed and unemployable. That’s what my mother said when I called her collect to ask for money to pay the rent. I guess it’s the two of us now. Our little love nest. Seeing if ends will meet.

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It was the taste in my mouse right at that moment that made me want to love her for eternity. That and the fact that I had been at war for far too long. Just a little bitter a little sour. We were coming off a bad streak but smooth sailing seemed a possibility. And on and on it went.

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It was lying out there over the horizon. He could feel it coursing through him for all these days. These days on the road that made all of the past seem just one pin prick. A balloon reaches its limit. It’s time to begin something new.

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I felt so many times like I had really scored. It was all up to her though. Referee, opponent, teammate – all at the same time. She never even had a cup of tea without a battle strategy. Later, I would lose the game. She would have babies. Be happy. I would go fishing.

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It was in all of the ways she asked me to do things. Right down to washing the toilet. I put the lid down before it was dry. Not right. Just not right. And then the vacuuming. Oh, there was that and it was not pretty. Never right. That was all before she was gone. She even did that in the best possible manner.

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I think it was Dresden, during the war. At least that’s what he said. He was drunk. We were on the back porch of his house in that slummy part of Durham. Wasn’t always slummy, but the bad element had moved in. My dad and I never drank together. Granddad and I surely would. And then he would tell me about the war.

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I was there in the chair. I think it was November. 1994 or so. I had been through a couple of bad months and was coming back from assignment in Alaska where the salmon had started to turn on itself. There was a bloodbath of salmon everywhere. Fishermen were going broke. It was cold, but not as cold as it would get.

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I don’t suppose anyone ended up date. At least if memory serves me well. There was a treefort, our own basecamp from where we could conduct experiments and excursions deeper into the forest. I, most likely, ended up in the water. There was a carcass at the end. I don’t think it had anything to do with all of that though.

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I put it to my eye and everything vanishes. Take it away and there it is again. Hysterical blindness? I need this moment. I need to have it forever. We were standing there in the Andes and it will be what sets the vector of the rest of my life. What seemed a long drive may be more like a chip shot.

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He opened the panel and there was the initial ZAP! Something wasn’t right. I’d seen him, dad, do this so many times. Earlier, 15 years before, had even seen him climb a pole in a lightning storm to kill the arc that was endangering the trees and houses in our neighborhood.

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The hospital refuse pile was huge. Stretchers extended their reach to the heavens. I slowly started to climb the pile, hoping to see a way out of this wasted neighborhood. No end in sight.

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I guess it’s about time for mom to break down. Something about her childhood. I know her father got killed by the guy who was married to the woman that my “granddad” was fucking around with, but apparently he was even a bigger shit than that. We’ll put the tree up. Take it down three days later.

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That’s what she said to me. Then there was me storming out of the house. It had been three years since that delightful day that was all about her. The day that was supposed to be the beginning to the rest of our lives. Together. So I left and sat in the Kroger parking lot with a twelve back. Six in I went back home.

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Dad spent all day building. That was the day after the footer was poured and the masons left. There were the framing wood. Then there was the others. The beams and arches. He raised the church himself and it would be there he would preach and eventually die.

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Briefs are a type of underwear. Brief is exactly what the conversation wasn’t. Brief is as short as this will be by the time I’m done.

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Short. Too short. Fleeting moments in time we can never gain back, as much as we would like to, they are always gone. We may not even know they happened. Traceless. Untrackable. Gone.

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that’s what I’ve spent the last few hours in the garage doing. There was the old paint and the old chest of drawers. There were three rusty shovels that should still work. A new home. Making way for the conversion. The baby. The nursery. The thing we always thought would happen that first night we ran into each other.

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It’s warm, but not warm enough for insects. That means not warm enough for short. But too warm for pants. I can sit under a tree and not worry about ants.

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Oh, all that formaldehyde. And the discussions of nature/nurture. Racism. Then there was River Phoenix before he was dad and his brother took over the world for a brief time, and then disappeared in a hoax. Then there was summer and woods and writing the rest of our lives.

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Caves and men, art that depicts scores of loin-cloth wearing savages spearing mammoths. Primitive reminders of the greatness of man.

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That was the time when you and I were on our way from the west coast to the north midwest. I guess to Chicago. I guess to see Jeremy and the new baby. We had the back packed up and we were going somewhere. I do remember that. You had the banjo. That had to come. I don’t even remember our arrival time, or if it happened at all.

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He orders an Americano from the barista, a tattooed girl who barely acknowledges him between bites of her tuna sandwich. He’s not sure she’s even heard his order, when she plops the drink in front of him. “That’s $3,” she says to no one in particular.

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I think that everyone wishes, secretly, that they didn’t have to go to work, that they could focus on that one passion project that will make life worth living. But it gets hard to separate leisure and work. Photographers can’t always do it, it gets tough to make your art your work. It’s the same for writing. It’s only easy when you’re not getting paid.

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thats alright

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I am having trouble with writer’s block right now. I should be working but I keep spending my time procrastinating. I don’t have all that much to do, but I can make every excuse to wander the hallowed hall’s of my office to go to the bathroom, grab a snack, look up something I forgot.

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I’m designing a poster at work for a campaign called Vow of Silence. The campaign deals with children being quiet for 24 hours and raising $2 each hour they remain silent. I don’t think it makes much money if it’s a literal campaign. Kids love talking. Other than that the poster child for it should be that guy that sings Shaddap You Face.

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