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–determined not to fail now, now, at this crucial hour, when finally she had something to lose. she climbed. her fingers scrabbled desperately at the bark, reaching and reaching for a new grip when it came away like a peeling bandaid under her fingers. the ash tree was ancient, so wide across that she could press herself flat against its trunk and spread her arms out to their full length and her fingertips would still not reach its sides.

soon, a burst of clean open air hit her flushed face. gasping, noticing for the first time how rapidly her heart was beating, she clambered up and perched delicately on narrowest part of the branch, elevating her body up and out of the leaves. the sweat began to cool on her body, but the sun beat down and kept her skin warm.

her wings unfurled at her back, beating restlessly, more powerful than she had ever believed any part of herself capable of being. she shimmied forward on her branch to the place where it arched out and over the plunging cliffside.

she jumped.

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there’s no more room on the couch so he’s crouched on the floor, arms wrapped around his knees. his parents are very, very tense and still, his loquacious aunt and uncle silent for possibly the first time in as long as he’s known them. the lot of them are fixated on the tv in a way that his mother usually scolds him for, gaping open-mouthed and deaf to the rest of the world. he weaves his fingers through Scout’s silky white fur and waits for the man on the screen to stop speaking, because his mother had hushed him already when he’d tried to ask questions.

without a word, his father gets up from the couch quite suddenly, and for a moment he thinks that the important part is over and the adults will go back to chattering now. but his father simply locks the door, and shuts the blinds, and then sinks slowly back into his seat.

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In the month of July, many things happen. A very popular American holiday resides in July. It was the celebration of the birth of a new country. Many of my friends have birthdays in July. Leos starting month is July.

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he scaled the side of the bleached building with ease, clinging like an animal to the creeping vines and cracks in the brickwork, and when he reached finally the place where wall and roof met, his arms screamed with the effort of hoisting the rest of him up and over. he fell flat on the ground and took but a second to breathe before he was scrambling to his feet and sprinting to the far side. his toes brushed the place where the roof ended, and if he had looked down he would have balked at the sight of the three-story drop that awaited should his balance and a decade of trapeze-work fail him. but he did not look. he jumped and just managed to catch the edge of the neighboring building’s roof. his body crashed into the wall and the breath was knocked out of him with a wheeze; there would be bruises later. but his grip held true.

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There were two of them. Only two, no one else even remotely mattered to them. They had each other. Together as if nothing, even the most tragic of things, could tear them apart. They thought alike, acted alike, felt alike in their passion for one another. The very closest of peers, the most heartfelt relationship.

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I like to cook
Sometimes people underestimate my cooking skills.
Cooking is fun
I like to bake
Is baking cooking?
I think it is.
Becuase when you bake, in order to bake it you must cook.
I think cooking is fun.
I think baking is very fun.
Another form of cooking is looking at the sun.
If you look at the sun, your eyes will get cooked.
That is not a good thing.
Try to be careful when you cook, any form of it can dangerous.

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Himself. He is not himself. He is the “new an improved” self. He is the one who used to be so focused on being himself. He wanted to be himself. But, he is being the opposite of himself. He couldn’t be farther from himself. It would be nice for him to go back to himself. But no, that just won’t happen…or will it?
If only he could be himself.
I try to be positive, I try to think things can change.
But he has slipped away.
Too far to reach.
Going to far away from me.
If only he could be himself.
Things would be so much better.
Things would be right.
We could be ourselves, together.
If only he could be himself.

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Rise. The sun rises. The sun sets. the sun must rise before it can set…or is it the other way around. Setting and rising, each day. Becomes predictable.

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The past cannot be changed. If it could, would you do better? Worse? Learn from your mistakes…or repeat them again. What if you made a mistake, and could change your whole life. Make everything better. All of the memories disappear. Would you go back in the past, or stick with the present?

» Posted By Brittany On 11.28.2012 @ 6:11 pm

In the past, things cannot be changed. The past is full of different things for everyone. The past can be fun or horrible. Hopefully past is a good thing. But there is nothing like the present.

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I love going under the water on the beach. Is their truly anything better? I love to ride the waves, and boogie-board when I go to the beach. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and ice cream dripping down my chin in the summer air. I wish their wasn’t pollution in the water, and that their were more seashells by the water. Sometimes cold water is nice,and refreshing. Other times you have to take time to get used to it. Those days when the water is warm, those are my favorite days at the beach.

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Under. Under the water is like an ocean adventure. I love underwater activities. They rock. I like snorkeling. Unfortunately I had an accident with my snorkel once and I kept sucking in the water from the ocean and choking on it. Not so great. Anyways, I think you should try underwater things. They can be a great place to see ocean life. One time when i went snorkeling, (with a proper snorkel) I saw a giant sea turtle!!!!! Seeing that amazing 10 foot creature was a great experience, and that is why i recommend it.

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When I think of local, it makes me think of my hometown. Everyone there that’s a local are the people that I’ve known for years and are still exactly the same. Now I live somewhere else and I’m jealous of the locals. I don’t fit in. I want my locals back.

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The dramatic experience accumulated when a person is in the midst of a surreal realisation of inner talent, and the need for more.

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I think about the theatre, musicals, and the love for the stage. The rush of excitement when you hit the stage with the lights shining down on you. The rush when you get a standing ovation after a great performance.

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So wasted, so gone. Another bottle down, you shake your head and sigh. You’ve never felt this upset before than when you’ve relapsed. You look at the bottle in disgust and throw the bottle to the ground. When it crashes, you feel your heart stop for a moment. You think you’ll just sleep this off for the rest of the night, for the rest of the week, whenever.

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i was walking along the road in the middle where everyone says you shouldn’t walk, you know right in between those yellow lines when all of a sudden he took my hand and he started walking beside me. i had to look up to him to meet his eyes and we just smiled. and then i silently prayed that this moment would never end. and walk we did.

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when singing it’s important to make sure you have the right breathing technique you don’t just breathe in and out like you usually would in every day life or when exercising. When singing you need to breathe from your diaphragm and if you aren’t capable of doing this you may not be able to achieve all that you are able to. For instance singers like Christina Aguilera are capable of hitting the notes they do because of this talent that they have to breathe ‘efficiently’.

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Ruin relationships. I do not understand how people can stay together after one has had an affair. It is impossible for someone to fully have your heart if you are secretly letting another have a piece of yours.

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Big cities, vicious dogs, ginormous crowds, and plenty more.

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Afraid describes a lot of things about me including, the dark, horror movies, rumford at night, and the woods.

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I’m afraid of a lot of things like: heights, spiders, snakes, dying, graduating, and most of all trying to survive in the real world.

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choking back the pleas of a fearful heart. don’t leave. don’t leave. don’t leave. stay for me. foundation crumbling. you bring me to my knees.

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Despite the pouring rain, thunder and lightning, no matter what, I will always be on your side.

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my friend sams dadis blind how does he live its one should not seethe beauty in the world. i wish everyone could see.

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Whether or not the weather was going to be delightful was a mystery to Francis. She wept endlessly about the previous day. She could no longer bear the torment that followed.

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I had to sustain my family from a young age. My sister relied on me from day one. People had been depending on me

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in rain. john mayer. smothered. chocolate covered strawberries. blanket. blankey. tarp. circus. wagon. amish people.

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the covered wagon rolled across the vast prairie. The whole world was opening up.This was the one adventure that they were looking and waiting for.

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to me the word refuse is a negative thing and it shows stubbornness and pessimistic which i sometimes worry that i am. I really hope that I am not like that and I would like to think that I am open to many activities and ideas.

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