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She slacked her hands against the knob, her back aching. As she winced, she reached into her pursed and fumbled for her keys. The longer she stood, the more her back ached. After a long struggle, she finally freed the keys from her purse and unlocked the door. As soon as she closed the door, she collapsed to the floor.

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stealing. staking. stalking. they creep and crawl and slither. there is no honor amongst thieves.

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When I think of broken, I think of glass crashing and breaking on a floor. I think of the way the pieces shatter and the way the glass hits the floor the break the way it did. I think about angles and impact pressure. That’s what I think about when I hear the word broken.

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I love flannel. It reminds me of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s the best time of year to wear flannel. Flannel is my favorite because you can layer anything with it. Flannel is great.

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She loved to tutor. She loves the way a peer’s eyes would brighten as what she was teaching them clicked in their minds. It felt good to know that she was helping someone to overcome a an obstacle, and it felt even better knowing that they were trying hard and asking for help. She loved it.

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She tutored many people throughout her years in college. She knew that making friends was important, and her studies were important, but there was just something amazing how showing someone how to do something that you found easy. It was incredible to see the light that sparked in their eyes as they finally understood what she was helping them with. It was amazing.

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I think about my grandma when I think about loss. How she left this earth too soon, how I never got to say goodbye. How the last time I saw her, she was wearing crocs (very “old” for her — my grandma was the kind of person who wore jessica simpson heels well into her 60s) — and how she had kelley green gloves on her hands. She waved goodbye and drove away in the white care that I would be driving to her funeral two weeks later.

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Others? Other people, other places, other things. Other dimensions, other existences, other galaxies. Other species, other versions, other other other. I don’t know what to write about others. Always be kind to others.

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cabinets are usually wooden. I can’t wait to have my own house and design my own cabinets. You have a sense of accomplishment once that is done. It is also a really nice hobby to have. I really loved the cabinets in my childhood house while growing up. It was so amazing to see the décor in that house every time I walked in.

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Jayson hiked up the hill the puppies padding silently next tow him as the sun started to rise in the air. It was nice to get away from the quiet buzz of the village, the stress of work and just worry about nothing. He could not wait to do this with Pippa once she graduated.

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fans are something that blow air to cool someone off, when its extremely hot outside.

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fans are people who support a certain musician or celebrity.

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There once was a powder that could make people have magic powers. One day a company took it all and would sell it for billions which no many could afford.

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“You know, if you would’ve done as I said and ordered the violet dress, it would look a lot better with mine.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Miss Swan,” Regina accentuated with a snarl, “that I can’t submit to your every wish.”

“I told you we wouldn’t match unless you bought the exact same color of dress. Am I right? Or am I right?”

Regina huffed. “Miss Swan, I–”

“You ordered an eggplant-colored dress. Although you can definitely pull it off,” Emma said, eyeing the mayor, “it still doesn’t match mine.”

“No one will care if we aren’t matching.”

“Yes! Mismatching is like the worst possible–”

“Really, Miss Swan?” Regina raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. “Last time I checked, you weren’t exactly the best contender to make fashion police comments.”

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She placed the stencil on the paper as her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. She brought the pencil to the paper, slowly and carefully following the etched lines. She bit her lip in concentration and moved on to the next letter.

When she was done, she smiled brightly down at the paper.


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I will. I will see this girl again. She will be mine. Not in the possessive, stalkerish way, but in the lover way. Because she’s all I care about, all I can see. She is my love. Yet, she doesn’t even know it yet. How can she not know it? She knows everything else about me. She’s my best friend. Period. It all makes sense.

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Doing the wash in the backroom on hot summer days. Slick with sweat you looked me in the eyes and said “Let’s try something”
You took the laundry I was folding and stuck it in a basket on the dingy tile floor. You picked me up and set me on top of the dryer. I vibrated back and forth, left and right, side to side.
“Stop moving,” You chuckled.
“Never!” I cried out. And that’s when you did it. You yanked open the soap compartment of the wash machine, and grabbed the box of detergent of the shelf. You poured the detergent in like a mad-man. I slammed the drawer shut, and in that moment realized I was done for. Within minutes it was everywhere.


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How can this be? We have come undone and no one is willing to put us back together. Are we that unimportant? That different?

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Dietary? Why do I care? Oh yeah, I don’t! Diets are horrible; they limit the amount of chocolate and junk food you can eat. Who cares if it is healthy; we all die some day and I intend to die happy.

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Used goods. That’s all she is. Why didn’t she wait? Why didn’t she listen? After all, no one wants used goods.

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Production is the goal; happiness, kindness, sanity no longer matter. Why? So we can increase our profits, our earnings, our production. Because same as cows: that’s all we are good for.

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We are sealed. A state of inability; to see, to learn, to truly understand. That is prejudice. When you are sealed, there is no way to move forward.

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Scientists. Explorers of the unknown. Measurement, units, known, and mystery. Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology. Studying and breaking down. Knowledge eternal.

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knockoffs. that’s what we are. we replace and replace and replace; until we don’t even know where we begin and others end. why can’t we be truthful? honest? why can’t we be ourselves? do we truly want to be others? NO. We don’t need to be knockoffs anymore. We can be ourselves. We can be original.

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I don’t study much. Just kinda gaze at the pages I’m supposed to be studying and pretend like im somewhere else. its frustrating when i dont get stuff done. at least to others.

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Olives are perhaps the most delicious thing to come off a tree. I mean fruit is good but there are only so many things you can do with fruit. With olives you can crush them or just eat them, or oplunge them into aoholic drinks and make them even lovelier than you ever thought possible. Olive also happens to be one of my favorite colours. It’s soft, earthy, warm and inviting. NOt to mention it happens to make me think of martinis, which makes me happy and warm all over.

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It would be a beautiful centerpiece. Magnificent. Awe-inspiring. The perfect thing for the center of the table. It was the only thing required to make this night a complete success. It was needed. Yes, I needed this man’s head on a silver platter. It would be a perfect centerpiece for my warriors and me to gaze at triumphantly as we feasted in celebration of our new-found freedom.

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In the morning I pack my bags, get on my horse, and head down the trails.
I look up at the sky and wonder where I’ll end up this time.
I do not know where all the trails lead.
But that is part of the reason I travel down each one.
I love the mystery.

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I had eleven seconds. Eleven seconds to accomplish something great. Something important. Something unforgettable. Eleven seconds. It wasn’t nearly enough time.

» Posted By Brittany On 11.19.2014 @ 2:49 pm

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