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And as I gazed into the fire, burning green and blue with the ocean driftwood, I found myself thinking more and more about him and less about the other problems in my life. I don’t understand why I started staring into the fire or why it was him that i thought about, but at that moment I knew I loved him. I understood what it felt like to love someone so much that you just forget about all your problems just because that person fills all those voids left by the problems.

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It was a typical Florida July afternoon. The sidewalk was hot enough to cook on and all but the hardiest residents hid in cool, air-conditioned houses and stores.

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up and down on this roller coaster it will stop it will go shoot out from under you and suddenly your in the stars and in his hair anywhere you want to be there you are behind eyes of gold lie ornate souls

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She knew the library by heart from years of wandering through its dusty shelves. She she runs her fingers along the spines, slowing down at the faded titles of her oldest friends: Lewis and Tolkien, Dickens and Dumas

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He climbed up the steps, books clutched protectively against his chest, tight enough that the sharp edges of the corners dug into his ribs. But he didn’t dare loosen his grip, not after the last time, when someone managed to snatch his sketchbook away and started to flip through the pages.
His cheeks heated up in a blush just thinking about the incident, as he pushed the library’s double doors open. Part of him didn’t want to come within a thousand feet

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Despite. It’s kinda like another work for “but” in a way. If you really think about it. It rhymes with bite,

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The stillness of the air was smothering. He wanted to yell, to scream, to break the icy silence that had fallen between them. Around them, everyone went on with their lives, unaware of the heartbreak, the tragedy in their midst.

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Whether or not they believed her didn’t matter. She knew what she saw. And if she had to go back to prove it, then so be it.

Which is how she ended up stumbling through a forest, looking for a talking white rabbit when she tripped and managed to fall headfirst down a rabbit hole.

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A miracle. Isn’t that what a child is? A ‘miracle of life’? Something to cherish, to celebrate? Not something to scorn, to look away in the corner in shame.
The again, what miracle kills its creator?

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Why should I refuse to do such a simple task? It’s just going to sleep. But, it’s not my fault my mind stops me from going and nodding off into a dreamy world. I don’t refuse to do it; I’d love to go to sleep as soon as I hit my head on the pillow. But it just doesn’t work that way. It really doesn’t.

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I refuse to write any more than this sentence.

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The chain led from the cracked wall to the soft leather coler wrapped around his neck, just tight enough to make if hard to breathe, to have spots of light floating in his vision if he tried to move too suddenly.

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She held the bottle up to her face, ready to drink the blood that was filled to the top of it. she nastily drank the bottle and couldn’t help but to spit it out. She was definitely not a vampire! She couldn’t drink this horrid thing! It was so nasty she almost threw it up.

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A person sought out to bring peace to the kingdom of the little people. Often dressed in yellow, they resemble shiny mankeys. men in black muda foocker

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A person who gives advice to people who seek it when in need of help or guidance. Black suit. Fudge yeah!

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this reminds me of a professional. and a black suit.

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The large turbines looked ominous in the background. It was getting dark and the wind turbines were all that could be seen at a distance. There was no where for cover. There was no were to run. And with the sunset…there would be zombies.

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i got the chills when i saw her standing there behind the tree it creeped me out the way she looked at me with those blood thirsty eyes . she had nothing but a white dress on . she looked pale like she had had the blood drained out of her and now she wanted more

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on a cold winter day, a soup can warm you up. it can fill you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, one that can make you smile. soups are delicious and now i feel like having one. yum yum yum. souuuup.

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seeds are needed for life. they are the beginning of a new chapter. by planting a seed you are creating a new life form, whether it be a plant, or a child. seeds are amazing. :)

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She was keen to see her mother after her flight from argentina. She loved her mother very much, because, I think she was very much liker her. Brown hair, brown eyes, smile, and appreciated life for life and everything for everything.

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framework is what holds it all together. It is the basis of all things, both good and bad. It creates the basic structure for any number of ideas and thoughts. All things have their own framework. It is created by the individual as a basis for thought or design. In a literal sense it is the structure that you build upon.

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i think this is the house where bees live.they give birth to their children and produce lots of honey.

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WHY PINS AGAIN? I JUST WROTE ABOUT PINS. this is kind of annoying. again with the lack of punctuation. pins look like pins feel like pins taste like pins nom nom nom nom nom. people probably think i’m crazy (i swear i’m not) lawllinnn k this is so odd i need to stop. okayyyy byeeeee.

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pins feel like pins and needles. wow i don’t know what i’m writing about. today i went downtown, i did not see any pins. i am quite sure that there must have been some needles lying around, however. i mean, it is downtown after all. ugh i have so much work to do but i HATE, absolutely, poistively hate doing work. why can’t i just take some adderall, oh yeah, i don’t have any dammit! blah well time is almost up right now and is oh wait, time is continuing for some reason despite the fact it was almost up. i also have not been using proper punctuation such as capitals or commas, i have been using periods, althoug not properly entirely fully functionally. what am i even talking about? not sure, ah too bad so sad. back to mandarin unfortunately

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gemoedstoestand, gevoel houding aandacht onderdrukken maandelijks vrouwelijk inhouden agressief boos woede verlangen

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Class dismissed. Bell rings. People grab their things and exit disgracefully from the classroom with more enthusiasm than could ever have been imagined at the beginning of the day. Morning was terrible. Orange juice had nothing on car accidents and broken alternators. Today. We are dismissed. Now we go home to our cats and our dogs who are constantly faithful and dread the next morning.

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The town was almost abandoned. Hardly a few people were ever seen on the streets during the day. During the night, I wouldn’t know. I never had the courage to try and see. Just once, I stayed out until too late. The town sounded creepy, it’s darkness tolled with shadows and old smiles.

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I have no Idea what that means, probaby the density of something? Hmm. Maybe. Dense. Den. Like a chicken den. but with a “se” at the end. Density. Like science? I think so. I don’t like science. TOO CONFUSING.

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I feel as though I’m distinguished from the rest but doesn’t everyone else? I believe that it is my positives along with my flaws that makes me who I am. That’s why I believe that you must learn to accept people for who they are most of the time, unless they’re people who enjoy being hurtful. To others.

» Posted By bianca On 09.10.2011 @ 12:03 pm

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