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i dropped my heart on the pavement as you walked by. Don’t think I’ll be able to pick it back up for a while. I see your face and my jaw drops. My heart beats on the sidewalk.

» Posted By Beth On 01.28.2011 @ 9:22 pm


reports are a cool thing. you can write reports about anything really… i feel like they refer to the business world. or else school. where students have to hand in reports or they get report cards. business world people are just required to write up reports on whatever. i am in english so i will probably have to write many reports if i am a writer.

» Posted By beth On 01.27.2011 @ 10:23 pm

some days i have reports. oral reports. current events. reports, reports, reports, and reports. why do people want so much from me? i mean reports are just the beginning.

» Posted By beth On 01.27.2011 @ 7:53 pm


Faces. How many faces have blotches. They would always distract me as I would talk to a chubby pale skinned girl… Her face consumed by the red blotches. I wonder what who behind those blotches.

» Posted By Beth On 01.11.2011 @ 10:24 pm

I’m not really sure what to say here… Splotchy things. Which reminds me of that episode of scrubs where Dr Kelso spills coffee on his face and J.D. keeps calling him splotchy. I miss Scrubs. And my friend on the phone who I am talking to also got this word! What a coincidence…

» Posted By Beth On 01.11.2011 @ 5:27 pm


The bottom of my jeans in high school was always ragged. Then equaled cool in 1979. To my granddad it meant poverty and disrespect. Cool won out. A shame since he is no longer around. His attitude was jeans were for working in the barn.

» Posted By Beth On 01.10.2011 @ 6:17 pm


Support yourself from the inside out. You are your own beams. You are the cross ties that hold together all the delicate parts beneath your bones. The rafters crumble and you are responsible for rebuilding the structure.

» Posted By Beth On 01.09.2011 @ 1:44 pm


I discovered yesterday her capacity to endure. Amidst a crumbling world, she stood, up and out, and she sang her song to a mass of people disillusioned. I discovered that even from her knees she glowed internally, with the fire of a thousand suns. She looked into black clouds and dared them to blot her out. I discovered yesterday that this girl, all limbs and fragile bird bones, she was me. I discovered myself. I discovered.

» Posted By Beth On 01.07.2011 @ 7:27 am

pulling my feet along the road, turning amongst the beer bottles, the condom wrappers, the bent grass, I find a photograph. The corners bent, smeared with gasoline, the woman looks over the man’s shoulders, eyes dead. The man grips her hands, pulling them, making her his hostage.

» Posted By Beth On 01.06.2011 @ 2:45 pm

I walk down the road, two by two beer cans streaking along it in waves, looking at the white flicks of trash and booze, a broken condom near the side of the bushes, and I chuckle to myself, wondering about love and whatnot. There’s a photo on the corner, bent and covered in gasoline.

» Posted By Beth On 01.06.2011 @ 2:33 pm


Is that all we ever were? Did I create you solely in mind, to fill me up and give my emptiness a name? You existed as ghost. Left an indentation in my bed, but in my life you are only ever meant to be a story. Nothing real, no substance. Just the wind in my curtains, a figment of an imagination that needed desperately a tale to tell.

» Posted By Beth On 01.06.2011 @ 10:51 am


I kept trying and failing. Would I ever find success?

» Posted By Beth On 01.03.2011 @ 5:36 pm


I notice that I don’t have much to say about the word notice.

» Posted By Beth On 01.02.2011 @ 3:23 pm


My mom used to take my sister and me
to the library every week. My mom was an avid reader and passed this love on to me. Not so much my sister. I remember trying to check out Are you there God, it’s me Margaret for the 3rd or 4th time and the librarian asking my mom if it was ok

» Posted By Beth On 01.01.2011 @ 10:57 am

My mom used to take my sister and I to the library every week. My mom was an avid reader and passed this love on to me. Not so much my sister. I remember trying to check out Are you there God, it’s me Margaret for the 3rd or 4th time and the librarian asking my mom if it was ok.

» Posted By Beth On 01.01.2011 @ 10:53 am


I wish I was more lucky sometimes. But then again, I am quite lucky. I was born in a country where I have much more opportunities than others. And within that country, I was born to parents who can afford to give me a good home and a good education. I mean, I even have this lap top right now. I’m luckier than I think, sometimes.

» Posted By Beth On 12.27.2010 @ 3:29 pm


Optimism, I’ve tried it but it didn’t make good things happen. Now I stick with pessimism… it’s safer.

» Posted By Beth On 12.21.2010 @ 1:49 am


I found a feather boa in my backyard. It suddenly turned into a real feather boa. It bit me and I died. When I died I saw Jesus. He shaved his beard. it was the most interesting thing in my “death.” The End.

» Posted By Beth On 12.17.2010 @ 11:33 am


the boat’s radar picked up a strange object on the horizon. As the ship drew closer to the blip, the captain saw that it was a huge…

» Posted By Beth On 11.06.2010 @ 1:09 pm


Fighting is bad it puts offf bad energy for others around you. People dont want to fight and but sometimes people get soooooooo mad that they lose control of there feelings and awareness that its not good for them. People hate fighting and we should not fight . I had experience with fighting. It was not good, but we are good now.

» Posted By Beth On 11.04.2010 @ 5:58 am


I heard the siren last night and was petrified, paralyzed with fear. My first thought is always, “Where are the kids? WHERE ARE THE KIDS?” A grim, manic terror fills my heart.

I have control issues. I know I do. They are often triggered by the sound of a siren.

When I know that my kids are safe, I often then pray. Somewhere, someone is in danger.

» Posted By beth On 10.27.2010 @ 6:10 pm


calm. i need more of that in my life. sadly, I dont feel very serene in my current settings. maybe on a beach or something. certainly not in a 4 child home with a single mother.

» Posted By Beth On 10.26.2010 @ 2:48 pm


Panels = gray tweed, dismal flourescent lighting, bad offices. Also, Meghan’s apartment and her psycho cat. Then my old great team that I was on and all the great times we had. also seaside cottages with bead boards.

» Posted By Beth On 10.23.2010 @ 4:37 pm


Tomatoes were grown outside of my window; reaching almost to the middle. Nothing pleased me more than than to see the red fruit I had grew through so much hard work.

» Posted By Beth On 10.07.2010 @ 8:07 pm


I took a walk the other day. I really enjoyed the sounds of the neighborhood as I went. THe birds were chirping and the sun was shining. As the children played I thought back to when I was young. I used to love running in the field near the house where I grew up.

» Posted By Beth On 10.05.2010 @ 2:55 pm


Life. Having a cycle is a beautiful and painful thing. I wish I could live as a tree does: naked, dormant, new, glowing, naked.

» Posted By Beth On 09.01.2010 @ 2:14 pm


the sea foam green mist was too much to bear as i was walking through the forest to meet my fate. there he was, with his ax, waiting to end my life.

» Posted By beth On 08.24.2010 @ 7:48 pm


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

» Posted By Beth On 08.11.2010 @ 10:38 pm


You’re boiling and you’re about to overload, explode, implode, anything but calm down. I can’t wait for you to grow out of this. You’re like an impossible 2 year old. The kind you babysit and get paid extra for. But no one is paying me to deal with you. I get nothing- not even self gratification- to put up with your immaturity. Grow the eff up and stop calling me black!

The Pot.

» Posted By Beth On 08.11.2010 @ 1:25 am


she sat at the bar, attempting to keep herself steady on the worn and emaciated stool. she nodded at the man. “double whiskey on ice please” he looks shunned. turns away and fixes her drink.

» Posted By beth On 08.08.2010 @ 11:53 am

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