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the dark endless stars lacking sound spock is somewhere out there and so is space junk but its still beautiful. moon and planets and heavens and aliens and god i suppose. saturn always liked saturn must be the rings. such a shame they did away with pluto being a planet doesn’t really seem fair. sort of like the catholics getting rid of that car guy… you something or other that .. at one moment was a st and the next he was ousted for no good reason. galaxy… wasn’t there a candybar.. or am I thinking of a milkway… oh and then there are those black holes which sound like a problem to me. unless we are somehow able to send all our weapons deep into a blackhole.. then again, not sure what the folks on the other side would think of that.. probably wouldn’t appreciate weapon trash been hurled into their world.. … ok.. thats all i have to say on galaxy.. and i thought this would stop me at some point but it hasn’t and i’m just rambling on.. about nothing .. the dark galaxy of nothing in my head…

» Posted By beth On 04.02.2011 @ 10:48 pm


bridget has a large ego, but so do i. ego sounds like eggo. waffles are delicious. i want some waffles although i just ate an egg and sausage mcgriddle. i love food. and myself. i have a large ego. i’m ok with it.

» Posted By beth On 04.02.2011 @ 8:20 am


your parents to take care of you. your friends to be loyal. the sun to rise in the east and the moon and stars to shine at night. trusted that people you care about will do whats best for you

» Posted By Beth On 03.31.2011 @ 9:59 am

some are never to be trusted.

Some, just are.

What is trust?


» Posted By beth On 03.31.2011 @ 1:13 am


the guy was an executive asshole. So I killed him with G.I. Joes. Just then, Barbie came to save him because he was her husband and the G.I. Joes killed her too. Because they are gangster.

» Posted By beth On 03.30.2011 @ 1:15 am


Like a camera? or like digital, like a computer? digital imagery is everywhere, i mean like you dont really see anything not digital do you?

» Posted By Beth On 03.28.2011 @ 10:27 pm


loud and waiting patiently. I fear and anxiously await their commentary. Stage fright consumes me yet I’d be nothing without it.

» Posted By Beth On 03.27.2011 @ 11:36 pm

When I am in the audience I am a part of something. The performance is for all of us, we get to enjoy the experience together. We laugh, we cry, we clap, we cheer, we do all of this as a group. We become one body. One single thing made up of many.

» Posted By beth On 03.27.2011 @ 2:50 pm


Sweaty, glandular, obnoxious, must have, place of intense embarassment or great feats, girls nightmare, boys wonderland, it’s okay for most, hell for some, not really into it at all, but liked it when I was young. Drama club held in gym, back to work, need for plays, stage in gym, can’t get gym, sports suck. We are a force to be reckoned with, don’t ignore us, you will hear us. Catchall for sports, bodies, sweat, junk, trash, dust, brooms, teams, audiences, parents cheering, parents yelling, parents crying. I guess that’s all. Except for the ropes, I could never climb the ropes, no upper body strenght AT ALL!!!

» Posted By beth On 03.18.2011 @ 10:39 am


As I wander around this world wondering what to do
I feel afraid and lonesome and like most people do.
I have big dreams and I have big hopes.
But to reach them I have to climb immense slopes.

» Posted By Beth On 03.15.2011 @ 10:29 am

i wander aimlessly
wander, meander, leap, river.
rushing, gurgling. splutter splutter SPLASH
where to next?
leaf drift



» Posted By Beth On 03.14.2011 @ 8:26 pm


I hate when I get things from the bank. Not only do they include piles of shit I don’t read, like that they are electing a new bank manager or something, but half the time it just reminds me that i don’t have any money anyways and i just need a little more to make ends meet. And it’s not like I’m talking millions or anything.

» Posted By Beth On 03.10.2011 @ 8:33 pm


I once was a bee. Black and yellow. I flew up high a stung a tall fellow. I dipped down into a clover. And stung the nose of a dog named Rover. I took my nectar back to the tree. And made some honey for only me!!

» Posted By Beth On 03.08.2011 @ 8:12 pm


solution? test? countdown? some sketchy, some funny, some logical, this word seems ironic in that it conjures up thoughts of BEGINNINGS rather than it’s own what’s the word DEFINITION! strange, now the song is running through my head with thoughts of hitler.

» Posted By beth On 03.03.2011 @ 4:36 pm

finals in school are a concern for every student Piercingly so. today I still feel the same fear as i did when finals came around. even in contexts completely unrelated to testing

» Posted By beth On 03.03.2011 @ 2:07 pm


I just wrote about specific… when do I get a new word? Come on guys, this is no fun. How

» Posted By Beth On 03.02.2011 @ 11:19 pm

Specifically what? This assignment is entirely NOT specific. Is there a term for that? Unspecific? well spell check didn’t catch that, so I suppose it’s real. I’m not sure what to write, I just know that I’m writing ,and it feels good. I don’t write anymore. I claim to write, but in reality I haven’t written like I did when I was younger since, well, I was younger.

» Posted By Beth On 03.02.2011 @ 11:16 pm


The old man sat on the bench in the park.
His eyes were resting slightly, with one open hand with some leftover bread placed softly on it. Strangers passed, but no one noticed he was sleeping. One corner of his soft, wrinkled mouth was turned up in a sideways smile.

» Posted By Beth On 02.24.2011 @ 7:50 am


herb that’s wonderful for veal saltimboca

» Posted By Beth On 02.21.2011 @ 5:33 am


i would like to invent sonmething new, somehthing that is both beautiful and useful. color light form and use. invent. somthing that doesnt seem to exist in this world anymore. its sad but oh so true. loss of invention, creativity is a sad development in todays world.

» Posted By beth On 02.18.2011 @ 3:26 pm


hair in a mess and feeling lost
unsure of where to go or look
keep moving forward, don’t look back
you’ll sort yourself out in time

» Posted By beth On 02.18.2011 @ 8:53 am

Trees, as in the roots of, twisted and gnarled up.

Or maybe sex. People tangle together for this too. Maybe during, or maybe in the afterglow. That’s surely the best time. When everything is quiet.

» Posted By Beth On 02.18.2011 @ 8:32 am

Tangle reminds me of my hair in the morning. It’s generally one giant tangled mass of hair when I wake up and it drives me insane. I just want my hair to be smooth when I wake up, I wish I didn’t have to put effort into my hair or my looks for that matter, even though everyone says I don’t need to wear makeup because I’m a natural beauty, I feel like I really do need it. Just like I need to do my hair.

» Posted By beth On 02.17.2011 @ 1:22 pm


Its the best food for certain people but i think its rather disgusting. dark chocolate is possibly the worst…but if you add peanuts to chocolate like peanut m&ms or a herseys chocolate bar with pecans its delicious. Chocolate shakes can be good too. This was an interesting conversation.

» Posted By Beth On 02.15.2011 @ 8:28 am


a revolt is revolting only not. i think of people up in arms, planes crashing, cars honking, yelling screaming. i see lots of colors, bright and vibrant. i see flames and passion. i don’t know think it’s possible to really see passion but I do. you can see it in people’s eyes.

» Posted By beth On 02.11.2011 @ 5:51 am


It won’t stop ringing, I know it’s all my fault, they got out. Will anyone be safe again? How long until they break through the next set of doors, I hear them getting closer. I don’t know how long I have left. I hope someone gets to read this. I’m so sorry.

» Posted By Beth On 02.08.2011 @ 7:59 am

The alarm rang out its deafening burst. I slowly woke imagining your face. It’s harder everyday that they ringing brings me to realize that you are gone.

» Posted By Beth On 02.07.2011 @ 2:43 pm

every day i wake up to an alarm. then when i go to school and once the bell rings, an alarm if you will, goes off telling which class i need to be in nest after the previous one i was in. i am tired of these alarms which control my life, these bells that keep me captive, hostage. i want freedom.

» Posted By Beth On 02.07.2011 @ 11:52 am


Empty threat. Plea for attention. Use of manipulation. I know too many boys with broken parts and hearts who’ve used this word. Used it like a weapon. Used it like it’s cheap. Not cheap. A pricey, penitent word.

» Posted By Beth On 02.04.2011 @ 4:29 pm


In the days that pass by, I wonder why oh why. I have a wrench here and it’s attached to my heart. The wonderful ways I can wrench things apart. There are the friendships and the ones I hold dear, torn apart with the wrench that is my heart full of fears.

» Posted By Beth On 02.03.2011 @ 8:49 pm

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