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I am related to my family members. i have cousins that live in kelowna im going to see them after christmas im excited for christmas and hannakah. i only have younger cousins that live in surrey

» Posted By belle On 12.06.2018 @ 12:57 pm


Disgusting. Hunks of flesh barely separated from sinew and tendon. Meat; sizzling, bubbling, oozing with fat. Sticky hands and dripping, slimy mouths hungrily tearing strips of skin from bone. Animals. Carnivores. Shredding, gnawing, gorging on something that was once alive. A creature that breathed, thought, felt… Globs of uncooked flesh still clinging to raw, pink muscle. Nothing but an animal carcass, still fresh and bloody.


» Posted By Belle On 07.05.2016 @ 11:12 pm

It was disgusting. Hunks of meat just barely speared from sinew and bone sat roasting, oozing and dripping and bubbling in fat. The smell, an acrid scent that filled the air; the smell of a carcass cooking over feeble flames. Tearing at hunks of flesh with slimy fingers. Tearing apart strips of something that was once alive. Something that breathed and felt and was alive… It was disgusting.

» Posted By Belle On 07.04.2016 @ 10:04 pm


She lived on the streets, cold enclosing nearly every moment of her simple life. Summers were more comfortable with their warmer weathered nights, but the summer almost seemed to last half as long. Thankfully, though, she quite enjoyed the snow and steamed breaths, so it made up for it.

» Posted By Belle On 03.23.2016 @ 8:06 pm


Its simple but has many meanings. It could possibly be start of a conversation or even the end of a conversation. time can only tell. One word can say a lot about a person and who they are. simply like

» Posted By Belle On 11.17.2015 @ 11:20 am


Why do I keep getting the word lounge? I want to keep writing about other things. I like to lounge. I love it actually. I love my dog and wine and a good book. To me, that it the perfect lounging scenario. Now, what to do when the wine runs out and the dog wants to go for a walk??

» Posted By belle On 07.16.2015 @ 4:58 pm


The snake slithered through the grass, its scaly skin twisting on the dirt, its entire body twirling and squirming into one giant heap of lime green. Its eyes are black, piercing black and they stare into yours with the same hollow look as it’s ever stared into anyone else’s. The pink tongue slips out, and the entire creature hisses before hiding its head back into the twirl its own body has made.

» Posted By Belle On 05.23.2015 @ 9:26 am

Could it be? How did a little sense of hope slither it’s way into this world of darkness? It was all she needed to go on.

» Posted By Belle On 05.23.2015 @ 1:13 am


Oh well, look at that, a blank mind. Life gone, all is left is gray, ‘cept he doesn’t know that. He knows nothing, more than Greg, I guess. Amnesia, the doc called it, whatever that it.

» Posted By Belle On 01.02.2015 @ 11:29 am


She stopped in that instant and within a blink of an eye she was captivated. His love was all she could think about, and it was anything but worldly. She breathed in him, and from that moment forward, lived only for him

» Posted By Belle On 09.15.2014 @ 9:47 am

this is interesting. worldly. i miss being worlly, nothing like a good fuck and a drink. dont think my husband woud approve though. i miss the worldly days. but thats not right coming from a baptist, now is it?

» Posted By Belle On 09.14.2014 @ 9:45 pm


Her spirit was all revved up, despite spending the last 25 hours travelling. She had never felt so full of hope yet so nervous in her life before. Getting off the plane, she felt the chill in the wind but felt warm inside. She had been waiting a year for this meeting, and thought back to how she never thought it was possible in the beginning. With a smile on her face and her heart beating a million miles a minute she looked around the terminal trying to find the face she had only seen in pictures and through a screen. She caught the faintest smell of roses and the sound of footsteps catching up to her. And then the voice that sounded so new yet familiar – “hello”.

» Posted By Belle On 02.24.2014 @ 6:18 pm


if he sees me without shoes on, the morning after, if he sees me laugh too loud or talk too much and if i show him my veins and my blood then he’ll know how fucked up i am, and the intrigue will be gone and i will be left alone but i love him and can’t stop

» Posted By belle On 09.04.2013 @ 4:12 pm


i ran alway as fast as my legs could carry my chest just heaving each desperate breath bringing me closer to the edge. the cliff. my escape. suddenly my legs were in the air still pushing to run as i broke out into the open leaving the dark ominous forest behind me, and i fell. i fell like a bird that had been shot, stolen from its beloved sky straight into the watery grave below me.

» Posted By Belle On 06.12.2013 @ 11:30 am


Magikarp flails around.
Poor Magikarp, no one likes him. He’s like the ugly duckling that turns into not a swan but……
Jesus Christ I must look stupid.

I flail around a lot.
It’s really not attractive

» Posted By Belle On 02.18.2013 @ 11:02 pm

I’m flailing because I am a duck. Ducks flail all the time because you know, they are ducks. Holy crap buscuits. Flailing! I flail around a lot. Yeah. Because I am a fangirl, fangirls flail.

» Posted By Belle On 02.18.2013 @ 10:58 pm


The game. it was interesting, we played it when i was with my ex. the game. we lost it so many times. it was so much fun, we laughed so much! the game. so many memories. when things were good. when they treated me right. the game. i miss it.l those happy times. i wasn’t sad. we just played. laughter would come at any time, because someone said “the game”. now I’m alone. No inside jokes, no game, that’s it. nothing to do but text about smalltalk and sometimes encourage someone who’ll never care about me me the way i do about them. the game.i wish i could play it again.

» Posted By Belle On 12.18.2012 @ 12:27 pm


ow needle what is even going on? bikes have punctures, you can fix them, i can’t but my dad can. it sounds like punch which is cool because you could get a puncture, i guess from a punch. i don’t know what needles are for, crack people and people who need blood tests and who won’t eat, like anorexics or people who can’t eat like stroke patients.

» Posted By Belle On 08.07.2012 @ 3:10 am


people who chew it, don’t need it. people who don’t, need it. I want some cereal. and a nap. this was a good talk

» Posted By Belle On 07.26.2012 @ 9:44 am


joining together. Like possibly joining together the 100 pages of psychology notes with my brain for the midterm tomorrow. Or the statistics notes that have equal importance. just fuse them into my cerebrum please. no need to be gentle.

» Posted By Belle On 07.23.2012 @ 6:24 pm


Reminds me of some of the most wonderful times of my life. Wake up, snow outside, walk out of my room to peer down over the balcony, and see the house completely blanketed with Christmas decorations.

» Posted By Belle On 07.16.2012 @ 7:19 pm


I’ve been in motion for the last 48 hours, thousands of feet in the air, being ferried around the country in a Boeing 747. From Honolulu to Phoenix, Denver to Atlanta, New York to Hartford. And Finally home to Storrs. Complete motion.

» Posted By Belle On 07.02.2012 @ 2:43 am


i’d like to think that we all are just a configuration of everyone else that we come in contact with, and that genuine originality is simply our expression of all the external stimuli that we’ve come in contact with from birth till now.

» Posted By Belle On 06.28.2012 @ 1:04 am


leading is like the present tense of led like you ARE leading someone somewhere… can lead people to all different types of places, like an imaginary one of like a crazy rape dungeon…(ahh my dads here this is awks) but anyway when you are leading someone you posess a kind of power because they trust you wholy to lead them somewhere nice, or to the right place…. its like an unsaid contract between 2 people that youre going to lead them in the right direction

» Posted By belle On 05.25.2012 @ 4:50 pm


your mind can go anywhere.
your body can go anywhere.
your spirit can go anywhere.
but your heart,
can only go where the one it loves,
takes it.

» Posted By belle On 12.01.2011 @ 5:48 am


a patent can be put on a new invention
you can patent anything
you don’t have to be the inventor just the first to claim it
can give wrong people credit

» Posted By Belle On 11.08.2011 @ 8:36 pm


i was tired. homework was crazy and i had stacks of books piled beside me.

» Posted By Belle On 10.10.2011 @ 4:58 pm


What is it? Its something I’m feeling. I’m on edge.
It’s a sharp keen feeling in the middle of my chest.
Is it crying I’m going to do?
Is it rage I’m going to enact?

» Posted By Belle On 10.02.2011 @ 7:54 pm


I feel so hopeless. I don’t have a chance. I try and try, but nothing happens. Give me a chance.

» Posted By Belle On 08.28.2011 @ 2:45 pm


i shall constantly repeat everything i have ever thought because of you. Only you, are the reason. i eternally Repeat. never knowing indifference. its agony.over and over

» Posted By Belle On 08.17.2011 @ 8:51 am

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