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When the Dark Days came across Nara, she was one of those who kept the people content. For half the year the lights above the underground city would shut down, and Nara would be in darkness. She was a recorder, who listened to books and memorized them- she was able to read them to the people of Nara when they needed a way to pass the time.

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I will survive. That was what she told herself, day after day, night after long night. I will survive- I will. Even when the cries of the undead outside her window seemed ever-closer, even when they grew so loud she couldn’t rest. Even when everything seemed futile. She had to survive because… humanity, for the most part, had not. And because the baby wrapped in cloth beside her needed her to live.

I will survive. I will. Because I have to.

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The scissors you gave me were broken but still I refuse to throw them away. They sit there on my dresser, useless and faded, like some remnant of a past that I can’t even bear to think of anymore. I don’t use them for anything. I have nothing in need of cutting, and they are too big and unwieldy to use for anything else. I can’t give them away. But I can’t throw them out. So they sit there, festering. They’ll be there after I die.

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I heard that old song on the radio today. Blasted with memories of days long gone, I let it sink into my very soul. Picking this gem up out of the mire and polishing it off, a gleaming precious material for the world to see.

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boats. water. titanic. life

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