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I didn’t think that her touch could be so gentle, so caring. It was nothing like that rough exterior, that scab of skin she called her left cheek. They said she was crazy, that she did these things to get back at her father, but I didn’t believe them. Not at the at that moment.

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Bulbous time is what is inside. The bulb is broken! Who’s got the filiment? How do you spell that? Why is bulb bulb. “Blub blub!” said the whale! “What a blubley day!” Bubble. Blubber. This bulb needs to be shaken. And broken and taken.

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The light bulb flickered once, again, and then, with a small crack (or maybe it was a fizzle, Leah wasn’t quite sure), it went out. It was strange how in the dark, her other senses were immediately enhanced. Her breathing filled the room, loud and harsh. It was shallow, almost a pant, because she was nervous. She wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans and tilted her face upward toward the lightbulb, the outline of which she could dimly see in the darkness.

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She flew as though the very Demons of Hell themselves were chasing her, with no thought in her head other than the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears and the pounding of her feet on the ground as she ran, ran, as fast as she could, because there was no other choice at this point- if she stopped, then they would catch her, and if they caught her they would torture her until she gave them her secret, and she knew she would, because she was strong but she was also afraid of pain, and she didn’t trust herself to be able to withstand their sadistic proclivities.

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This is the same word as yesterday. Perhaps there is something wrong with the site. In any case, this is very annoying. Hmm, I think of the movie “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain.” I have never seen it, but I should. It has Hugh Grant (a younger Hugh Grant!), and my parents really enjoy the film. Maybe there will be a new word later today? Is the minute almost over? This is not fun anymore . . . Okay, the line is red, we’re almost over.

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I approached the hill with trepidation. I could already imagine my legs hurting as I began to climb. Indeed, my calves started to ache after a few steps. The hill was steeper than it looked, and I was in ratty old tennis shoes that were not ideal for climbing, especially when the hill was sparsely covered in grass. Tufts tripped me up, and I could feel dust from the parched ground settling on my bare legs. Sweat pooled in my armpits, and I despaired at the thought of the stains that would discolor my shirt when I reached the summit.

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I could only stand there, clutching the fabric above my heart. I had recalled the day before she left, before she flew miles and miles away from me. I remembered her touch, her smile, and our gentle kiss at the airport. I remembered how I had wanted so much more.

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She had a book in her hand, as she usually did this time of night. It was a classic, and one of her favorites, “The Secret Garden”.

I crept over to her, set myself on top of her trying to gain a positive response. She kept on reading.

“Is that the only thing you do?”, I kept asking.

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I was asking him a simple question. Did he love or did he not? i was just asking, but he was fumbling. I only wanted an answer to my question. He was always asking me questions, but once I ask him anything it was only silence.

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its red and square heavy made of clay with 3 holes in it houses pigs with houses wolves concrete gold bars home pavement hard rough scary painful

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yellow beautiful sun happy peace little kids childhood love

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it was his hat which esmerized me. it truly had the ability of distracting you from anything else in sight. i could imagine the man wearing it having a gun by his side and a lasso, ready to pull a horse in from somewhere. i wanted to slap the hat out of his head and see if i could myself turn into a cowboy. preposterous. you weren’t just made into someone by the things that you wore.

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Grace is the funniest thing, contemplation of want to’s and have nots. Grace is eternal beauty not designed for beginners but the divine. Grace is the absolute of the given and wanted by all, not to be achieved but within your etheral space.

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panda’s eat bamboo. there are bamboo yoga mats. not very comfortable to lie down on though.

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the leaning tower of piza? oh italy. how you have beauty in the midst of destruction. like venice, with its crumbling facade, its empty bedroom windows glaring out on the river. so enchanting in its loneliness.

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change or move places

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a folded a letter and looked out the window. What was happening to my life? One simple letter and my world is in pieces. But I’m going to make it through.

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stripes are on zebras. want to go to africa and see zebras because they look badass.. wear verticle stripes to look skinny but no one cares if you look fat so you can wear horizontal stripes as well. for some reason stipes remind me of cardboard starbucks coffee warmers. no idea why. stripes remind me of sweaters and snow boots

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The river was overflowing with the blood of the workers who had once admired it’s beauty from a distance. Capitalism.

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I walked along in the park this morning it was a beautiful morning. I went to my favorite Oak tree. It’s huge roots stick out from the bottom like giant earth worm pushing out from the soil.

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cabinets and pots
towels and metal tins
texas and the jet skis
not enough room
superfluous materials and overstock

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I had awoken lazily in the middle of the night and was washing my hands after using the bathroom but then soon realized, my entire body was wet. Then I looked and realized, that wasn’t a sink….it was my shower.

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a musical instrament that is played:it also records your voice a recorder is a common tool to record

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the soothing balm caressed my palm, as I began to heal. and something I’ve never thought of, because to itself, reveal. though the slippery cream felt good on my soul, the burn never did cease. for the ooze I felt in the secretions of wealth, never did my poor soul release.

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