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The world seems like a fresh, new place once you know where to go and who to talk to. Wandering through life under the delusion of friendship with people who couldn’t care less made me self-destructive. But at last, I’ve found myself feeling somewhat comfortable with disposition. I’ve come to a kind of peace. I’ve come home.

» Posted By agloe On 10.10.2012 @ 6:47 pm


Understanding what is said yet not being able to fully understand why… not knowing what to do yet wanting to do much… looking for the right thing but is there such a thing…So little can signify so much..

» Posted By agloe On 10.09.2012 @ 10:17 pm


There’s something strange about feeling heartbroken—over a death, a failed relationship, a dissolved friendship—where you want so badly for the pain to go away, but you feel comfortable in your misery at the same time. Some days, I wish I could go back and save everyone. Others, I feel like I learned something from it. Either way, life goes on.

» Posted By agloe On 10.07.2012 @ 4:02 pm


The walls around me fail to block out the ambient cries of cars speeding down the interstate, and I can’t help but wonder how many people there are leaving some place and going somewhere else. Each one an independent entity with their own path and desire. It makes me feel…distant.

» Posted By agloe On 10.04.2012 @ 11:29 pm


I’ve probably said too much, but I’ve never felt more accomplished. I gave what I had, and I was spat on in return. Yesteryear, you made me feel like I was living on the edge of the earth. Now, I feel like I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.

» Posted By agloe On 09.29.2012 @ 8:10 pm


I breathe out, and watch the smoke go out with it. I’d be disgusted with myself if it had been a year ago, but with all of the disasterpieces between then and now, sometimes it feels nice to lose myself. To just simply exist as a smolder among the self-destructive fires that I call peers.

» Posted By agloe On 09.27.2012 @ 8:30 pm


Had this been a year ago, then I’d be waiting for everyone to watch me bleed. But that’s not me anymore, and I haven’t been like that for some time. That past life died with all of the hurts and memories somewhere in a pile of mud over the sounds of “Disasterpiece”. Hate still isn’t enough to describe me, but I’m not somewhere between screaming and crying. I’m supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be.

» Posted By agloe On 09.26.2012 @ 5:18 pm


There are many befores and many afters, and one is always better than another. I used to think that before last year was like heaven, but this is just a growing experience. It’s just life, and I don’t feel the lack long after.

» Posted By agloe On 09.24.2012 @ 10:12 pm


I was beginning to dissociate myself from caring more and more, and it’s the most beautiful thing that I have ever felt. In Buddhist teachings, it is said that when one stops seeking his desires, that all suffering stops. The things that we want the most just destroy us in the end, and being wonderfully separated from my whims, I feel at last the ability to fly into the night.

» Posted By agloe On 09.20.2012 @ 10:20 pm


The towers in my mind were on fire, and the flames left me feeling unsettled. The idea that once thrilled and excited me now left me feeling something that I never expected. As a ghost of a chance appears, I feel…scared. Scared to breathe, and I want to jump out of my skin. Sometimes, maybe it’s better to let go of the ghost.

» Posted By agloe On 09.11.2012 @ 9:38 pm


I see the bodies flailing at the bottom of the mudslide, and I throw myself into them. Punches flail through the air with chunks of earth and beads of blood. I carry the last words and thoughts of you in there, to bleed and spit them out. Is there another way to live? Because it’s the only way to die.

» Posted By agloe On 08.01.2012 @ 1:24 pm


You still cross my mind from time to time, and I mostly smile, still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why. So I retrace our every step with an unsure pen, trying to figure out what my head thinks, but my head isn’t what it used to be, and then again, what’s the point anyway. It must be true what people say, that only time can heal the pain, and every single day I feel it fade, but I still remember how the distance tricked us and led us helpless by the wrist into a pit to be devoured. I still remember how we held so strong to this, though we had never really settled on a way out. I still remember the silence, and how we’d always find a way to turn and run to our mistakes. I hear your voice in mine.

» Posted By agloe On 07.15.2012 @ 2:44 pm


I stop running to catch my breath, and I feel the fractures ache in my mind like they do in my body. The screams of pain call back the spirits of my past. The three ghosts of the past 10 months stand before me. Two gone forever, but the one lost through misunderstandings is still breathing and her heart still beats. Forever, let me put her ghost to rest.

» Posted By agloe On 06.21.2012 @ 9:19 pm


I took off the cap as I exited the car and into the hot, 85 degree weather. The car drove off, and I felt sweet relief as my parents inside departed. I stood around for a few minutes, and watched as a body as broken as mine emerged from the glass and metal doors. After the long nights of messaging and tearstained phonecalls, we meet in those streets and embraced the withered shells of each others’ bodies. Our limbs and minds wrapped into one, and in that moment, we were infinite.

» Posted By agloe On 06.03.2012 @ 10:31 pm


What to write at the end was a dilemma. She’s leaving. The living reminder of the feeling of nooses on my neck and the cold embrace of his long-deceased arms is finally living. Good riddance to her, but scars will never let me forget why I shouldn’t trust people.

» Posted By agloe On 05.28.2012 @ 7:15 pm


The days leading up to it were filled with excitement. Alas, the tormentors of my world were stepping out of it; permanently for most. She still bothered me, and I felt the urge to go for it; maybe one last time as a farewell to a once friend and to end on a good note. But then I remember what happened. The lies, the broken promises, the unsympathetic walk away from me as nooses were tied and I could still feel his dead embrace.

» Posted By agloe On 05.25.2012 @ 4:25 pm


It smells like rainfall and trees that are trying so hard to throw their leaves into the sky. I love the way the cold feels on my skin right now, even though we’ve just come through so much of it, for so very long. I love the way it crawls across me and I love the hint of thunder that is lingering around. I wish I was curled up inside a blanket, all of the lights out, and switching between staring at the cold glass of my monitor, and the patterns the rainwater makes on my window. I wish we were having a lazy conversation with no direction and no rhyme to go with the lack of reason. Like before the crash.

» Posted By agloe On 05.20.2012 @ 7:10 pm


She leaves her head wide open to let the insects in. They buzz around in her skull with misconceptions about everyone and everything. Sometimes, they fed her happiness for awhile, and then she saw him for who he was. Other times, it fogged her vision of the other him, who wasn’t hiding anything from sight.

» Posted By agloe On 05.14.2012 @ 8:42 pm


Flying down the back road at 75 miles an hour, the limbs of trees extending out corpse like, and the extended bass of the modded stereo lending its strength into a back massage, we had the headlights pointed at the dawn, sure we’d never see an end to it all. And in that moment, we were infinite.

» Posted By agloe On 05.12.2012 @ 9:36 pm


Every drop of blood raging through the rivers inside me carries the echo of her name. On the occasion that it spills and escapes from the skin that holds it dear, if you lean in close, mixed in with the sound of fading drumbeats, you can just hear the sound of that name being chanted.

» Posted By agloe On 05.07.2012 @ 11:02 pm


She’s been instrumental to my happiness in the past week. The night was black and the stars poked through the darkness, on the eve that we admitted are long held secret affection to each other. To finally know that there is someone out there that cares for my existence is like being reborn. And your ego will never let you know it.

» Posted By agloe On 05.06.2012 @ 6:58 pm


I’m no longer trying to separate the person I was then from the person I am now. I’m not as freelance, open, and joking anymore, but it’s for my own defense and protection. After all, the scars on my knuckles are a reminder of what happens when I think I can trust people.

» Posted By agloe On 05.01.2012 @ 6:22 pm


I never held an alibi for what I did. What happened simply did, and in my depths of nothing, you meant something to me. I guess happiness and peace of mind were never meant for me. So, instead, I knock on the doors of hell’s darkest chambers and, pushed to the limit, try to drag myself in.

» Posted By agloe On 04.29.2012 @ 11:20 pm


My only question still (at least for you) is why won’t you talk to me? Why can’t past grievances be just that? Why do they have to be held as grudges? Those are my only questions for you, and I hope that they might be answered someday.

» Posted By agloe On 04.24.2012 @ 5:23 pm

The tears streaking down my cheeks wet my chapped lips as I read the words: M is in a relationship. They bite at me and mock me. All of those nights wishing in vein to find someone with understanding. All those visions that kept me from jumping when the rope was tied around me. All in vein. I give up, and I think it’s time for me to bow down and back out of this world. Everything I do is wrong, and I’m unworthy of existence. Guess you were right all along, Sepia.

» Posted By agloe On 04.24.2012 @ 2:38 pm


What else is there to be done? Find the inner peace that you, like the rest of us, need. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and wrongdoings, fix what you can while you still can, and embrace the future. You’ll soon be leaving this place and most of the people and memories will stay behind. You have no idea how much better everything gets when the reminders of what you’ve done are no longer there. It might not be the delicious entree in a grand meal of life, but life goes on because it has to.

» Posted By agloe On 04.22.2012 @ 1:59 pm


The sound of my stomach protesting rang through my ears alongside the gurgling and grunts of my companions as $66 of fast food hit our digestion like DUI drivers into the side of semis. It reminds me that there is a world beyond the hypocrites, sociopaths, and backstabbers of my day to day high school, and nothing is more satisfying and reassuring, despite the indigestion that lingered in me.

» Posted By agloe On 04.21.2012 @ 10:50 pm


The thought slightly crossed my mind, more as an unanswered question than a wish or dream, as I knew that it would never be a reality nor would I dwell upon it like it was. But why must the silence continue after all that caused it has been resolved? It baffled me as much as the whole thing did, and probably ever will, as passive the situation was to my negativity.

» Posted By agloe On 04.19.2012 @ 9:57 pm


I don’t have any sunglasses tinting what I see, and I see the world for what it is. And you know what I see in front of me? Someone whose gone through life only thinking about themselves. Never did they realize that the boy that they had been talking to for hours on end for months was mentally broken and on the verge of taking his own life. You’ve never had someone that you’ve known for over a decade, for as long as you can remember, die suddenly and tragically. It’s not like losing some boyfriend whose an ass to you, because at least he’s still alive and breathing and still has a future. It’s not like having a grandparent die, because at least they got to experience life. And as this boy is writing his amends and notes to a past life that he’s about to leave, having an egonarcisstic one-time friend one-time possible romance tell him that he should be sad for her instead is not the time. Wherever you go, I hope the next dying soul blows their brains out all over you. Wherever you go, I hope you never find the peace that you rip out from others gleefully . I hope you choke.

» Posted By agloe On 04.18.2012 @ 4:14 pm


She stood in the doorway, the ghost of a smile haunting her face like a cheap hotel sign.Her cold eyes imploring the men buried in their macbooks, looking for the gold in their bags or the knives in their backs.Stepping up boldly, I stuck out my hand.I said, “I was just a child then, now I’m only a man”. Remember me? Remember how we used to be? Shouldn’t we be closer?

» Posted By agloe On 04.17.2012 @ 8:21 pm

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