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She was staring down in disbelief. “Do you see how many of them there are?” she asked. “Yea, Ive never seen anything like it. They were both fixated on the sonar for what seemed like ages. Finally, they brought up the subject of there being no help within seven anglars, the new federations measurement for distance.

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The whale’s sonar hit off the aluminum bottom of the boat as it crossed the deep inlet. The small motored vehicle chugged along unaware that beneath it was the largest animal it was ever going to come in contact with. The whale thought briefly about destroying the nusance who so often had interupted it’s peacful existence but had wisely decided against it. Other’s have tried and only had succeded in bringing the wrath of the small but very dangerous beings.

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The crew started construction on the stage this morning. It took them four hours to put up the floor and they hadn’t even started on the scaffolding to support the lights and speakers. I hope they get done in time for the sound check at 2 and then light check and then the openers instruments and… “Mr. Saints you have a phone call.” My assistant interupted my train of thought abruptly. “Who is it?” “Someone from the office wanting to know something about billing.” He was too new. I needed a veteran for this concert and they hired me an amateur.

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The auxiliary tank followed closely behind the lady. She walked quietly just a few feet in front of it’s guns. The only other soul to brave the streets was her dark gray cat. A hiss of released steam from the tank caused a flinch. Reaching the pier a single tear crept down her face. Looking down to her faithful companion she muttered “I believe this is the end my friend.” The towns people heard the crash of the waves and wood as the pier gave out beneath the lady, the cat, and the tank.

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Why do I keep getting the word “suggestion”? It’s kind of weird. I wish I could get some suggestions on Tumblr names. I honestly can’t think of anything cool that represents who I am. I really want a Tumblr though. It seems like a fun web service and all my friends have it.

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holding water is not only this objects real known job. For the bucket can hold many things. for With a string or without, people have been using these for many years

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The modem is an invention of the modern times that has caused a great revolution in the amount of knowledge that humans are able to share with one another. I imagine that in the future, it will be thought of as one of the great inventions that has shaped history.

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Hello I am a coca-cola distributor and I would like to present a brand new product we have. It is fun and safe for the whole family. I made a mistake and now I have an other 60 seconds to write about the given word above. If you try to distribute words to me I will write about them.

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Soups are tasty and usually are best in vegetable form. They are warm and fill you up and are exceedingly healthy. Also, they are easy to make! Suck them with a straw too!

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to dwell on something.. to dwell is surely a bad thing. Dwelling on things makes us worry, about something that has already happened or may never happen. It’s like living in the past. Dwelling can never be a good thing, it just leaves us stuck.

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My daily routine had become more of a hassle than it had been for the longest period of time. It use to be a simple grouping of things that I would do on a day to day basis, but not I’m swamped with these annoying things in my schedule that must get done. No matter what though I try to ignore the pressures, and go about getting each task knocked out of the way one by one.

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architecture is often something that incites boredom in me initially and i think it a fony artform but when you are walking around a city like London you can’t help but be moved by the surroundings you find yourself in. the very fact that someone not dissimilar to you was integral in crafting the massive forms you now feel dwarf by is a fairly numinous experience

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Is this the entré for Susy and Nama?

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Trunk. A storage compartment on the back of a car. The nose of an elephant. Guys swim in trunks.

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To be fixed is to be made whole again – and that you were broken to start with. So much is broken, to begin with. How are we ourselves fixed? In all honesty, only by Jesus Christ.

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Ratings. We care so much about them. Movie ratings, blog ratings, academic ratings. At its core, we connect ratings with value and purpose. Should we? What makes you?

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A nice way to keep things together. It such an everyday thing, and yet we are afraid of getting our fingers caught in it. Wouldn’t want to be stapled ourselves. Also, a well-known store.

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The patterns that came out of her hair were the only thing i could really fixate on How the slight curls were so perfect in the way that they all seemed to be an exact copy of the one next. I couldnt possibly think of a better scenario for a young man to just observe. The hair, the face, the smile. all of it just seemed to transcend any sort of prior judgement of the term ‘beauty;.

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I weave in and out of the local streets. Nothing moves me more than that. Seeing the faces, and the places I’ve been. These streets are my life, the weave is my only movement. That’s all I can do, all I can say. It’s the only thing that matters anymore. The lights of the city have never shined brighter than the night I walked away from it. It’s real. It’s significant.

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People believe they exist where they don’t exist. Take a picture of the Earth from space, there are no walls between countries. We shouldn’t pretend political borders matter. We should pretend that human beings matter and let the walls come tumbling down.

» Posted By adam On 02.07.2012 @ 4:16 pm

walls are confining, yet freeing.

once you know where the boundaries are, you’re free to improvise and create in whatever way you see fit to dream. after all, what good are walls if not to protect – in this case, your mind, your creative spirit, and your freedom to dream?

walls get a bad rep, imho.

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The bench was covered in a thick slime that appeared to oozed from every crack in the wood. Sadly I needed to set her somewhere, lest she die. I laid her down on the bench gently, wishing there were somewhere else to put her.

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The taste as I bit into it brought memories back to me. I just couldn’t finish the whole thing as tears ran down my face. My mothers face when she told me, right as Snow White bit from the apple. I just cried.

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The brain flares, sparks, seizures into action. Cheeky devil. Frisky. A innocent pass.Made a pass. Tried to get fresh.

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The flood washed us away the the next county met I met Gloria and her son. Nice folk. They had me dry my pants on the line and for a few minutes I thought about settling down there. Getting a job, and getting the things I want. Stitching up the wounds the towering city gave me.

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i have a pretty bad scar on my left knee. i was a boy, and as boys do, i would play in the empty lot down the street. i used to pick indian paintbrushes (that’s a flower) and wrap them in a bundle for my sister. but then i got the scar.

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i like to view things. they have nice qualities and such. they look really cool. or i just like to view them. viewing can lead to good or bad outcomes. either of which could be enjoyable or not so much. many things can be viewed. such as a pineapple.

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Anywhere. Anywhere means any place, all locations are anywhere. Anywhere you want to go, somewhere you want to go, everywhere is anywhere.

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black man. El presidente. Cou de ta. Revolt. Revolting. Despicable.

The senator sits on top of a throne of skulls. The skulls of kindergartens from Utah.
Fuck Utah. and the proletariat.

» Posted By Adam On 11.25.2011 @ 6:37 pm


An icicle is a pointy piece of ice that hangs from the roof of caves in really cold places. Icicles are very cold and very pointy.

» Posted By Adam On 11.13.2011 @ 2:52 pm

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