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With a heavy sign, the sunflower bowed its withered head. To my surprise, it had lasted a few days in the Los Angeles air.

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The molecular biologist let the printout slide into his hand. He carefully examined the rows of lines — each varying with thickness, containing the secret to life itself!

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A drop of sweat trickled down my face. I stared the problem directly in the face. My grip on my pen tightened to a blistering strain. My mouth dropped in terror.

This material wasn’t covered in lecture!

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The moonlight was soft. It caressed her face like a gentle shower as she stood on the edge of the cliff with only the breeze. She inhaled. And she flew.

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I swept my hand over its sleek screen, around its curves and down its slender back. What a marvel it was, what a triumph of technology — a computer no bigger than my Moleskine notebook!

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I fell to my knees, the desert sun beating furiously on my back. A veritable waterfall poured down my face, nourishing the sand below me in a small gesture of irony. I glared at the road ahead of me. As I did, a hawk swooped out of the sky…

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Darlings. Two of them. Both of them bitches, bitches, bitches at time. But also quite pleasantly domesticated at others. Is my sarcasm coming through?

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‘Salvation. It’s something everyone wants. Thing is, most people don’t realize they’re the only one who can save themselves. They look to their friends, family, Jesus, maybe even the government. But ain’t no body looking out for them.’

He spit out his tobacco and walked away into the dimly lit mist.

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The misty morning broke and the quiet still of the night was interupted by the crow of the rooster. Ruckus the mut raised her shaggy yellow head to look towards the sun as it crept above the distant hills. A beam of the golden rays pierced the thin curtains of Molly’s bedroom. This was the day she would leave.

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There’s a pile of magazines sitting in the nooks and crannies of my office. Science magazines. Magazines detailing the intricate wonders of our universe and the beautiful breakthroughs on Earth. Unread, a pile of knowledge rotting with no audience.

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I could scarcely breathe. I clung to the entrance of the air vacuum, yet I could feel by blood beginning to boil. This was it. This was the end. Too much carbon.

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The world is being fucked by carbon. We are releasing much more of it into the world around us than the earth and it’s plants are able to absorb. This is creating global climate change and that in turn is killing more of the carbon absorbing plants. It’s all conspiring to create a vicious death cycle and we are going to have to shape the end result.

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A chain of nucleotides littered the scene. The detective questioned the eyewitness: “Did you see who the DNA helicase was?” No response. By the time the detective had turned around, the eyewitness had been strangled by a ribosome.

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“Loading in the White Zone Only” read the sign as she sat in the back seat of the cab. “Mam’ we’re here. That’ll be 15.” “Huh? Oh yes, here you are then.” “I know it’s none of my business but you alright?” “Yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s just that once I get on that plane my life is going to change forever.” “Change can be a good thing right?” “Sometimes.” She opened the door and stepped out with her small rolling suitcase and laptop bag by her side. As she walked towards the automatic door she heard behind her “Remimber that those flights go two ways and you can always come back.” If only she could.

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I’m in the zone, well I’d like to be but there is 10 minutes to go till I get lunch. The zone I’d describe as being that excited that you can’t really do much. So pumped about the task that it consumes you. HAHA Consumes, I am hungry.. Well off we go. STEAK!!

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he walked down
down to the banks
it wasn’t shallow, barely enough room to stand
but somewhere beyond the bank, into the mirror on the lake it sat

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Money, robbers, lots of people, stress, wrong decisions are being made, too clean, suits, occasional robbers, no trees, no flowers, no life,

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Sitting in the large hollow hallway Fred waited on a hard wooden bench. Wearing his father’s black suite he shifted nervously waiting for his turn in front of the judge. He studied the gray tile in front of him trying to solidify his story. “The drugs wasn’t… no weren’t mine. One of my friends had given me this bag to hold while he went to his house to change. I was just waiting for him next to the 711. Yeah, that’s it. Just waiting. And then some guy comes up to me asking if I had anything to sell. How was I to know it was ‘controlled substances’?”

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i dare you to dare me to dare you to date you to deliberate you to hate you and segregate you. if you dare me to dare you to dare me to mar you moon and star you bar you gnar you subtly scar you… double dare me.

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He knew it wasn’t going to help, festering inside of him. But he couldn’t tell. The only thing worse than not telling her would be losing her. Or had he already?

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Secrets are never kept well from a group of tight-knit friends. We give secrets out with hopes of keeping them locked away, however, the most well-kept secret doesn’t see the light of day. Keeping a secret buried within is the only way to ensure that rumors do not begin.

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Flash! “Alright now I’d like to see the couple alone in front of the church. Yes now bride can you move your vail over your shoulder? Nice. Smile groom. Hold it.” Flash. ‘Any more of this work and I’ll hang myself’ though the photographer. ‘Seeing this couples and how their family fawn over them makes me so sick. I want to shoot important things that shock the public.’

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trapped in the earth. It’s one of the scariest things that could have happened. Deep underground with no way out. Slow comprehension of the countless tons of rock and earth slowly sinking in.

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methods are often repetitive
often they are boring
sometimes they are necessary
often they are not
but we need them
because otherwise nothing would get done

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a deliberation to disorder
a way that we go through life but mostly in our heads

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Instruction. Rules, regulations, restrictions. They’re so limiting. Though, they guide you in the direction that you should go in. The safe, helpful direction.

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The suspects are all connected by the museum opening. The “John Smith” in the morgue was found in that closet and all the suspects were in that museum the day before it opened. Someone knew something but how do you find that out while still being so new to the squad. Not how I would picture my third week on the job.

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The partol marched past. It was the last one for the next four hours. That have Steven and his other two partners just enough time to pick the lock on the back door, get through the back of the store and to the display case that held his future. Two weeks ago they cased the joint in the usual fashion. Getting a good view of the front hadn’t been difficult and getting the plans to the building was much easier since he had paid off the city employee months ago. Now all he had to do was get the jewelry out of the city before day break and he was golden.

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Loading the stretcher, Sally watched as the men with funny jackets took her daddy. “Daddy’s going to be just fine baby.” Aunt Alex said, “He just broke his leg. After we clean up the mess we’ll go to the hospital and check on him.” “I wanna go with daddy!” “You can’t sweetie. We’ll go as soon as I clean up.” Stomping her foot, Sally crossed her arms and scowled as the ambulance drove away. Alex went back into the house. What does she know anyway, she’s not my mommy.

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The sonar was working perfectly. The night before he went throughout the entire checklist twice over. Today could not be compromised. He could not drop the ball. But after all the preparation, all the hard work, the event was a source of ridicule.

» Posted By Adam On 07.17.2012 @ 11:18 pm

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