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everything comes to mind right now. THe fact that that bleach white page sits there doing nothing then bam you get this nice mellow purple word. and that doesnt even discuss the inherent meaning behind it. You get so much with a word like this. People, family – why did you run – were you scared?

– people love you, no matter what you think.
A runaway isn’t always a bad thing though. Some people just like to escape from it all. Connect to what life is really all about
Walden – Henry David Thoreau
Read it sometime

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The man gazed up at the high-rising tower. Somewhere up there was his wife–and the man who had taken her. He grabbed the briefcase and quickly begin to ascend the stairs, being careful so as not to aggravate the gun resting in the back of his pants.

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All I can muster is movie clips. Maybe paper clips too, but they can be frustrating after awhile. Nail clippers? Just clipped mine the other day, some what long over due.

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dial a number. you reach for the phone and make a call. but why? why not just go next door and talk to your neighbor? why not drive to pick up the pizza? We are becoming more and more unsocial.

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I never want to get permission but i do anyways cause im a good son. Please let me get permission for the concert and the halloween sleepover. I REALLY want to go!

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I hated doing it but I know that she loved it, so I did it anyway. My right arm was underneath her neck, cradling her head on my shoulder. My legs and hips melted into hers, and every breath she took made me shudder. It was then that I realized that finding “the one” meant finding a girl who would let me be the little spoon.

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She said to me, “Your heart is like a toy. Do you want to just leave it in it’s box? Stay in mint condition and eventually become a collector’s item? Do you want to have meaningless value? Or do you want to take it out of the box and fucking play with it once and a while?”

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I needed to go to the bank that day. I had just sold the last of it and could subconsciously feel my bank account getting smaller and smaller. It was so hard to count the bills in the parking lot of the bank, especially when the heat was like it was. Record high, they said. In between the fifteenth and sixteenth twenty dollar bill, I lost count.

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A movie about vampires, a sometimes deadly weapon, a shaving tool, the blade has many uses.

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Swaying back and forth, it’s what I always do.

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Opening and arising. Too late to touch where you want to go, you have the ones to where you need to. There is nothing but opening, there is only access, you have them. They are your brilliance, your purpose, the fate and destiny if we know they exist.

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Thumbtacks are used to post things on cork boards. They can hold many things in place including pictures or cards containing information of some kind.

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I’m at a loss of words, how could I ever tell you how I feel. Remembering how we used to walk by the water makes me wish I was young and stupid again. And now? Who have we become?

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