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I was tempted to say soemthing, but then I held my breath. I don’t know if it was becaause I was scared to say anything I’d regret, or more scared the answer she would reveal. I think something ignorence is bliss, and in this cause, I choose bbliss. There isn’t much I can do to change the past, but I’ll impact the future.

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I have a 12 gauge shotgun that I love to hunt deer with. I shoot a 00 buckshot out of it as well. It has a lot of power and kicks like a mule.

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she told me to jump once.

I didn’t know what she meant. I looked at her, frightened, scared out of my wits. Her hand on my back, she said it again


I looked down at the choppy waters, below.

“I’ll never make it!” I said, “please! You’re scaring me!”

and with that, she jumped.

» Posted By Adam On 04.05.2017 @ 2:20 pm


I find myself wondering around the top not in the specific but the vague. A true hell for the life that isn’t your own. A non-ownership of your own soul.

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bottle you can drink for a bottle of coke,pepsi,etc. or you can buy them at stores with ships & stuff in them pretty cool and neat work can be done with them.

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painter is a person who paints church’s/houses/work places, etc. & they get money from it and can pro. be rich from it and they paint a lot of cool different places.

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Incense is what one of the three kings brought to baby Jesus. It smells really good, but I am allergic to frankincense. I like to smell incense.

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My head felt rough against the wood. The large metal slab looming over me like the sun over a field. I knew I wouldn’t get out. I was out of tries. I was given so many times to get second chances. I could have started over. But vengeance is the best thing I had ever felt, but the image of his body falling remained in my mind, as the metal pierced through my neck.

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As he walked into the lab, he saw a bubbling substance on the table. Being the experimental person he is. He walked over to the table and chugged the glowing liquid. Within seconds he had grown two arms and his eyes were slowly disappearing, he began to relay on his hearing. That’s when the hunger began.

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on do something undone.

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Why? I knew I couldn’t do it, but I had to try anyways. What was I thinking? Why did I get my hopes up? I’ll never be able to do it. This is it. I’m done for good this time.

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Deep down I knew I had it in me all along. The treacherous slick gap in the rock was terrifying to a person such as myself suffering from claustrophobia. I knew I would have to flexible not only in body but in mind. I knelt down and pressing my shoulders and head against the suffocating gap I managed to wriggle my upper-body into the crevice, my brain screaming at me to stop, go back.

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She pulled the grilled cheese from the oven, and the brie & cheddar was glowing and glistening, beckoning for my attention. I couldn’t resist. I tried. I failed. I tried again. I failed harder. I gave in. I ate.

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I couldn’t even say that I am brushed up on my spanish. There was once a time where I could speak fluently, navigating Argentinian grocery stories and bus stops, and making some friends & smiles along the way. Three years later, and I can hardly have a cohesive conversation in spanish. I think I need to think about ways to continue to brush up on my skills – maybe an impromptu trip to Spain?

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Yesterday I experienced stronger gusts of wind that I can remember. I was on the back of a Motorcyle coming back from Napa Valley. I felt like I was about to be nearly blown off the motorcyle. Without a seatbelt, and holding onto a floppy chair as my “anchor,” I felt a sense of danger and anxiety.

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Too much of anything is a bad thing.

Too much air and your lungs explode, too much of a good thing and you become numb to it.

That which sustains us is also that which should be taken in moderation.

Too much water and you’ll get pruned.

Too much down to Earth and you’ll end up mooned.

» Posted By adam On 02.21.2014 @ 6:48 pm


it’s an odd thing really, like a butterfly. A husk. It keeps us stockholm syndrome to our past. Keeps the sands of time from being rewritten. The pin that fixes that past in place. Without it we’d be free to write our own histories. A dragon, guarding the horde of gold that is our potential past’s futures… confusing

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“Orders, sir?”

“None.” He waved his hand, glancing at the console as he did so. Numbers flashed in varying patterns and his brow furrowed. The ensign respectfully stood, silent, knowing that his captain must have noticed something that the ensign himself had not. Understandable.

“No life forms worth investigating.” The captain snapped his pad shut and stalked off.

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Bourbon, znowu bourbon, może po tym jak 3 razy coś o tym pisałem wreszcieo dowiem się co to dokładnie za akolohol. Chociaż chciałbym móc napisać tekst z udziałem innego słowa. no zobaczymy. skoro koniak podajesz w koniakówce, to bourbon podajesz w burbonówce? !

» Posted By adam On 01.09.2014 @ 11:38 am

pije dzisiaj bourbon, chociaż nie bardzo widzę róźnice w stosunku od whisky, brandy czy koniaku. Podobno jest to bardzo dobry alkohol. Historia bourbonu została zagubiona przez wieki.

» Posted By adam On 01.09.2014 @ 11:32 am


If i were you, I probably would look better.

When you are a programmer, you should use a lot of if function, because it has to be used for logical equals.

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Definition, the feeling of losing her. The feeling of being alone. The feeling that the life you might have been comfortable if the future were to arise, but now that will never be.

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All the things come to my mind are the blank, I have no idea about the antithesis. Perhaps, it means debate, someone or something is oppsite to other. Granted that

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There once was a man, for the purposes of this story, his name was Adam. Adam loved to go on adventures, and never shied away from one. That would explain why in 2004, he chose to go the mountains. The trip that ensued was one he will never forget.

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There was no where for me to go but down, but even if I went down I’d simply be caught there instead. She’d caught me in the perfect lie, where the only clues were the web browser I’d left open on her phone, the note I slipped into her locker, the dozen people I told about what I was doing, and when I went up to her and said, “I’m sleeping with your boyfriend.”

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There was a beast, sitting in the corner of the broken down castle, chewing on some sort of small creature. It had dark green eyes focused on his living meal. Dark hair standing on his back running up around the back of it’s head to it’s face, breathing deeply and vigorously as if it was the first time it had a meal in years; at that time I realized I should probably be concealing myself a little more considering I was standing in the open, frozen like a statue, worrying if the wilder beast was going to notice his next meal standing there in shock waiting to be devoured. I dashed to the shadowed area hoping it didnt notice.

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i have been punished enough in my life, but that was when i was young. now punishment is walking through a room with legos on the floor.

» Posted By adam On 04.08.2013 @ 9:20 am

ı am being punished everyday by everything around me. I don’t know if I did anything wrong in my life.

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something that is meant to happen and should happen so you can develop as a person. I think that i am destined for something but i don’t know what it is and probably most people don’t truly know what they are destined for. It is fate and will happen unless someone makes a time machine.

» Posted By Adam On 03.26.2013 @ 7:53 pm

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