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The rain poured down the streets of London without a warning. Everyone began to run towards their cars but after living here for a week, I brought an umbrella at all times. I giggle when I see them sigh out of frustration when they can’t get their doors open.

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The young couple’s hands were entwined while they stole kisses from each other after every moment they shared a laugh. The girl was hopelessly in love with the guy that she had only met a couple weeks ago.
I suppose it’s society that is controlling her mind to think that he will stay forever. They brainwashed every young woman into thinking that they need to start dating by the are the age of 12.
She thought that he would lay with her in those silky bed sheets late at night when her father snores soundly, not knowing that she even had a boyfriend. Forever.

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She ran her fingers on the silk fabric near her. With a content smile on her face, she felt that she is rubbing her problems away by one stroke at a time.

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Relax. Turn off your mind and go downstream.
The mantra was stuck in the lady’s mind like a broken record player. She made her body float against the harsh rapids with a smile on her face.
I’m free.
I’m relax.
She was finally content in her life.

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The young woman tried her best to swim up on the shore but she couldn’t. She was stuck somehow. No matter how hard she tried, her leg wouldn’t let her. Her brown eyes looked down at her ankle and found that there was a rope tied to a block.

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The young lady closed the door behind her as quiet as she could. With a small creak of the door, it made her jump.
Please, don’t let anyone hear that, she thought to herself.
She’s running away from home. She rode to the only transportation she had at the moment, a bike.

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And from the root he picked her a flower. She blushed, he laughed. She asked “Why do you laugh?” he answered “Because everything I do, romantically speaking, you always blush. I laugh, you blush. I kiss you, you blush. It’s quite fascinating.” She blushed. “See?” he declared.

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So, if I groe wing… I could escape. I could fly in grace, I could feel the cold, icy wind in my hair. I could breathe for once in my life, I could feel inmense love for the one I least expect. I could fly, I could feel free. I could feel beautiful, I could feel dashing. I could try to fix myself.

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“Oh, please, amuse me Bob” Mia said with a sarcastic face.

“Okay, so I was walking down the park, right right? So then, OUT OF NOWHERE! BOOM! A duck comes FLYING toward me, and I just duck. Get it?” bob started chuckling.

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“Wooooow, dude! You got a band?” he asked. Then, Samantha appeared, with her usual sarcastic comments, she said. “Oh yeah, he has a band. It’s called “We’re a cliché band that wants to wine about every single thing but it’s okay because we get girls.” Benjamin stared in utter dislike. Samantha winked and said : “Just kidding…”

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“Wow.” he just stood there, staring at her.

“Yeah, I know. Pretty awesome. They call me…” she made a dramatic pause” LIGHTNING GIRL! OH OH OH YEAH, OH OH LIGHTNING!” Aaron stared in disbelief…

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“I’m just” she hesitated. She was going to say in love, but was it love? Really? All this stomach ache, all this crying when she didn’t see him, it seemed more like an illness. Like a desperate need for a cure, him being the cure.

“Yes?” he asked with his sparkly eyes, that dazzled her.

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“What… what is that?” she asked in terror.

“What? This? Oh, a skull. A bunch of legs, and a hipbone.” he replied.

“Why, why do you have this?” she asked again

“Isn’t it obvious?”

» Posted By Abigail On 07.24.2011 @ 9:30 am

Skeletons, all around me. I feel mine too, but not like I wanted too. All me and my friends wanted.. was to be skinny… we, we, we never thought it could get to this point. So when doctor Philip gave me a cure, I saw myself for what I was. An empty body, just a skeleton. I feel so ashamed…

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“Why Samantha, Why?” Samantha could not explain her ultra violence, her need to see bruises, to see blood. She adored violence as she adores Tommy, who was now laying on the floor covered with his own blood. “Why?” Tommy asked.

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It all started with a rat. Well, not really a rat. It was really the flee on the rat, and even more specifically a bacteria within the flee, on the rat, that traveled in carts with people along the silk road, and then those carts moved into Europe and caused widespread devastation that ultimately killed off, like, 20% of the population. That’s a lot of people, killed by a plague but, really, killed by a flee.

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A straw, so skinny. So unique, all the little defects that it has. But, suprisingly, I can’t get to be that skinny. I think in kl, i think in calories. I cannot think in all the stuff that makes you unique, it’s impossible for me. I can’t even be a fucking straw.

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It is a chore to get up and go to work and smile and work with the girl who has everything you ever wanted in your life-everything. And you are just the girl in the corner who people don’t really say anything to. You’re just there and that’s it.

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Crane? Like a paper crane? I craned my neck to see what I could fold in my living room to make a paper crane, but I saw nothing. My sister handed me a napkin with writing on it, so I folded it into a crane that would never hold. The napkin said ‘the end;

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I was given a silly word to write about when really all I wanted was some inspiration for my novel which was already about 4,000 words behind. I didn’t really know what to do, but all I could think was to open write or die in a window and write as fast and hard as possible.

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honest is the person who doesn’t tell lies who is open who does not judge at first glance, honest is being able to tell the truth that you cannot do something or to reveal your weaknesses. Honesty helps everyone get along. Honest is the person who doesn’t act haughty and self righteous. Honest is to admit flaws and that we are all human in this world. Honest people make the world a better place :)

» Posted By Abigail On 07.01.2011 @ 12:43 am

Honesty is something all generations have lost, we just constantly lie to fit in better. Even if it’s just stupid anachdotes, we say them to look “cooler”. Also our opinions, always lies lies lies. When will we start telling the truth constantly? When? But no, we have to look cool. That’s what society tells us, anyway.

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Lust, the need to see something beautiful, and just want it so badly. i lusted(?) for everything when I was a little girl. Can I have this? Can I have that? I WANT that. I NEED that. No, I did not. Lust is something we should not feel, only when we are in love, where the thing we need is vital, not superficial.

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the word intense is pretty intense. actually i use this word a lot. it describes brasil really. intense. yeah. cool word. i likey. haha. mmmm. I N T E N S E. in. ten. se.

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I feel trapped and confined to my cell. I see many cells around me, and I don’t know what to do. It’s almost like I’m a cell forming into what society wants me to be.

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I just want to get on the train. I’ll buy a ticket and sit down in the dining car ad wait. Who knows how long I’ll wait or even where I end up, but who knows? Maybe I’ll even end up at home.

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The train roared down the train tracks with a rumbling fury. I stare in awe at the several cars following. Growing up where there are no trains, it’s a mighty wonder to me. The train wails and steams and rushes on until it’s out of sight.

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I left you at the station. The train is moving and there you are, on the red platform. You’re standing there, waving your hanky- something I never understood. How did you get a hanky in this century? All that I know is that I’ll miss you, and as your face gets further away, I love you more and more.

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We embraced on a summer field with the dewdrops on our heels.
Ok, I admit it, that never happened. But would it not be absolutely lovely?
Just think about it.
Just think.

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Rise from the darkness and the let the purple smoke rise about your head. And the feelings rise up in your chest and it is hard to let them go when they choke you up and don’t allow you to breath and suddenly it’s all gone. And the morning is here. And you are free.

» Posted By Abigail On 06.11.2011 @ 6:44 am

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