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The home which normally seemed quite bright and welcoming throughout the day, seemed to engulf the young woman in darkness. The twenty year old looked towards her brother-in-law, unwanted tears sneaking into the corners of her eyes. Margarette longed for her husband to come and save her from this desperate situation, though she knew that there was no use in wishing or hoping. He would let his brother get away with anything; even this.

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The mole quickly disappeared into the ground, never to be seen again. No matter how often the children would search the area behind their grandmother’s home, none could find the mole that had originally caught their attention that strange and unique Saturday afternoon.

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I was tempted to reach into the jar of cookies, though I knew what would be said if I was discovered. My mother was convinced that I needed to go on a diet, not because of my appearance, but because it was apparently good to live on green sticks she calls food. However, my dad stuck to his habits, as I tried to stick to mine.

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It was in the garden, and they say it was Eve’s fault. Could the angels be to blame? Milton thought it might be so. Raphael and his philosophy, answering Adam who asked Eve’s questions.

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great not usuallly a good thing, badnot right, wanting a cookie, can’t wait anticipation sort of cool, doubt that its worth anything wanting/need desire can’t wait till u get it, shouldnt be allowed, bad boys are temptimg, tempest shakspeare’s romeo and juliet

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I had forgotten what it was like to have the wind pushing against your face like a cat rubbing against your legs. The heart nearly pounding right out of my chest energized my in a different, yet strangely enlightening way. As my hands clutched the metal bar in front of me, after a decade of avoiding these sorts of past adventures, I smiled.

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The light glowed in her bag, letting out the final light that would be present for God-knows how long. The small boy clung to his brother’s leg, quietly crying as the girl’s small light went out.
“I’m scared.”

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The bones in the xray were clear proof of the breakage under the apparent inflicted wounds.
“We are going to have to perform surgery,” the doctor quitely commented as he read over the results. “It is going to need to be soon if we don’t want the bones to heal in the wrong places.”

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Dem dry bones gonna rise again. When the prophecy of Ezekiel is read out loud, the whole room shakes, from the dust on the floorboards under the bed to the light fixture on the ceiling. The room begins to rattle and shake.

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The crew loaded the boxes onto the ships, working as quickly as they could to get the boxes boarded on time. It seemed that a superior was intent on leaving at a certain time, and no one was going to prevent their departure.
“I wonder what’s in these boxes,” one man muttered, tired of the heavy loads. The sun beat on their backs, and the men were sweating endlessly, some beinning to make comments about drowning in their own sweat.

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There has to be a reason why children look like aliens for the first year or so after they are born. Even in the womb, when we see ultrasounds, they look like they come from another planet.

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My sister started wearing it almost before I did, and she is three years younger than me. I don’t like the way it feels. I’m always a little bit scared of my reflection at first. I look like a raccoon! Then I take a step back and voila! There’s a beauty staring back at me, ready to charm the whole world.

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The camp was horrible: nothing like the children expected. As the little ones carried the bricks to where the older children were building a few walls, they remained unaware of how the building being built would soon be used for their imminent doom.

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One time at band camp, a girl was sticking a flute in her vagina, while the rest of the students were trying to grow without making too much a fool of themselves. Camp must have been a silly thing back then, really. But even then, breaking up is hard to do. You never know who you’re going to get next because life is full of unfortunate things, impredictable and mind boggling, specially when you go to camp.

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It was the night of our roadtrip when everything came together. Weeks of squabbling, no one wanting to pay the bill, rainy weather instead of sunny, closed for the weekend signs, and directions pointing us the wrong way.

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The large green dinosaur was thrown across the room in a fit of rage. It seemed that the little boy’s father was not coming home as planned, and it drew an unexplainable anger out of the little boy.
“It’s all your fault!” he yelled, grabbing a small toy soldier next, to throw at his mother.
“Sweetie, it was -his- choice. There was nothing I could do.

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The fluorescent lights flashed into the dark room, illuminating a bit of the darkness that surrounded the messy-haired girl.
“I can’t find it!” Melissa whispered, fratically feeling her way through the dark ground.
“You’re not supposed to.” A man looked down at the two on the ground, now standing in the large doorway.

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It’s the light that symbolizes smallness. A room without shadows. No mystery, every object in plain sight, but diminished somehow. Diminished in value, worth, beauty. Small and slight, but not fragile. Not fragile like the human heart. A rock to pound against the wall.

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I want to sink deep into it. The mossy underneath, the wet between my toes. Falling away into deep, dreaming sleep. Sleepy dreams without anxiety.

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Crossroads is the more elegant word. Intersection has something mechanical, something that blinks red and green and yellow. The car lights turned on, blinking at each other across a four-square of no-mans land.

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There are intricate labyrinthine passages to this word. Pieces won’t fit together, squares refuse to become circles. We’re all to stubborn to cohabitate. All we breed is discontent, ridicule, shame.

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I hate the way styrofoam sounds against other pieces of styrofoam. It’s the worst noise known to man. It;s THE noise that makes my skin crawl. For some people it’s nails on a chalk board. For me, it’s styrofoam on styrofoam. At the beach once, Summer buying kitchsy salt and pepper shakers for her collection.

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Gunsmoke and whiskey. It’s a song I listened to with my sister. We were too young to understand what it means. It was a folk artist in my dad’s music collection. Or maybe we did know what it meant. It was about American history, the woods somewhere in Tennessee, a world we’d never been to.

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I expected a word like this after “hysterical.” They seem to belong to the same class, somehow, to me. Is that because I find rich people amusing? Ridiculous? I think it’s more about extremes, versus averages. I live in a world of averages.

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Hy-STER-ical. It’s what that really annoying girl just outside your window exclaims in her embarrassing American-teenage accent to the person she’s with.

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He disappeared into the crowd, They leaped and shouted and blew kazoos in place of where he once stood. Like drowning in the sea. The waves, harsh and horrible now, washing over in a ceaseless tumble.

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rows and rows of them, stacked with books. All of the books hold a piece of my heart. They’ve become a part of me, and to think of them is like breathing. The characters from those books walk out of the pages and into my life. I talk with them, converse, repeat their stories back to them which I know by heart.

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I am so thirsty. I love water, but most of all, I love wine. I wish I could have some right now. It would be great. Plus, I could have cheese while drinking the wine. I wonder if I make my parents proud when I say things like this? Ugh. Whatever. Work is outrageous and so is life. So sometimes, its easier to have wine than face reality.

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They have jobs, some of them have no jobs. I guess that makes them bums on the street. Maybe that will be me, in one year. One year and I will be an alum. When the come together for homecoming, the best events of the year, they take over the campus so that it doesn’t feel like ours anymore. But I can forgive them, because I know that one year, one skip, one jump from now I will be with them, treasuring each moment we spend again in the our own dear company.

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I imagine a little girl. She is frowning with concentration, focused on the task in front of her; kneading bread? breaking a stick? Planting a seed?

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