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siren is something to be aware of and i think of a siren as a fire some one hurt um greek mythology and you see sirens when a police car or firetruck or ambulence comes by when there is an emergency

» Posted By tori On 10.28.2010 @ 8:01 am


quiet, tranquil
a fall day
the sun is setting
a whisper upon life
can you hear that?
it’s peace

» Posted By Tori On 10.26.2010 @ 9:44 pm


shore is the beach shore it is like where the water and the sand meet and come together. it is at any beach and it is part of the sea and sand

» Posted By tori On 10.26.2010 @ 8:20 am


a blank space on which to daub my thoughts, perhaps reflect a little my past.

» Posted By tori On 10.13.2010 @ 2:15 pm


beauty green red colours life squirrel bird light sky leaves light

» Posted By tori On 08.31.2010 @ 1:49 pm


The maid didn’t know what to do anymore. She was full of the crap that she had to put up with all her life. She wanted out. Her masters, or as she saw them, owners, have abused her for too long. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed the knife.

» Posted By Tori On 07.28.2010 @ 11:11 am

He said, My fair maiden, will you take me away with you?
And I said, Yes.

» Posted By Tori On 07.27.2010 @ 11:07 pm


I’m strung out on the thought of love. It is where I want to be. It seems that it will make me happy but will also destroy. Like a drug.

» Posted By Tori On 07.27.2010 @ 8:43 am

I’m strung out on confusion. I think you’re stringing me along.
I love you, but I honestly don’t want to take up any more of your time.
And I know that as soon as your girlfriend leaves town, you’ll be sweet on me again, and I’ll lose track of how many times I’ve given up on you, and I’ll stash away all those letters I’ve written that I never meant to send. But before that time comes, I am thinking logically and rationally and morally, and I’m trying to make plans for the future, and I need you to be the adult.

» Posted By Tori On 07.26.2010 @ 7:59 pm


I half-remember you humming softly to yourself.
I wondered if we might feel that way for the rest of our lives.

» Posted By Tori On 07.25.2010 @ 9:27 pm


I’m sorry that I’ve been lying to you about my age. (Although I think you’ve known all along, and you’ve just denied it.)
I never want to ruin your life. I promise that no matter what you do, I’ll never tell.
But my ankles miss your shoulders. And the back of my neck misses your heartbeat.
And I miss that look you give me, like you’re complete.

» Posted By Tori On 07.24.2010 @ 9:08 pm


Suddenly, I am overwhelmed by my existence, all the thoughts and memories and sounds and cruelty and violence and mystery and pain and foreverness and ghosts and possibilities, being alive on this planet amongst all these people… I just want to let go of everything for a second. I want to be overly sensitive and hysterical. I want to scream.

» Posted By Tori On 07.23.2010 @ 7:07 pm


I know a man, he’s a powerful man/got the people in his power, in the palm of his hand./He started at the bottom and he worked his way up/now he’s never gonna stop until he reaches the top.

Powerman by the Kinks

» Posted By Tori On 07.22.2010 @ 7:46 pm


I remember us kneeling on his bedroom floor in front of his dresser as he pulled the heavy drawer open. I remember feeling wide-eyed surprise when I saw that he had kept everything I had ever given him. All the gifts, trinkets, cards, even vegan chocolate bar wrappers. I was a silly teenager before, unaware of the meaning of “inappropriate,” but still he loved me, and still he waited for me.

» Posted By Tori On 07.21.2010 @ 4:49 pm


The warm, milky clay-water squeezes out from in between my fingers and into his palms. I want to whisper, Look what we’re creating, together, beauty. But I can’t find my voice. Suddenly, he starts pushing at my hands, manipulating them to magically transform what was a modest mug into a tall, shapely vase. He makes it look so easy. For a second he shifts his position behind me and I can feel his breath on my ear. Then I want to cry, because even though this is beyond wonderful, it’s the most intimate we’ll ever be. And I want more.

» Posted By Tori On 07.20.2010 @ 3:44 pm


I don’t know what to say to you. I can’t promise you forever; I can only promise you today. And I know that you are so afraid to commit to anything. Maybe this won’t work.

» Posted By Tori On 07.19.2010 @ 8:33 pm

i wish he would commmit, an let me have his everything, commitment isnt so bad if you realize that you only live once. its not hard, just give your being to everything. commit to writing, art, or someone, it doesnt matter… love what you do and who you do it with.

» Posted By tori On 07.19.2010 @ 8:30 pm


I never thought I could feel like this. In his arms, everything was safe. Secure. How was it possible that one man could take away all my troubles, my past and my strife. If this was heaven, then let me stay.

» Posted By Tori On 07.11.2010 @ 12:07 pm


Even in chaos, perfection can be found. The way life so strangely falls apart can even be beautiful in its own way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

» Posted By Tori On 07.06.2010 @ 1:37 pm


sand. sad. running at night. getting away. wanting love. wanting to find someone. desperate not to be alone for once. there are other beautiful girls here, suntanned, blonde, skinny. not me. never me.

» Posted By Tori On 06.24.2010 @ 11:36 pm

I dreamed about that last trip to the beach. The one right before the car crash, before everything changed. Hindsight was 20/20.

» Posted By Tori On 06.23.2010 @ 4:00 pm


I can already feel the tide sweeping me away, though i’m still standing at the top of the cliff. I brace myself for the jump, but a voice stops me.
“Annabel?” he calls.

» Posted By Tori On 06.22.2010 @ 4:29 pm


I am without you. It is lonely. Without ever talking to you, I feel like we know each other so well, but you just don’t know it yet. I am without the courage and confidence to tell you this. I wish I could be without this sadness. One day, I hope it won’t be me without you. I hope I won’t be without the courage, the confidence.

» Posted By tori On 06.19.2010 @ 6:52 am

Without a doubt, without a thought, and without hesitation I hereby declare this state one of granly hifins. As much as it pleases me to say this, I am having a slight reconsideration of this decision (which was not entirely mine), so if any of you would like to petition this declaration I would be honored to be the first to sign the list.

» Posted By Tori On 06.18.2010 @ 8:41 pm


She saw the suit hanging in the store and knew he would look wonderful in it. But of course money was tight, as it is for everyone these days. So she just left and allowed it to hang there. He would never wear it.

» Posted By Tori On 06.05.2010 @ 8:06 pm


Embrace isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.

» Posted By Tori On 05.29.2010 @ 5:58 pm


bow down to me.
do as i say.
for if you do not,
you will surely pay.

» Posted By Tori On 05.27.2010 @ 4:51 pm


I tied guitar strings around my heart, so every time it beats I don’t sound so empty inside.

» Posted By Tori On 05.25.2010 @ 3:15 pm


They say everything about me clashes with those around me. I’m sickly pale with dark hair and purple rings under my eyes, and everyone else is tan, blonde, and always perky and energetic. I need to get out of the south.

» Posted By Tori On 05.24.2010 @ 5:08 pm


I remember my best friend used to have an oil lantern. We would sit in the basement late at night and pretend like we were stranded in the woods. I loved that game.

» Posted By Tori On 05.23.2010 @ 7:40 am

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