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In a single summer, Brenda had blossomed from an awkward, goofy little girl into a beautiful young woman. As she stepped through the front doors of her high school and walked through the halls, she noticed people she had gone to school with all her life looking at her as if they didn’t recognize her.

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I saw a blossom that fell from my cherry tree in Spring. It was pink and delicate as angel hair. The angels sent it down to wish me a happy birthday.

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Philip rubbed the knot that was growing on his head. He didn’t understand! When he stood up on top of the sliding board, walking down it seemed like such a simple and good idea. But then tying his shoes before he began his descent would also have been a really simple and good idea.

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I wanted to play the game, but didnt know how. He wanted me to play the game, but didn;t want to teach me. Then we just gave up, no one wanted to do anything… no onw knew what they wanted to do. So we sit, we wait and wait. the game is over the night is done. We sit we drink coffee, we wait. wanting to know why we are there who is watching us and what they want. I know what i need to to do, but not what I wanted to do. Anyway, its too late now. Why you say? Because it is what I wanted to do. That’s a good argument, good enough for me. It has to be, it’s what I want.

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Bianca wanted so much to just let go of the branch by which she was dangling from a 700-foot cliff, just let go and feel the freedom of release, the wind rushing by, and the relief of muscles floating through the air rather than hanging on with every bit of strength she could muster.

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I held my grandson and we cried. Yes, your dad is dead, I said.

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Johnny licked his lips and savored the taste of licorice remaining from his last black jelly bean. Then he grinned an evil grin at his Easter bunny, the one that was so sweet and fluffy just weeks ago, but now had developed the obnoxious habit of peeing on his bedroom carpet.

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ewe. man. history. tobacco used to be sacred. now it’s been colonized and used for profit… not of Native peoples. And it’s loaded with abuse… like all capitalism. it’s not about providing something people need, but making money at the customer’s expense. CREATING the need. poison!

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joanna lit a cigarette as she watched ralph walk out of the restaurant. she had hoped that if a moment came when she was watching him walk away like this she would think “good riddance” but instead she could only think of all the laughter of the past five years followed most recently by tears

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oh great its that word constant again – is it constantly showing up here or am I constantly clicking the wrong button, its giving me a constant headache trying to constantly think of new and engaging things to say. Soemtimes I think I will have a constant writers block : )

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i wanted to be a teacher at one point. but i realized it was a kind of a “settle” occupation choice for me.

I would like to teach kids, like I like to teach dogs – i think the rewards would be tangable daily and i’d love those summers off!

» Posted By susan On 08.28.2009 @ 3:11 pm


did you ever hear that if you sneeze seven times in a row its exactly like having an orgasm? i wonder if thats true. i cant make myself sneeze and im not the type of person who sneezes repeatedly so i’ve never been able to test the theory. i wonder who found this out.

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My skin itches. I scratch too much.
My cats itched a lot until I recently used Frontline on them. My left ear rings, itches, tickles and hurts. Sound is painful and yet I am living with the noisiest person I have ever met. Loud stereo, Electric guitar with amp 10 feet from my bed at night while I sleep. I take sleeping pills to sleep but the sounds give me loud nightmares. my soul is itching to leave.

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I love listening to Pacifica. It allows me to hear a liberal view point in this very conservative part of the country. On Pacifica, I hear the stories of people oppressed by their governments, denied all basic rights, and it makes me grateful for what I have.

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A small place called Earth. Where creations has truly blossomed.

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There are so many shallow people in this world. They are only concerned with themselves, particularly their looks and how much money they make. Wake up people, that’s not the only thing to live for in this world. How about concentrating more on relationships and being human.

» Posted By Susan On 07.29.2009 @ 11:07 pm

material girl who doesn’t understand the value of money. bleach blonde hair and a convertible.

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I fall. apples. newton. Holds me down. Holds me safe. makes my face fall. inconvient convenience. Heat rises but the cool is obeying laws of gravity. Planes crash, birds land, I fall out of bed.

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damn. I left the lights on AGAIN. my husband is going to be so pi…ed. what an idiot. I knew I should have gone back out to check. now i have to call the aaa service.

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It was a beautiful afternoon. One that had the warm sun, light clouds and great warmth. It was on this wonderful afternoon that I decided to suspend my dreams of education so I could follow my heart and marry the love of my life.

» Posted By Susan On 11.17.2008 @ 11:50 am

to hang from above. to stop something in mid
process. to end conversation. to hold up something, as in a pair of stop animation from keep someone guessing

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i’ve always been startled by suprise in other people. the fact that i can say something they don’t expect is unsettling to me. i’m not an original, but they seen to think so. it has casued me to push for it, however. becoming the girl who does what the fuck she wants.

» Posted By susan On 11.01.2008 @ 5:02 pm

Afraid, suddenly worried, nervous, came abruptly, wasn’t aware before, fluttering eyes, gasp, rapid heartbeat, why didn’t I see this coming? anxiety, nervousness, couldn’t have expected this, why did this just happen, not ever before, wow!, this is unexpected, behind a corner, upset, gasp of shock, breathe in.

» Posted By Susan On 10.31.2008 @ 10:42 pm


The plane took off smoothly, but in my imagination there is always turbulence. The seatbelt light went off, but to my way of thinking it’s absurd to think that that could be a safe bet. In-flight magazines are nothing more than an official distraction from unofficial danger. Flight can kill.

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hill struggle up down fall slip tumble weed pull yank up go stop look see what you can do! dont stop now keep going dont look back keep your eyes on the prize

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Proof, absolute, objective proof. I need evidence because I don’t trust. Trust, faith – that does not require evidence. Lack of faith, distrust – that requires something else, something outside of ourselves to back up our decisions

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They had evidence against my mom but I think it was unfair, they took her out to dinner and got her to confess to a cop wearing a wire and I thought she was going to kill herself. I went to her apartment and saw her lights on and her shoes in the porch but she wouldn’t answer the door so I thought she was dead. But she wasnt. Just in trouble.

» Posted By susan On 10.02.2008 @ 3:16 pm

People often disagree about what counts as reliable or convincing evidence. Some make their judegments and reach conclusions based on values and principles, and others on what they consider to be practical or rational. Both criteria are important.

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i want you so bad, i dont’ know how i could ever love you so. i don’t think that you deserve me sometimes, and i know that i don’t deserve you. you are too beautiful, too funny, i just too love you much. i wish that we would always be together and taht you would love me as much as i love you, and will always love you. you have such a hold

» Posted By susan On 08.26.2008 @ 7:39 pm

i am always wanting. why? the grass is always greener on the other side. one day i want this one day i want that. i dont really know what to write about wanting. im just rambling and not saying anything that i actually feel. blah blah

» Posted By Susan On 08.25.2008 @ 10:33 pm

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