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stories are fundamental to life; they tell life. constantly writing them when I was younger, and want to again soon after I have finished work creative writing is a joy, and got high marks for it. books are better than tv, one of the best things in life.

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Zzzing! You were playing in your best friend, Ava’s pool while it was raining when zing! Flash! Boom! The dark clouds came rolling in, and in what seemed no time at all, the lightning was a mile or two away, then a mile, then in the neighborhood behind you, then in the forest to your left, then at Ava’s neighbor’s house! You and Ava put on your towels and ran to get the tarp. You both put it over the pool. Then, a huge flash came from the next-door-neighbor’s house! In a tizzy, you sprinted to the shed and held the door open for your friend. Ava, with a stricken look on her face, was on the deck some 10 feet away from the open door. “RUN!” You shouted. She did, but it was too late. The lightning came down into a fork, one point hitting the deck near the tarp, and the other hit Ava. “NOOOO!” You screamed. “AVAAA!” But the task had already been done.
Ava was electrocuted.

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I love the sound of the pins all falling down in unison. Indescribable.

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The little girl plants the flower carefully.
She puts the seeds in the pot,
The pot filled with soil, which smells like fresh earth.
She gets excited,
And sits down next to the little pot.
“Mama, when will it grow?” She asks.
Her mother says, “Oh, it will not grow so soon, my Flower.
It takes some time for the little sapling to struggle to the surface,
Then it must get taller.
It grows and grows, up and up,
And there, at the top of the stem, grows a little orb. It is called a bud.
The bud pushes itself open, and the flower slowly opens towards the sun.
Flower didn’t understand, but pretended she did.
That fall, it started to turn chilly.
Then, it turned colder and colder.
Flower was worried for her little daisy.
Then, after Valentines Day, it turned warmer.
Then Easter came, and her little pot of soil turned into a tiny stem.
Then came April, and her daisy’s stem was longer and longer.
Next came May. A bud formed. It turned yellow.
After May came June. The bud split open to proudly show it’s beautiful petals.
From June to the end of August, the flower showed off its petals.
In the beginning of September, Flower got ready for school.
The last day of summer, September 3rd, a bitter wind blew.
Flower was scared for her proud little daisy.
The beautiful sunny flower turned into a saggy brown bud.
Flower went to school.
The pot was put back in storage,
And the soil in the trash.
Flower, the planter.

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Thats how u feel when u feel too closed in. Nowhere to go because the problem bothering u just wont disapear..

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The anchor was heavy and covered in moss. Why was it here? What was the purpose? It was only 5 inches tall but weighed a couple of kilos. Maybe it meant something. Their quest had taken them this far, so why shouldn’t this be a clue? They were going to find the sceptre, they knew it. But what did this have to do with it? They didn’t know, and they were unsure that they ever would.

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Are what grapes grow on. Grapevines. I love doing those in warm ups. Grapevines. Wine.. Is kind of gross. I’ll like it one day, i guess. My parents do. Grape juice is yucky and sour!
How did i get to grapes so fast?? Unless you were just saying wines with a German accent in which case, I’ve already covered that :).

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Bagels are the savory version of donuts. They are typically associated with america (at least to me) but we have them all the time here in england. The have a nice sweet taste and I like to have plain ones with Marmite because the taste combonation is just great. It’s got a lovely doughy texture and I have them all the time at every part of the day. They are a great food, also good for keeping your energy level up. I eat them sometimes before I go to my dancing class because they keep me filled up for a while. Sometimes with my Dad we fill them with cream cheese and salmon and that is just heavenly. You can’t beat a good bagel when it comes to breakfast food

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Problems. Catch, to be a tornado, turn into one.
really bad things, lots of thought at one place.
No peace…
No peace in your soul…
Soul tornado….

» Posted By Sophie On 03.28.2013 @ 7:23 am


the last few hours before the death of a moth, it must wonder what the point of spinning around the dim sore-eyes light of a lamp was, and how she had contributed to the world. the looming of death brings such thoughts along with it.

» Posted By sophie On 03.20.2013 @ 9:48 am

Her name was ‘it’. All of her friends knew it well. It fact, sometimes she was the only one whom doubted. Aquired young, the name brought confusion among everyone she met.

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Cites are everwhere. The monsterous metallic masterpieces carving themselves out of the countryside. We create them to live in, to prosper, but they are also destroying all that we know.

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it was after the war that we emerged from the rubble like flies feeding on a carcass. i wasn’t sure where i was for the three weeks i spent rubbing my palms into dirt and licking my lips until my tongue was just as parched. it is pain which dragged me here, coarsed through my ribcage, my spine, my femurs.

» Posted By sophie On 03.14.2013 @ 2:00 pm


there are pools of my tears collected in the roof gutter, staining your window with their salt. the next day, you carry a bucket and a sponge, set the bucket in the flowerbeds and tear the rhododendrons from their roots. you scrub your way into sunset, remove your own fingernails trying to displace those salty stains like crystals suspended from a chandelier.

» Posted By sophie On 03.13.2013 @ 12:19 pm


tales, tails, tales. In my life, my tales are of tails; elephants tails, dog tails, cat tails, mouse tails, liazrds tails. You can tell a lot from a tail.

» Posted By Sophie On 03.11.2013 @ 2:22 pm


I could feel something building up inside me, or something crawling and climbing along my internal organs. It snaked up my spine, then touched my tonsils and down my throat it fell, into the pit of my stomach, grappling then onto kidneys and swallowed eventually by my small intestine. I couldn’t stop staring at you that day.

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i had listened listened to your music
you know
the kind that’s yours
that i so want to make mine
(but i never will)
finding a song i liked
i could never find it again
i found it by mistake
and i was startled
startled because it was mine now
but it was as much as mine as the night controls the sun
and we all know its not really mine
it’s yours

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Precious trinkets. Colored jewels. I would sell you the finest things. Perfumes made of the finest scents. Oils to sooth and smoothen your golden skin. You precious being you. I’d sell it all just to have you smile. Your dazzling smile. To see you decorated with my love and my trinkets. A blinded salesman I am. And my love is my pitch.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.07.2013 @ 11:35 pm

Concentrating on the task at hand. Goals to reach. But are they your own. Or your businesses? What you wish to sell is dreams and ambitions. Not items for the vain. A salesman of the material, a shopper of wishes.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.07.2013 @ 11:31 pm


insurance calims, they seem annoying as hell, forms on forms, it rives me nuts, car accidents, stolen properyty, blah blah blah, it s all money and paperwork and reporting stuff to people who dont need to know everything in your life, just another way to control you i guess

» Posted By Sophie On 02.06.2013 @ 6:27 pm

Claims made against me, and some against you. We claim to have done things, that we’d never do. I claim to write, you claim that I lied, what would happen to these claims if we all just died.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.06.2013 @ 2:49 pm


it takes experience. everything does. to know yourself is really the most important thing. i still cannot claim to know myself, after spending these years alone in this body.

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oh lord. i don’t know how to react to this. i don’t know what i’m doing, this is all new to me. oh lord I think I say “oh lord” too much, is it offensive? i really hope not. I’m not trying to be offensive at all, I just thought it may be better than saying “oh, God” because I really don’t like saying that. i guess it’s okay since i haven’t been told to stop yet

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Amount is not the same as number, number you can count like eggs, milk is measured in amount you cannot say you have 6 milk you may have a cup of milk which is an amount but not a number. Amount and number are as different as milk and eggs.

» Posted By Sophie On 01.02.2013 @ 3:51 pm


My love shows… For you always my love will show. Never will I hide my love from you or take my love from you.

» Posted By sophie On 12.28.2012 @ 6:16 am


actual love is something extremely hard to find, One goes on the pursuit of love for their whole life, without actually knowing what it is. I enjoy the fact that there is this… mask, this secret to life… i’m babbbling.

» Posted By Sophie On 12.23.2012 @ 2:12 pm

In life things actualise, they become. You can actualis things by investing thoughts and feelings in them :) that is how energy becomes what we call actual. Actual in this sense meaning stuff that we matterialise.

» Posted By Sophie On 12.23.2012 @ 1:57 pm


I don’t know what scatter means….
it’s like “go away” or “go cook something”. It remindes me of a cat. The “shoo”-ing of a cat. Is that good?

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I don’t know why I did it but I did. HE was totally available but I turned him down. What’s WRONG with me?! He’s the cutest guy in junior high but I said NO. To Brandon Christopher.

» Posted By Sophie On 12.11.2012 @ 2:47 pm

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