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Her face is heavly lined and greyish. SHe is nothing like the mother she used to be. Things are flying through the kitchen.
its like star trek in here.

» Posted By sophie On 04.13.2011 @ 1:03 pm


Scrawled in black letters across an opache screen. Her time is up. She has grown too old for this world. It is a horrible thing when a person becomes obsolete. Did this happen… when the world was young? so young… nothing could be old?

» Posted By sophie On 04.12.2011 @ 6:16 pm


I was thirty. I didn’t have anything to drink and felt like dieying. I hadn’t been in such a siutuation for like forever. Even a desert seemed to be more appealing to me right now. I was waiting until it was my time to perform. I was going to play a piece on the violon and it would be my very sfirst time to play in front of such a huge adience like this. There was a place that I never waanted to be before when I was a little kid, but all this was over now. All thanks to the thirst for knoweldge I got from my parents.

» Posted By Sophie On 04.11.2011 @ 6:55 am


when people like, i dunno i guess they are like friends, like if a school has alumni it means they are friends with that other school, the other day when i was researching colleges i remember seeing “alumni” but i didnt click on it because i wasn’t really interested. my school has alumni, but

» Posted By sophie On 04.09.2011 @ 10:16 pm


The galaxy. It’s so beautiful. I wish I could just look up into the sky and see a giant nebula staring back down at me. I also can’t help but wonder what’s out there and how it got out there.

» Posted By Sophie On 04.02.2011 @ 7:16 pm

The galaxy really makes me wonder about life. What is out there? How was it created? Who made it? Don’t you ever just stop and wonder about that? I do. All the time. I find it one of the most beautiful things ever as-well. It truly is a mystery how the galaxy came to be.

» Posted By Sophie On 04.02.2011 @ 7:04 pm


Purpose guides us without it we are without reason, without hope, without meaning. You cannot live without meaning you merely exist. A life not lived is the saddest thing in the world.

» Posted By sophie On 04.01.2011 @ 6:10 am


Dude, these guys/gals are at the top of the totem pole. I’m gonna be one of these one day. If I can live through college and university. But still. Someone asks what I am at a school reunion? Oh, I’m an executive.

» Posted By Sophie On 03.29.2011 @ 9:25 pm

a tall man walks home
black suit leather shoes power
doesn’t sleep, just floats.

» Posted By sophie On 03.29.2011 @ 7:02 pm

big man tall black suit takes up too many seats on the metro doesnt give up his seat for old woman pregnant woman man with a cane washington dc bureaucracy corporate life doesnt eat or live or breathe or love studied business in college doesnt read or listen or sing or know corrupt makes decisions and policy button bombs hes far away taxestaxestaxes ta

» Posted By sophie On 03.29.2011 @ 6:58 pm


I jumped through the woven gold and hopped to the other side. With a feather in my cap. I stumbled and I fell. Until I came to a bridge where the trickling water wove through my blinding eyes.

» Posted By Sophie On 03.25.2011 @ 10:56 am


i hate gym class, but it wasnt bad sometimes. you can play sports which are fun, but some girls are mmaadd bitchy. they get really into it, and get agressive… yeh. sometimes the guys would join, which was cool but irritating at the same time. doing sports with guys can be a little intimidating, but also fun cause guys are cooler then girls, in my opinion. my school weight room is complete shit. about 2 out of the 12 bikes work. its a disgrace

» Posted By sophie On 03.17.2011 @ 2:18 pm


Wandering through a meadow of endless bliss. Carrying a bag of turquoise berries on my back, and silver flower in my golden hair. I wish the wind would carry into the darkness and back to light so I could see my sparkling eyes disappear into the night.

» Posted By Sophie On 03.15.2011 @ 8:12 am

That feeling you get when you’re stuck inside your mind too long. You walk within it, looking for something, anything new. Panic. You start to realize your only way out is your imagination; to look in oneself and create something. You close your eyes and let your figurative feet move, pace, think, soar. You’re different now. Your thoughts are different now.

» Posted By Sophie On 03.15.2011 @ 12:14 am

wandering, wondering, wishing… i am wondering where will wandering take me? you can wander on your feet, on your own, with your loved ones, with strangers, or just wander with your mind. it bridges the gap between imagination and reality.

» Posted By sophie On 03.14.2011 @ 12:31 pm

He wandered through the billowing clouds with a butterfly tied to his shoulder. He fed it apricots and berries every time a cloud shaped like a camel would pass by.

» Posted By Sophie On 03.14.2011 @ 11:59 am

I like the sound of wander, makes me think of Robert Frost. Great guy Robert Frost, very popular with old people. Old people are really nice, i like the way they smell. Sounds creepy i know hahaha, wander wander wander, what to say! Strolling is liek wander, walking with meanign! thats what wandering is! WANDERR WANDERR WANDERR! i dont know what else to say…….hel

» Posted By Sophie On 03.14.2011 @ 11:57 am


“For example,” she said, “What good is living if you are not alive? Such is life, isn’t it? You must continue living to really live. Do not be afraid, do not be boring. Eat everything you can, taste the world for what it is. Take the good with the bad. Live the life you wish to live, and nothing more can be asked of you, for it is not what the world thinks in the end, but what you think. You must be happy with what ends up in your grave, for that is all you have at the end of the day.”

» Posted By Sophie On 03.05.2011 @ 7:54 pm


i had a keychain once. it was blue. and green. and in the shape of a heart. i love that keyring and it loved me. we went everywhere together. i must say, it was my best friend. one day, my keyring disappeared. i never saw it again. and i cried for 3 days.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.27.2011 @ 12:15 pm


teeth sinking, juice dripping down munching chin. yellow fingers grasping.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.23.2011 @ 7:44 am


I have an outlet for my depression, anger, insecurity, and discomfort. I sing, and I run, and I plunge into music. Faster and faster, I outrun every worry. I grow wings, and my voice is the wind that blows me onwards.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.21.2011 @ 11:35 am


If I invent a life for you, would you live in it? If I filled it with all your favourite things, would you leave this world to lie in the flowers and forget you ever had a family?

» Posted By sophie On 02.18.2011 @ 1:10 pm


Insidious. Ouch! The relationship between two people revealed as the needle hovers – vaccine – helpful or harmful? The mother pats and rocks the child as it nears – the child screams and screams again. The child pushes the hand away – I don’t need you’re help! I’m not like you!

» Posted By Sophie On 02.12.2011 @ 2:20 am


I have become immune to alarm. My radio goes off in the morning… I sleep through it. College letters flow in… acceptances, rejections, deferrances no longer phase me. This year has made me numb, fashioned me in an air-tight cocoon, safe from the world that might fracture me, snap me in half and discard my pieces.
Next year, though, I shed the cocoon. Next year, I face “alarm.” Next year, I awaken to what the world has in store for me. Next year, none of the numbness will clog my senses. Next year, I will no longer be afraid to be afraid. I will go out on my own and face the world, “alarming” and all.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.08.2011 @ 10:17 am

Alarmingly enough, he seemed to be wearing a sombrero. Even more alarming was the fact that I wasn’t surprised. “Ready to go?” I asked cheerfully, throwing open the car door and dropping two of the Tuis in the process.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.07.2011 @ 7:44 pm

Early morning wake up. rise and shine. Can’t stop it. Hurts your head. Shocks your system. Every morning. Ticking clock. Set time. Angry face.

» Posted By sophie On 02.07.2011 @ 11:38 am


Suicide. Slippery black thoughts, oozing through the cracks in the wall. Suicide. So easy-a popped pill, a quick slash. Suicide. The end of it all. Suicide. Be brave. Once you’re gone, you can’t come back.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.04.2011 @ 10:02 pm

Suicide. Sleippery Black thoughts, oozing through the cracks in the wall. Suicide. So easy-a popped pill, a quick slash. Suicide. The end of it all. Suicide. Be brave. Once your gone, you can;t come back.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.04.2011 @ 10:01 pm


literal: a tool. silver, hard, difficult, movable.
to be wrenched from someone- moved with force, torn away.
heart wrenched, heart broken. romeo and juliet. to be torn away from the one you love.

» Posted By sophie On 02.03.2011 @ 7:38 pm


She boosted me up, wrapping her thin arms around my legs and hoisting me up the icy granite wall. Even through my thick winter clothes, I could feel her face pressed behind my kneecaps.

» Posted By Sophie On 02.03.2011 @ 1:09 am

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