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he stepped into the car, the black leather burning his skin. his eyes swept over the chaos in the passenger seat – old packages on the floor, sunglasses lying broken, wires and cords tangled around the seatbelt. he placed his now cold coffee into the cup holder, praying that it wasn’t too late.s

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Hmm, I once held a baby before, I like kids , they are so sweet. I loved babysitting now that I think of it I would’ve done it for free.

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a device or implement for holding . A person who holds things.

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I waited for Dean to tell us what to do. This mission had to be executed perfectly, and as the victim was a famous spy, it would be difficult. But we were also spies. And we were damn good.
Dean approached us, a stern yet coy look on his face.
“I’m sure this will go perfectly. But if someone'” he not so discreetly glared at me. “Decides to act not according to plan, but according to how they think it should happen, we will most likely all die.”

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I was so irritated. My boyfriend of seven months still doesn’t get my order at starbucks right. Maybe I’m being a drama queen but seriously?! Maybe he should listen better. Boys, I tell you, they’re nothing but trouble. They can’t do shit. I my aswell become a lesbian or something. Rant rant rant rant

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Where are the instructions to life? I can’t seem to find any.

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There are far too many suspects in this world. Far too many suspects and not enough victims. Where is our innocence?

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The officer is blue heard a noise in the bushes. He turned, and before he could think he was knocked to the ground. Agent Snow had knocked him out, and now it was her job to retrieve the diamond. She made her way along the wall.

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The blood was everywhere, the body limp. Death smiled cruelly as he swallowed the soul of the once alive person, but now in fact, quite dead. If only the peremedics had guessed the real problem, maybe he could have been saved. Not anymore. His sould now beloned to Death.

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I think i’m dying. I feel i’m dying. Blood is dripping from the wound in my chest, and i feel my heart grow weaker. I want to tell him i love him, but the pain is just to much, agony is real. He doesn’t know! He doesn’t know i love him! If only he did, then maybe he’d kiss me goodbye.

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Sonar, that’s the girl who I fell in love with. It was about ten years back. She was beautiful, different from any girl I’d ever met. She had curly fiery orange hair. Her face was sprinkled with freckles, but her skin was oddly enough tan. She was beautiful inside and outside. I loved her.

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She was alone, with only silence for company. Her eyes remained closed as she lay on the floral patterned rug. Her hands intertwined rested behind her head as her long unruly chocolate brown hair spilled out onto the rug. Silence soothed her and blanketed her from the fast pacing city she lived in. As unconsciousness begins to slowly consume her mind, a deafening, curdling scream was let out. She quickly jolted wide awake and scrambled up onto her two feet when she realised the scream came from outside her house. Her heart beat quickened it’s pace, her pupils dilated. She remained still as fear and anticipation sinks in. Before she could gather her thoughts, her eyes fixated on the front door’s doorknob. It turned slowly as though to avoid being unheard. With the dull click of the lock, the door was unlocked and the door slowly pushed open.

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the modem was down today
my dad was angry
what the hell
what were we thinking going with verizon fios
even our tv’s suck
ugh dad
just cause you wanted to save $10 a month
i’ll just use my iPhone 4G.

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I never like the crust on my sandwhiches but for some reason it’s perfectly okay with me to have it on my toast. It just tastes wierd to me for some reason.

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i have a problem. im not sure what to do about this dilemma. my boyfriend is graduating soon, and i will still be in high school. he is not going far to college, but far enough that it will be difficult to see each other on a regular basis. I am worried about this, because we are both very touch-sensitive and need to feel affection.

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dilemmas are a situation you get in two where you feel that it is very challenging to get out of it. youll feel confused and not know what to do, and you may ask your friends for advice. you may feel stressed, and confused, and may not know a way to fix this specific situation. it may make you angry, scared, or just depressed. but theres always a solution.

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don’t think. just write. i want to write about the journey i have this summer. not a vacation, not the usual journey people might think of, but the journey i’ll take to try and find what i’m good at. the quest for myself.

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It was a quadruped, but it stood upright to overlook the rocks as they fell and broke upon the others.

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It was as if I were hearing his words through a thin film of plastic, or if a layer of gauze were wrapped around my eyes as well. I hesitated and reached up to touch my face, feeling empty crevices the shape of obsidian.

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The lines thinned and blurred into they became puffs of smoke before my feet, and they separated into two clear parts – from which I could not make out but a reflection of my eyes.

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she breathed in deeply. the moment was perfect – the sky was still, not a bird chirped and even the wind had died down. she aimed and clicked down the shutter.

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it was left on the back of her brow. she’d swept her hand across her face, in exhaustion after working for hours upon hours in the muck.

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of mold on the side of a bathtub. reeking with humidity, the overpowering scent of dirt floating in from out the window..she held her breath as she breathed it in

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are all about pretty and tiaras and how you look. mothers are stressed and people never seem happy unless they win. its all about expectations.

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She washed her hands and looked back at the bed. His hair was mussed and his eyes shut. The quilt swung over his hips and the pillow rumpled where she’d lain. His scent was still on her skin. One tear hit the hardwood and she thought about staying. Not gonna happen. She picked up her bag and left without a sound.

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a recyclable box went to town to fetch a pale of water but because the world has hiit its apocolyptic end their is no water because no one would recycle the end

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Demonstration is a word that caused fear deep inside of me. I don’t want others following me if i barely know what I am doing myself. How can others see my example when I do not know my path in life and what I am doing?

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don’t think. just swing. swing until you wrap around the pole, swing until you fly out of your seat. round and round and round, in circles. don’t think at all.

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None of my siblings are professionals, they all just wokr jobs, but i want to be more than that I want to have a career.

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